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Make them dance

[en] Unequal knowledge about us produces unequal power over us, and so epistemic inequality widens to include the distance between what we can do and what can be done to us. Data scientists describe this as the shift from monitoring to actuation, in which a critical mass of knowledge about a machine system enables the remote control of that system. Now people have become targets for remote control, as surveillance capitalists discovered that the most predictive data come from intervening in behavior to tune, herd and modify action in the direction of commercial objectives. This third imperative, “economies of action,” has become an arena of intense experimentation. “We are learning how to write the music,” one scientist said, “and then we let the music make them dance.”

*You Are Now Remotely Controlled* (cache)

Le plus triste est peut-être d’avoir réussi à compiler tous ces liens sur les GAFAM+ en moins d’un mois. Et je ne parle même pas des failles de sécurité qui sont toutes plus cocasses les unes (cache) que les autres (cache).