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[en] On the demand side, too, TikTok achieves endlessness. It is endless horizontally, each video an infinitely looping GIF, and it is endless vertically, the videos stacked up in an infinite scroll. There is no exit from TikTok’s cinema. One college student I know, having recently downloaded the app, told me that she now finds herself watching TikToks until her iPhone battery dies. She can’t pull her eyes away from the screen, but she is still able to withstand the temptation to recharge her phone while the app’s running. Electrical failure is the last defense against infinite media.

*TikTok and the coming of infinite media* (cache)

Jusqu’où peut aller la captation de l’attention ? Je crois que l’on commence à avoir des réponses : il n’y a pas de limites. On croyait la main du marché invisible, c’est en fait une œillère bien opaque pour nous faire aller de l’avant.