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Confuse trackers

[en] Each time she refreshed the Explore tab, it was a completely different topic, none of which she was interested in. That’s because Mosley wasn’t the only person using this account -- it belonged to a group of her friends, at least five of whom could be on at any given time. ==Maybe they couldn’t hide their data footprints, but they could at least leave hundreds behind to confuse trackers.==

These teenagers are relying on a sophisticated network of trusted Instagram users to post content from multiple different devices, from multiple different locations.

If you wanted to confuse Instagram, here’s how.

*Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram’s tracking algorithm* (cache)

C’est une somme de petits actes de résistance qui donnent de l’espoir, en particulier venant des jeunes générations. Je suis encore trop dans l’exclusion élitiste (ne pas aller sur Facebook) et pas assez dans le hack collectif (y aller et participer au bruit alternatif pour se protéger… et protéger les autres ?).

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