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Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing opinions and stories from when a software decision backfired - or when one really paid off - so that you can keep them in your back pocket when the next time a similar decision has to be made. I’ll reflect on teams that I’ve worked on that have executed efficiently, and teams who have got bogged down in process, and everything inbetween. ==Think of this as a series where I share my experiences== so that you can take them and use them to inform your decisions. There’s no lecturing here.

*Learning from mistakes* (cache)

Je parle beaucoup d’expériences en ce moment autour de moi et je sens qu’il y a des choses à transmettre. Profiter d’être isolés pour explorer de nouvelles formes de partage. J’aimerais tenter des choses et cela fera peut-être partie de mes motivations/intentions 2021.