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[en] It’s time to re-visit the nuances of what we mean by building community. Having the technical and facilitation expertise to run online events is just one piece of the puzzle. Honestly, organizing events takes too much effort to simply move existing activities online without having chewed on these questions. I fear that community organizers will burn out faster than before, as it becomes more difficult to tangibly feel the fruits of our efforts.

*On meet-ups moving online* (cache)

Tout est à réinventer et il y a un côté enthousiasmant, plus accessible sous certains aspects, beaucoup moins pour d’autres contextes. J’imagine que les personnes qui faisaient déjà des podcasts ou interviews ont énormément à nous apprendre, autant sur la production de contenus que sur l’interactivité liée à ces contenus pour créer des liens et faire communauté.

[en] The wider DRT audience includes plenty of (?) young mothers whose household schedules aren’t compatible with coming out to a multi-hour event after hours. Offering babysitting services is beyond our reach but perhaps a shorter online event could be the right mechanism that brings learning opportunities to them.


L’un des effets de bord qu’il pourrait être intéressant d’explorer.