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[en] How much work am I willing to put into changing address where it would need to be changed? Do I send an alert to everyone in my address book and let them know? How long before I’ve just redirected all my e-mail to a new place? What is my exit strategy when I’m locked in and really don’t like it?

And if you are changing e-mail address, which in some contexts very well could prove to be a smart step, are there other services that would suit you better? This is the crucial question before taking the plunge. Because it will likely be some time before you’re prepared to move again.

*Hey, your e-mail matters more than hype* (cache)

Très bon article sur le fait de changer de menottes numériques.

Cela me fait envisager de changer d’adresse de courriel annuellement (toujours sur mon domaine !) via un suffixe par exemple, en donnant une priorité à l’adresse de l’année en cours ensuite dans mon client. Cela permettrait de faire le tri dans les services utilisés et l’attention que je leur porte. À préciser.