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[en] What can you do to help? Number one, for all time, pay attention to the people in the room who may feel vulnerable and step in if they are being faced with any questionable behaviour. Passive-aggressive comments can often escalate into worse situations, don’t let it get there. Make sure people know when their behaviour is unacceptable, and take care of the person who had to deal with it, especially when they might be more vulnerable alone later on.

Ask someone if they need company getting to where they need to go, and help them find a safe route, or someone who is suitable to help them, well ahead of the time they need to leave. Realise that offering to take someone back to their accommodation can be perceived as a potential threat, so prioritise finding ==a person who will make them feel safe over being the hero yourself==.

*Safety at conferences* (cache)

Le véritable héros est celui qui sait laisser sa place.