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[en] Willison maintains 73 open source projects, and he says the only way you can maintain 73 projects is if you treat every single one of them as if you’re not a core maintainer. Each must have a ReadMe and tests and detailed issue threads discussing what he was working on. “Because then you can drop back into them after a six-month gap and be productive with them,” he says.

“==I’m an open source maintenance group with a population of one==,” Willison says. “I’m taking the lessons I learned [at Eventbrite], a 600-engineer organization, and applying them to a one-engineer organization.”

*Datasette: A Developer, a Shower and a Data-Inspired Moment* (cache)

Quand la rigueur est libératrice. Je suis vraiment admiratif de réussir à maintenir autant de bouts de codes. Mes centres d’intérêts semblent être bien… étriqués (?) en comparaison, au bout d’une poignée de produits je me lasse et j’ai besoin d’élaguer pour libérer la charge mentale associée.