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I can’t do much to change the situation on a large scale. But this is what I will do. I will limit my internet intake and pay attention when it starts making me irritable or depressed. I will be deliberate in the messages I put out on the internet. When I write my email newsletters, I’ll mean them. I’ll post my own thoughts on my own website, whether or not anyone takes the time to read them. And I’ll keep believing in this imperfect tool as a way to connect with other people, open their communication and expand their world. ==Sometimes, I will have to take breaks.== But it’s not because I hate the internet. It’s because that’s the only way to keep believing in it.

*How To Keep Believing in the Internet* (cache)

Après une période de boulimie d’information, un moment de repos s’impose. Penser à autre chose pour être en mesure de trouver de nouveaux angles d’approche plus enthousiasmants. Faire un pas de côté, à la fois pour esquiver et pour se pencher sur le travail du voisin inspirant.