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This also isn’t a time to try to simulate the office. Working from home is not working from the office. Working remotely is not working locally. Don’t try to make one the other. If you have meetings all day at the office, don’t simply simulate those meetings via video. This is an opportunity not to have those meetings. Write it up instead, disseminate the information that way. Let people absorb it on their own time. Protect their time and attention. Improve the way you communicate.

Ultimately this major upheaval is an opportunity. This is a chance for your company, your teams, and individuals to learn a new skill. Working remotely is a skill. When this is all over, everyone should have a new skill.

*Working remotely builds organizational resiliency* (cache)

J’aimerais pouvoir parfois donner davantage de conseils sur le sujet mais je sais que l’expérience est nécessaire pour éprouver le besoin d’évoluer. C’est terriblement frustrant car cela prend du temps, mais le résultat est probablement plus efficace à moyen terme.

Avec la vieillesse vient le besoin de se rassurer sur la pertinence de son inaction.