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  10. <p class="tw-content">If you want to be depressed for the last day of the year. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-152980219324665857" title="Published on 2011-12-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  13. <p class="tw-content">Tried #nodejs today. It's a web server with callbacks. Still don't get the awesomeness and fun :( <a href="#tw-152755308555534336" title="Published on 2011-12-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  16. <p class="tw-content">Chiffrer pour sécuriser ? — pas si simple… <a href=""></a> /by @clochix <a href="#tw-152541821753499648" title="Published on 2011-12-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  19. <p class="tw-content">At last, took me a month to read comments from <a href=""></a> but there are very interesting tips :) #LightIsRight <a href="#tw-152510198119018496" title="Published on 2011-12-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  21. <article class="bigger" id="tw-152390890181242880">
  22. <p class="tw-content">OH: "Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear" <a href="#tw-152390890181242880" title="Published on 2011-12-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  24. <article id="tw-152287907703554048">
  25. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Write your logs for machines to process […] consumable by a human. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Paul Querna</a>, /cc @mitsuhiko #logbook <a href="#tw-152287907703554048" title="Published on 2011-12-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  27. <article id="tw-152276137433767937">
  28. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>You value adventure over advertising. Memories over souvenirs. You don't want to clog the planet with more stuff. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-152276137433767937" title="Published on 2011-12-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  30. <article id="tw-152199337164800001">
  31. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>comment savoir si je fais du bon agile ou de l’agile marketing ? </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@pablopernot</a> <a href="#tw-152199337164800001" title="Published on 2011-12-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  33. <article id="tw-151478092475543553">
  34. <p class="tw-content">Slides from yesterday's HTML5 APIs meetup <a href=""></a> by @agektmr and <a href=""></a> by @kinu /thx @myakura @fumi1 @takoratta <a href="#tw-151478092475543553" title="Published on 2011-12-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  37. <p class="tw-content">The most frustrating moments when you attend a conference in a foreign language is not understanding jokes & trolls <a href="#tw-151476780409171969" title="Published on 2011-12-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  39. <article class="big" id="tw-151119328668950529">
  40. <p class="tw-content">Did you notice that <a href=""></a> switched to #Django? No and that's a good news :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-151119328668950529" title="Published on 2011-12-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  42. <article id="tw-151096127050096640">
  43. <p class="tw-content">[Thoughts] Centralizing <a href=""></a> #identity #design #trust <a href="#tw-151096127050096640" title="Published on 2011-12-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  45. <article id="tw-150916637393035264">
  46. <p class="tw-content">Un énorme merci pour le support exceptionnel d'@alwaysdata (même un 25 décembre !) <a href="#tw-150916637393035264" title="Published on 2011-12-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  48. <article id="tw-150817982220734464">
  49. <p class="tw-content">For christmas, I offered my digital identity a SSL certificate. I think it deserves it! <a href="#tw-150817982220734464" title="Published on 2011-12-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  51. <article id="tw-149266412563738625">
  52. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If I had more time, I would have written a longer tweet. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Inspired by Marcus T Cicero #evolution <a href="#tw-149266412563738625" title="Published on 2011-12-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  54. <article id="tw-149096593889558528">
  55. <p class="tw-content">Idea: implementing a server that remove parts of the page content when you remove chars from the URI <a href="#tw-149096593889558528" title="Published on 2011-12-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  57. <article id="tw-148562764170919936">
  58. <p class="tw-content">Technology behind Rackspace Cloud Monitoring <a href=""></a> and why they switched from Python to NodeJS <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-148562764170919936" title="Published on 2011-12-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  60. <article id="tw-148344616188518401">
  61. <p class="tw-content">L'affect et l'intellect conduisent à des généralisations tout aussi biaisées. <a href="#tw-148344616188518401" title="Published on 2011-12-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  63. <article id="tw-147929054014750721">
  64. <p class="tw-content">Tanzawa山: 21km 1500D+ 4h30 #barefoot \o/ (no injury so far but worst ground ever, validates my new shoes except for ice) <a href="#tw-147929054014750721" title="Published on 2011-12-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  66. <article id="tw-147543062531416065">
  67. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If Japan could close its gender employment gap […] the level of Japan’s GDP could increase by as much as 15%. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, (pdf) <a href="#tw-147543062531416065" title="Published on 2011-12-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  69. <article id="tw-147273570765115392">
  70. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p> So what if we also start (re-) imagining the city as open source? </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Mark van der Net</a>, #OpenData <a href="#tw-147273570765115392" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  72. <article id="tw-147271860810285056">
  73. <p class="tw-content">Croiser des touristes
  74. Me sentir différent
  75. Acclimatation <a href="#tw-147271860810285056" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  77. <article id="tw-147228530441334784">
  78. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>not overmarketing to you, keeping as few people between you and me as possible in the transaction. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Louis C.K.</a> <a href="#tw-147228530441334784" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  80. <article id="tw-147158814163091456">
  81. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>En investissant sur la nature, on investit sur l'avenir. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Isabelle Autissier, Appel pour nos montagnes</a> <a href="#tw-147158814163091456" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  83. <article id="tw-147152700935643138">
  84. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>de la pratique du placebo chez l'idiophile </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Les 10 plus gros mensonges en audio</a> <a href="#tw-147152700935643138" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  86. <article id="tw-147121004429324288">
  87. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Where Satan goes backpacking </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, • Landing on a vhellcano, did you bring BBQ ribs Sæli? :) <a href="#tw-147121004429324288" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  89. <article class="big" id="tw-147106400600989696">
  90. <p class="tw-content">“@lloydhilaiel: We just moved the #browserid service onto over 500 cpu cores. 500 more coming soon.” Decentralized they said… #webid <a href="#tw-147106400600989696" title="Published on 2011-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  92. <article id="tw-146876256825262080">
  93. <p class="tw-content">Very interesting comments on this article about accessibility and icons in fonts <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-146876256825262080" title="Published on 2011-12-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  95. <article id="tw-146513141675720704">
  96. <p class="tw-content">Les paradoxes de la valeur <a href=""></a> (pas encore lu) <a href="#tw-146513141675720704" title="Published on 2011-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  98. <article id="tw-146466832172326914">
  99. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le risque est grand que notre démocratie ne soit mise à l’encan et raflée par le plus offrant. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="
  100. ">Barack Obama</a> <a href="#tw-146466832172326914" title="Published on 2011-12-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  102. <article id="tw-144728164227235840">
  103. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Indie capitalism is, above all, a maker system of economics based on creating new value, not trading old value. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-144728164227235840" title="Published on 2011-12-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  105. <article id="tw-144672178485469185">
  106. <p class="tw-content">Semantic Data Service is an object-oriented search engine <a href=""></a> /via @fumi1 /cc @orovellotti <a href="#tw-144672178485469185" title="Published on 2011-12-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  108. <article id="tw-144318287436726273">
  109. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Python 3 is the XHTML of the programming language world. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@mitsuhiko</a> <a href="#tw-144318287436726273" title="Published on 2011-12-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  111. <article id="tw-144311478349074432">
  112. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Is Spinoza the grandfather of the Semantic Web? </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@bblfish, Spinoza and Identity</a>, #webid #philosophy <a href="#tw-144311478349074432" title="Published on 2011-12-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  114. <article id="tw-144272816714416130">
  115. <p class="tw-content">Impressed by <a href=""></a> both idea and execution. Well done. (Making of: <a href=""></a> ) <a href="#tw-144272816714416130" title="Published on 2011-12-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  117. <article id="tw-144228768771342336">
  118. <p class="tw-content">“@codepo8: Don't be a free user: <a href=""></a> • Buy your freedom actually :) <a href="#tw-144228768771342336" title="Published on 2011-12-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  120. <article id="tw-144001130660233216">
  121. <p class="tw-content">Découvre les fascinantes interviews de Dominique Cardon sur le Web <a href=""></a> /via Bernard Stiegler <a href="#tw-144001130660233216" title="Published on 2011-12-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  123. <article id="tw-143885297694937088">
  124. <p class="tw-content">White House to open source <a href=""></a> as open government data platform <a href=""></a> • Good move! Code <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-143885297694937088" title="Published on 2011-12-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  125. </article>
  126. <article id="tw-143847233899601921">
  127. <p class="tw-content">Discovering <a href=""></a> via @colinux <a href="#tw-143847233899601921" title="Published on 2011-12-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  128. </article>
  129. <article id="tw-143687817090965506">
  130. <p class="tw-content">MongoGraph Brings Semantic Web Features to MongoDB Developers <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-143687817090965506" title="Published on 2011-12-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  131. </article>
  132. <article class="big" id="tw-143681358500339713">
  133. <p class="tw-content">Conversation entre Bernard Stiegler et Paul Jorion <a href=""></a> en préambule de <a href=""></a> sur l'agonie du capitalisme <a href="#tw-143681358500339713" title="Published on 2011-12-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  134. </article>
  135. <article class="big" id="tw-143592157859692544">
  136. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> est ouvert: <a href=""></a> • XLS 293601 - 1 RDF (mais seulement 47 PDF) <a href="#tw-143592157859692544" title="Published on 2011-12-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  137. </article>
  138. <article class="big" id="tw-143545995211444224">
  139. <p class="tw-content">Framework-agnostic, micro-library for getting stack traces in all web browsers <a href=""></a> • JS will soon be a programming language <a href="#tw-143545995211444224" title="Published on 2011-12-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  140. </article>
  141. <article id="tw-143523137202556928">
  142. <p class="tw-content">An Introduction To FluidDB - a social database in the cloud <a href=""></a> • Interesting use of semantic tags /by @ntoll <a href="#tw-143523137202556928" title="Published on 2011-12-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  143. </article>
  144. <article id="tw-143198930560225281">
  145. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The Semantic API uses concepts which are, by definition, terms in The New York Times controlled vocabulary. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-143198930560225281" title="Published on 2011-12-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  146. </article>
  147. <article id="tw-143114197461499904">
  148. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>We want to share, re-mix and use this data to build more awesome Web applications. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Structured Data on the Web</a> <a href="#tw-143114197461499904" title="Published on 2011-12-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  149. </article>
  150. <article id="tw-142794402358755328">
  151. <p class="tw-content">What Powers Instagram: Hundreds of Instances, Dozens of Technologies <a href=""></a> • Including #Django :) <a href="#tw-142794402358755328" title="Published on 2011-12-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  153. <article id="tw-142577792389890049">
  154. <p class="tw-content">Over-architecturing is the new over-optimizing. And the root of (costly) evil too. Start simple. Iterate. <a href="#tw-142577792389890049" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  156. <article id="tw-142565993359736832">
  157. <p class="tw-content">Cooper's test (run 12 minutes, as fast as you can), first try: 2530 meters. Room for improvements :D <a href="#tw-142565993359736832" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  158. </article>
  159. <article class="big" id="tw-142508492073340929">
  160. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The combination of pointing and calling reduced mistakes by almost 85 percent. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">JR gestures</a>, #japtimization <a href="#tw-142508492073340929" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  162. <article id="tw-142443331786506240">
  163. <p class="tw-content">@bertails every year @w3c Members meet and @timberners_lee says: The triples which I give is my flesh, the URIs which I give is my blood <a href="#tw-142443331786506240" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  165. <article id="tw-142439659056807937">
  166. <p class="tw-content">“@bertails: davidbgk I believe in one Web, the Web of all HTTP URIs. And in @w3c, one of its fathers. Amen.” @timberners_lee is our savior! <a href="#tw-142439659056807937" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  167. </article>
  168. <article id="tw-142437754633064448">
  169. <p class="tw-content">@bertails @w3c created the Web in your own image: simple links but complex relations ;) <a href="#tw-142437754633064448" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  170. </article>
  171. <article id="tw-142428647364640768">
  172. <p class="tw-content">Craft & Vision – The Free eBook <a href=""></a> #photography <a href="#tw-142428647364640768" title="Published on 2011-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  173. </article>
  174. <article id="tw-142154771288166400">
  175. <p class="tw-content">Je prends un sain plaisir à non-organiser les rencontres Django cette année. Chapeau l'équipe #djangocong ! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-142154771288166400" title="Published on 2011-12-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  176. </article>
  177. <article id="tw-142110451453542401">
  178. <p class="tw-content">Si vous aimez que l'on vous prépare votre bento, la-grange est maintenant à emporter :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-142110451453542401" title="Published on 2011-12-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  179. </article>
  180. <article id="tw-142037894234783744">
  181. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>So let's stop mapping open data portals, and start mapping datasets that adhere to common schemas. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">David Eaves</a> <a href="#tw-142037894234783744" title="Published on 2011-12-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  182. </article>
  183. <article id="tw-141783856775831552">
  184. <p class="tw-content">@n1k0 l'administration française c'est comme un serveur HTTP sans 200, 201 et 202 et avec plein de 205, 206, 210, 300, 303… /cc @karlpro <a href="#tw-141783856775831552" title="Published on 2011-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  185. </article>
  186. <article id="tw-141699091955580929">
  187. <p class="tw-content">Redis to build a NoSQL autocomplete search index <a href=""></a> • Very good article, except the agile(?!) conclusion. It's minimalism! <a href="#tw-141699091955580929" title="Published on 2011-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  188. </article>
  189. <article id="tw-141689280434143232">
  190. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Thanks for confirming that my decision to stick with hg was correct. IMHO git is a human factors horrowshow. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Matt</a> <a href="#tw-141689280434143232" title="Published on 2011-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  191. </article>
  192. <article class="big" id="tw-141681502491643904">
  193. <p class="tw-content">Si je comprends bien on pourrait combler la dette de l'État français avec le budget de la Défense ? <a href=""></a> Tentant. #OpenData <a href="#tw-141681502491643904" title="Published on 2011-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  194. </article>
  195. <article class="big" id="tw-141438029314273280">
  196. <p class="tw-content">Lancement de <a href=""></a> un bien joli projet #Django + #OpenData dont j'avais parlé après mon intervention <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-141438029314273280" title="Published on 2011-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  197. </article>
  198. <article id="tw-141434758147227648">
  199. <p class="tw-content">@n1k0 the problem of Open-Source is not contributions, it's verification and quality, should propose something about that for #djangocong <a href="#tw-141434758147227648" title="Published on 2011-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  200. </article>
  201. <article id="tw-141407120259170304">
  202. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>always keep backups. At the end of the day an online service is no different than the hard drive in your laptop. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-141407120259170304" title="Published on 2011-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  204. <article id="tw-141351494602596352">
  205. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Running barefoot is about connecting with the ground, about feeling, about freedom and lightness, about fun. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-141351494602596352" title="Published on 2011-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  206. </article>
  207. <article class="big" id="tw-141313247537135616">
  208. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Votre distributeur va mourir un jour, vos contenus et notre culture avec. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@edasfr</a> <a href="#tw-141313247537135616" title="Published on 2011-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  210. <article id="tw-141121925371002880">
  211. <p class="tw-content">Current mood. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-141121925371002880" title="Published on 2011-11-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  212. </article>
  213. <article id="tw-140781293217648641">
  214. <p class="tw-content">After 2km running, 8km walking, 12km hiking/trailing I can tell you that #barefoot is all about (incredibly good!) sensations. <a href="#tw-140781293217648641" title="Published on 2011-11-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  215. </article>
  216. <article id="tw-140609023996203008">
  217. <p class="tw-content">Il est compliqué de comparer/juger les cultures/sociétés lorsqu'elles ne se basent pas sur les même paradigmes. <a href="#tw-140609023996203008" title="Published on 2011-11-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  218. </article>
  219. <article id="tw-140339837382299648">
  220. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Pictures Under Glass sacrifice all the tactile richness of working with our hands </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Bret Victor</a> <a href="#tw-140339837382299648" title="Published on 2011-11-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  221. </article>
  222. <article id="tw-140047530711982081">
  223. <p class="tw-content">#TheDequiringChallenge x=3: barefoot running shoes, don't want to miss something cool #ShareTheHype <a href="#tw-140047530711982081" title="Published on 2011-11-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  224. </article>
  225. <article id="tw-139934723110748161">
  226. <p class="tw-content">Re: Linking in JSON, it looks like @mnot answered to me via a complete blog post <a href=""></a> :) <a href="#tw-139934723110748161" title="Published on 2011-11-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  227. </article>
  228. <article id="tw-139856817835606016">
  229. <p class="tw-content">Montpellier propose les métadonnées #opendata en RDF <a href=""></a> • On se rapproche du #LinkedData \o/ <a href="#tw-139856817835606016" title="Published on 2011-11-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  230. </article>
  231. <article id="tw-139502197879746560">
  232. <p class="tw-content">#microformats 2.0 somehow introduced namespaces ('h-' 'p-' 'u-' 'dt-', 'e-') <a href=""></a> Hardly refrain myself from laughing now. <a href="#tw-139502197879746560" title="Published on 2011-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  233. </article>
  234. <article id="tw-139492527681183744">
  235. <p class="tw-content">Remember that if you move your publication system from your own domain to Google(+), you don't care about it <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-139492527681183744" title="Published on 2011-11-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  236. </article>
  237. <article id="tw-138856320462884865">
  238. <p class="tw-content">Trying a new way to run: small steps, legs never in total extension. Inspired by #barefoot runners. Ridiculous but discovered new muscles :) <a href="#tw-138856320462884865" title="Published on 2011-11-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  239. </article>
  240. <article id="tw-138454122570584064">
  241. <p class="tw-content">SPARQL Explorer for DBpedia is a good way to learn SPARQL by example. E.g. interesting places in Marseille: <a href=""></a> Play! <a href="#tw-138454122570584064" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  242. </article>
  243. <article id="tw-138442965067636736">
  244. <p class="tw-content">Le seul PDF qu'a libéré la mission Etalab depuis le 22 février 2011 : <a href=""></a> Chapeau. #opendata <a href="#tw-138442965067636736" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  245. </article>
  246. <article id="tw-138438172236464128">
  247. <p class="tw-content">Finding a new competitor is so exciting: trying, analyzing, hacking, being inspired, cheering, questioning. Iterating. Iterating. Iterating. <a href="#tw-138438172236464128" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  248. </article>
  249. <article id="tw-138424948912947200">
  250. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Consensus is the glue of us doing things together. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@karlpro</a>, • Purely based on ego vs. Purely based on patience :) <a href="#tw-138424948912947200" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  251. </article>
  252. <article id="tw-138414475198988288">
  253. <p class="tw-content">A (tampering) proxy server for Apple's Siri <a href=""></a> • Let's see how much time is necessary to Apple to disable it… <a href="#tw-138414475198988288" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  254. </article>
  255. <article id="tw-138413350982909952">
  256. <p class="tw-content">Discovering UP by Jawbone <a href=""></a> via <a href=""></a> • "Welcome to a healthier you" such an interesting marketing tagline <a href="#tw-138413350982909952" title="Published on 2011-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  257. </article>
  258. <article id="tw-137353018210402304">
  259. <p class="tw-content">Introducing Hypernotation, an alternative to Linked Data <a href=""></a> • Good luck with performances! #hypercomplexity <a href="#tw-137353018210402304" title="Published on 2011-11-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  260. </article>
  261. <article id="tw-137324818612752384">
  262. <p class="tw-content">#TheDequiringChallenge x=2: a lightweight but incredibly hot hat. Useful for winter treks & Mt Fuji. #LightIsRight <a href="#tw-137324818612752384" title="Published on 2011-11-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  263. </article>
  264. <article id="tw-137080570420269057">
  265. <p class="tw-content">Weekly roundup of news about the REST architectural style <a href=""></a> • How did I miss that collection of linked resources' URI? :) <a href="#tw-137080570420269057" title="Published on 2011-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  266. </article>
  267. <article id="tw-137040260948443136">
  268. <p class="tw-content">Web APIs: Don’t be a victim of your success. <a href=""></a> (a bit monomaniac those days but… I NEED TO FIX THE WEB.) <a href="#tw-137040260948443136" title="Published on 2011-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  269. </article>
  270. <article id="tw-137012762114134016">
  271. <p class="tw-content">Making a Local Web Server Public with Localtunnel <a href=""></a> • So simple, so useful. <a href="#tw-137012762114134016" title="Published on 2011-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  272. </article>
  273. <article id="tw-136970424004247552">
  274. <p class="tw-content">#TheDequiringChallenge x=1: a highly foldable bag to refuse plastic bags at the combini, too much waste from packing in Japan <a href="#tw-136970424004247552" title="Published on 2011-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  275. </article>
  276. <article id="tw-136961760161828864">
  277. <p class="tw-content">I dream to see 2 speakers @parisweb one day:
  278. @timberners_lee for his vision,
  279. @hixie for his blindness. <a href="#tw-136961760161828864" title="Published on 2011-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  280. </article>
  281. <article class="big" id="tw-136795067854749697">
  282. <p class="tw-content">[Japon] Ma vie de salary man <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-136795067854749697" title="Published on 2011-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  283. </article>
  284. <article id="tw-136677981228761088">
  285. <p class="tw-content">Idea: creating a universal hypermedia API client/browser that can validate links, headers, HTTP codes and so on. <a href="#tw-136677981228761088" title="Published on 2011-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  286. </article>
  287. <article class="biggest" id="tw-136674333841039360">
  288. <p class="tw-content">You website is probably more RESTful than your API. Think about that today. #hypermedia <a href="#tw-136674333841039360" title="Published on 2011-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  289. </article>
  290. <article id="tw-136616872123703296">
  291. <p class="tw-content">“@karlpro: "It is my duty to build a better disciple than me." <a href=""></a> #japan” • Beautiful, reminds me <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-136616872123703296" title="Published on 2011-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  292. </article>
  293. <article id="tw-136615269564022784">
  294. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Je suis un Don Quichotte. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Frédéric Beigbeder</a>, • Assez prétentieux, crétin me semble plus juste. <a href="#tw-136615269564022784" title="Published on 2011-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  295. </article>
  296. <article id="tw-136331597241790465">
  297. <p class="tw-content">From Application Programming Interface (API)
  298. to Data Linking Interface
  299. to Data Browsing Experience
  300. to Data Mixing Visualization
  301. #BINGO <a href="#tw-136331597241790465" title="Published on 2011-11-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  302. </article>
  303. <article id="tw-136325520966168576">
  304. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>My personal hope is that grows into a broader 'documentation centre' role </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Dan</a> <a href="#tw-136325520966168576" title="Published on 2011-11-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  305. </article>
  306. <article id="tw-135996504279224320">
  307. <p class="tw-content">Is that really the Great Wall of China you can see at 3:47?! Whoah. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-135996504279224320" title="Published on 2011-11-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  308. </article>
  309. <article id="tw-135990468147286016">
  310. <p class="tw-content">I discovered BuzzData <a href=""></a> e.g. <a href=""></a> via Changing the World with #OpenData <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-135990468147286016" title="Published on 2011-11-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  311. </article>
  312. <article id="tw-135924433645871104">
  313. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Si t'as un truc dans la tête il faut l'essayer. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@kilianj, qui va bientôt tenter l'Everest ? :)</a> <a href="#tw-135924433645871104" title="Published on 2011-11-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  314. </article>
  315. <article id="tw-135921626213662720">
  316. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> and RDFa 1.1 Lite: how does it look now? <a href=""></a> /by @ivan_herman <a href="#tw-135921626213662720" title="Published on 2011-11-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  317. </article>
  318. <article id="tw-134886096021622784">
  319. <p class="tw-content">“@limi: Yo dawg, I herd yuo liek volcanoes… <a href=""></a> (Aogashima, Japan)” • Not that far from Tokyo \o/ <a href="#tw-134886096021622784" title="Published on 2011-11-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  320. </article>
  321. <article id="tw-134826058309578752">
  322. <p class="tw-content">Landscapes: Volume Two <a href=""></a> /by @dustin_farrell #phodeo <a href="#tw-134826058309578752" title="Published on 2011-11-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  323. </article>
  324. <article id="tw-134606695522512896">
  325. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Great photography is about depth of feeling not depth of field. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Peter Adams <a href="#tw-134606695522512896" title="Published on 2011-11-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  326. </article>
  327. <article class="big" id="tw-134538129616011264">
  328. <p class="tw-content">A way to stop being notified by <a href=""></a> /thanks @simon_bricolo • Annoying you said? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-134538129616011264" title="Published on 2011-11-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  329. </article>
  330. <article id="tw-134424798221709312">
  331. <p class="tw-content">“Internet représente 3,7 % du PIB français selon McKinsey, il pèse déjà 9 % en Allemagne ou au Royaume-Uni <a href=""></a> • Source <a href="#tw-134424798221709312" title="Published on 2011-11-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  332. </article>
  333. <article id="tw-134380466877902848">
  334. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Ernst Haas <a href="#tw-134380466877902848" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  335. </article>
  336. <article id="tw-134178156964880384">
  337. <p class="tw-content">Discovering ownCloud 2 – web services under your control <a href=""></a> /via @webaaz <a href="#tw-134178156964880384" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  338. </article>
  339. <article class="big" id="tw-134175930846429184">
  340. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>In short: there are a lot of ways to break HTTPS/TLS/SSL today, even when websites do everything right. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-134175930846429184" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  341. </article>
  342. <article id="tw-134169867971592192">
  343. <p class="tw-content">The Economy Is in Our Hands, We Just Don't Know It <a href=""></a> #minimal #local <a href="#tw-134169867971592192" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  344. </article>
  345. <article id="tw-134165591719297024">
  346. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Social networks exist to sell you crap. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">maciej</a>, #foaf #opendata #linkeddata #socialgraph #4chan #wow #aol #THEWEB <a href="#tw-134165591719297024" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  347. </article>
  348. <article class="big" id="tw-134143889790607360">
  349. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>We're at an awesome time in Django history. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Randall Degges</a>, /via @sebastibe /cc @jacobian <a href="#tw-134143889790607360" title="Published on 2011-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  350. </article>
  351. <article id="tw-133779756515725312">
  352. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If you’re not paying for something, you have no reason to expect it to be there tomorrow. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Steven Poole</a> <a href="#tw-133779756515725312" title="Published on 2011-11-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  353. </article>
  354. <article id="tw-133716779389304832">
  355. <p class="tw-content">Playing with DBpedia & Django for my new job. I kinda like that :) <a href="#tw-133716779389304832" title="Published on 2011-11-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  356. </article>
  357. <article id="tw-133662293820059651">
  358. <p class="tw-content">One day W3C has to say goodbye to WHATWG. Sooner than later. #mascarade <a href="#tw-133662293820059651" title="Published on 2011-11-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  359. </article>
  360. <article id="tw-133358427014569985">
  361. <p class="tw-content">Here Comes Apple’s Real Thermonuclear War Against Google <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-133358427014569985" title="Published on 2011-11-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  362. </article>
  363. <article id="tw-133353245589504000">
  364. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I won’t make the same kinds of photographs. They’ll be different, because I am. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">David duChemin</a> <a href="#tw-133353245589504000" title="Published on 2011-11-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  365. </article>
  366. <article id="tw-133341705079496705">
  367. <p class="tw-content">“@OpenRePub: If we can sequence a human genome for $100, why can't we openly publish for $100? <a href=""></a> This. Is. Huge. <a href="#tw-133341705079496705" title="Published on 2011-11-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  368. </article>
  369. <article id="tw-132757089213886464">
  370. <p class="tw-content">Avec un peu de recul, les japonais ont l'air plus heureux que les français. Ça fait réfléchir. #aigris <a href="#tw-132757089213886464" title="Published on 2011-11-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  371. </article>
  372. <article id="tw-132752957979635712">
  373. <p class="tw-content">Everything You Know About REST Is Wrong <a href=""></a> • I like the "Hypermedia APIs" name proposition (vs. RESTful) <a href="#tw-132752957979635712" title="Published on 2011-11-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  374. </article>
  375. <article id="tw-132674938913046529">
  376. <p class="tw-content">Interesting to see how symmetric are Firefox vs. Chrome and IE vs. Safari <a href=""></a> 4 major browsers at 25% in january 2012? :) <a href="#tw-132674938913046529" title="Published on 2011-11-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  377. </article>
  378. <article class="big" id="tw-132649925862375426">
  379. <p class="tw-content">“@nojhan: Toutes les explications (même les plus geeks) sur ma carte du métro de Paris : <a href=""></a> Whoah. <a href="#tw-132649925862375426" title="Published on 2011-11-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  380. </article>
  381. <article class="big" id="tw-132284427681280000">
  382. <p class="tw-content">Le web est un proxénète et nous sommes ses putes <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-132284427681280000" title="Published on 2011-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  383. </article>
  384. <article id="tw-132280986363891712">
  385. <p class="tw-content">#ParisWeb 2011 côté coulisses <a href=""></a> Très intéressant billet d'un cheek bisounours :) <a href="#tw-132280986363891712" title="Published on 2011-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  386. </article>
  387. <article id="tw-132040885025243138">
  388. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>When dreams become things. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Joel Bukiewicz</a>, /via @bballizlife <a href="#tw-132040885025243138" title="Published on 2011-11-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  389. </article>
  390. <article id="tw-131565377762234368">
  391. <p class="tw-content">Mercurial 2.0 has been released with graft command and largefiles extension <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-131565377762234368" title="Published on 2011-11-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  392. </article>
  393. <article id="tw-131523528657862657">
  394. <p class="tw-content">In a good shape this morning <a href=""></a> (I realized that you can use the app without having any mobile plan and sync by wifi) <a href="#tw-131523528657862657" title="Published on 2011-11-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  395. </article>
  396. <article id="tw-131265863323107328">
  397. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>At my first UTMB, I drank maybe three liters and ate two sandwiches! </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Kilian Jornet</a>, (reminder: UTMB == 4 marathons) <a href="#tw-131265863323107328" title="Published on 2011-11-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  398. </article>
  399. <article id="tw-131179169156562945">
  400. <p class="tw-content">Representing a graph with HTML is still incredibly hard. The Web can't represent itself. How ironic is that? :( <a href="#tw-131179169156562945" title="Published on 2011-11-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  401. </article>
  402. <article id="tw-130841719360077826">
  403. <p class="tw-content">Idée #parisweb/#sudweb : faire une page sur le site expliquant le prix du billet en détail, ça évitera d'avoir des discussions récurrentes… <a href="#tw-130841719360077826" title="Published on 2011-10-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  404. </article>
  405. <article id="tw-130261828080119808">
  406. <p class="tw-content">And then I saw Him. In all His majesty. おはよう富士山! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-130261828080119808" title="Published on 2011-10-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  407. </article>
  408. <article id="tw-129841104802689024">
  409. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Un homme libre c'est quelqu'un qui tente ce qu'il a envie de faire. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, Merci @sebastienmontaz ! <a href="#tw-129841104802689024" title="Published on 2011-10-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  410. </article>
  411. <article id="tw-129806453136556032">
  412. <p class="tw-content">Why don't we promote social captcha? You must rate x previous comments to be able to post your one. Thoughts? <a href="#tw-129806453136556032" title="Published on 2011-10-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  413. </article>
  414. <article id="tw-129784621884903425">
  415. <p class="tw-content">Introduction au HTTP Driven Development par @karlpro <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-129784621884903425" title="Published on 2011-10-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  416. </article>
  417. <article id="tw-129708916002144256">
  418. <p class="tw-content">OK. I just got the confirmation that japaneses are sleeping overnight in the open-space. Sadly woke up my neighbor this morning. Scary. <a href="#tw-129708916002144256" title="Published on 2011-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  419. </article>
  420. <article id="tw-128989191597072385">
  421. <p class="tw-content">RDFaCE is an RDFa Content Editor based on TinyMCE. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-128989191597072385" title="Published on 2011-10-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  422. </article>
  423. <article id="tw-128785320601849856">
  424. <p class="tw-content">Les offres de stage sérieuses sont rares, en voici une : <a href=""></a> Chapeau @jlecour ! <a href="#tw-128785320601849856" title="Published on 2011-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  425. </article>
  426. <article id="tw-128733187978436608">
  427. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Note: Avoid hot-linking and upload font files to your own server. Or we replace them with Webdings. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, &lt;3 <a href="#tw-128733187978436608" title="Published on 2011-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  428. </article>
  429. <article id="tw-128650863232294912">
  430. <p class="tw-content">Is that the best minimalist HTTP example you can show in Python (without dependencies)? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-128650863232294912" title="Published on 2011-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  431. </article>
  432. <article id="tw-128276502809821184">
  433. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le bouton « Supprimer » n’a qu’une fonction cosmétique : il permet de masquer le message aux yeux de l’internaute </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href=",13424.html">Source</a> <a href="#tw-128276502809821184" title="Published on 2011-10-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  434. </article>
  435. <article id="tw-126925675843158016">
  436. <p class="tw-content">“@PierreJoye: New HTTP code: <a href=""></a> #ietf #http” • Definitely useful for APIs! <a href="#tw-126925675843158016" title="Published on 2011-10-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  437. </article>
  438. <article id="tw-126922764706791425">
  439. <p class="tw-content">Migrating from a stateful client based on sessions to a web-based stateless app is an interesting process. <a href="#tw-126922764706791425" title="Published on 2011-10-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  440. </article>
  441. <article class="big" id="tw-126563821031669760">
  442. <p class="tw-content">Si vous prenez soin de votre qualité (web), je vous recommande vivement de travailler avec @temesis et @ElieSl qui sont très pro. Vraiment. <a href="#tw-126563821031669760" title="Published on 2011-10-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  443. </article>
  444. <article id="tw-126544918666678272">
  445. <p class="tw-content">Using CSS should always be as simple as playing with Bootstrap <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-126544918666678272" title="Published on 2011-10-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  446. </article>
  447. <article class="big" id="tw-126221730053234688">
  448. <p class="tw-content">Tiens une conf sur Javascript, Html 5 & CSS 3, WebGL et le Web Semantique <a href=""></a> à Béziers /via @fastclemmy <a href="#tw-126221730053234688" title="Published on 2011-10-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  449. </article>
  450. <article id="tw-126205579764051968">
  451. <p class="tw-content">Inspections sanitaires des établissements alimentaires montréalais <a href=""></a> #opendata • Ça arrive quand en France ? Burp :) <a href="#tw-126205579764051968" title="Published on 2011-10-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  452. </article>
  453. <article id="tw-126114360786563072">
  454. <p class="tw-content">Tarifs réduits en conférence • I have a dream ;) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-126114360786563072" title="Published on 2011-10-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  455. </article>
  456. <article id="tw-125368950946152448">
  457. <p class="tw-content">“@n1k0: /me says HTTP 203 RT @erdgeist: HTTP 413 - That's what SHE said” • Just hope it's not 417 :p <a href="#tw-125368950946152448" title="Published on 2011-10-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  458. </article>
  459. <article class="big" id="tw-125120677815660544">
  460. <p class="tw-content">Un outil pour prendre des minutes qui est joli <a href=""></a> #parisweb <a href="#tw-125120677815660544" title="Published on 2011-10-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  461. </article>
  462. <article id="tw-124964706866835456">
  463. <p class="tw-content">Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur l'infrastructure technique de la BBC présentée par @olivierthereaux <a href=""></a> #parisweb <a href="#tw-124964706866835456" title="Published on 2011-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  464. </article>
  465. <article id="tw-124960935617110016">
  466. <p class="tw-content">A comprehensive list of open government data catalogs curated by experts from around the world <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-124960935617110016" title="Published on 2011-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  467. </article>
  468. <article class="bigger" id="tw-124873729149894656">
  469. <p class="tw-content">#sudweb est annoncé à Toulouse les 25 et 26 mai pendant #parisweb ! Youhouuuuuuuu :) #sharethesun <a href="#tw-124873729149894656" title="Published on 2011-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  470. </article>
  471. <article id="tw-124759435448037377">
  472. <p class="tw-content">L'indépendance m'aura appris à quantifier la réussite de mes projets par la qualité des rencontres que j'ai pu faire. #parisweb #industrie <a href="#tw-124759435448037377" title="Published on 2011-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  473. </article>
  474. <article class="bigger" id="tw-124731988463718402">
  475. <p class="tw-content">« IBM : Bâtissons une planète plus intelligente. » Mouais des gens moins cons ça serait plus utile quand même. #parisweb #greenwash <a href="#tw-124731988463718402" title="Published on 2011-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  476. </article>
  477. <article id="tw-124587307612385280">
  478. <p class="tw-content">“@karlpro: Ouvrir le Web un bug à la fois - les slides <a href=""></a> #parisWeb” • La conf la moins décevante du jour :) <a href="#tw-124587307612385280" title="Published on 2011-10-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  479. </article>
  480. <article class="big" id="tw-124491758213148672">
  481. <p class="tw-content">« Ouvrir le Web un bug à la fois » en concurrence avec une conf sur voyages-sncf, ça ne s'invente pas #parisweb #sharethetroll <a href="#tw-124491758213148672" title="Published on 2011-10-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  482. </article>
  483. <article id="tw-124390240151543808">
  484. <p class="tw-content">My timeline talked more about Denis Ritchie than Steve Jobs. Cool, but stop comparing please :) <a href="#tw-124390240151543808" title="Published on 2011-10-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  485. </article>
  486. <article id="tw-123576465223729153">
  487. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le mot stratégie s'oppose à celui de programme. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Edgard Morin, Introduction à la pensée complexe. #politique #informatique <a href="#tw-123576465223729153" title="Published on 2011-10-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  488. </article>
  489. <article id="tw-123286971605979138">
  490. <p class="tw-content">Moyenne des retards du Shinkansen en 2003 : 6 secondes. Incluant toutes les causes de défaillances techniques, mécaniques ou humaines. <a href="#tw-123286971605979138" title="Published on 2011-10-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  491. </article>
  492. <article id="tw-123228661594849281">
  493. <p class="tw-content">First earthquake in Japan. Close to Fukushima :( <a href="#tw-123228661594849281" title="Published on 2011-10-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  494. </article>
  495. <article id="tw-122944223644368896">
  496. <p class="tw-content">First trek in Japan. Never hope to see Fujisan. Monkeys are hostile! Don't forget your towel. All standards are different. Bambooooooooos :) <a href="#tw-122944223644368896" title="Published on 2011-10-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  497. </article>
  498. <article id="tw-122640070439219200">
  499. <p class="tw-content">Data without border: using data in the service of Humanity (keynote) <a href=""></a> and website <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-122640070439219200" title="Published on 2011-10-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  500. </article>
  501. <article id="tw-122191980515164160">
  502. <p class="tw-content">Qu’est-ce qu’une maison passive ? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-122191980515164160" title="Published on 2011-10-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  503. </article>
  504. <article id="tw-122128129639710722">
  505. <p class="tw-content">“@zebuline: Intéressant: La dette publique <a href=""></a> • Ça me parait simpliste, j'aimerais bien avoir l'avis de @PaulJorion :) <a href="#tw-122128129639710722" title="Published on 2011-10-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  506. </article>
  507. <article id="tw-121773499219050496">
  508. <p class="tw-content">Interesting feedback about the "UX and Design" team of our beloved <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-121773499219050496" title="Published on 2011-10-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  509. </article>
  510. <article id="tw-121481133765574656">
  511. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Well, democracy doesn't work for technical development. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Ian Hickson</a>, (second comment) <a href="#tw-121481133765574656" title="Published on 2011-10-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  512. </article>
  513. <article id="tw-121412408634908672">
  514. <p class="tw-content">How many photos have ever been taken? <a href=""></a> • The World's largest photo libraries scema is impressive! <a href="#tw-121412408634908672" title="Published on 2011-10-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  515. </article>
  516. <article id="tw-121395357266616320">
  517. <p class="tw-content">The Web is just a bunch of trees plus shortcuts <a href=""></a> #robinhood <a href="#tw-121395357266616320" title="Published on 2011-10-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  518. </article>
  519. <article id="tw-121126440220626944">
  520. <p class="tw-content">Je n'emploierai plus "temps-réel" mais "temps-humain" qui est plus juste. Non latence != Instantanéité. Merci @hubertguillaud & J. Sheehy <a href="#tw-121126440220626944" title="Published on 2011-10-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  521. </article>
  522. <article id="tw-121124039782711297">
  523. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Passer de la recommandation à la découverte est le problème principal auquel nous allons être confronté </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">M Loukides</a> <a href="#tw-121124039782711297" title="Published on 2011-10-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  524. </article>
  525. <article id="tw-121120609798336512">
  526. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>all the things that matter will be controlled and owned by a very small number of Big Web companies. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-121120609798336512" title="Published on 2011-10-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  527. </article>
  528. <article id="tw-121061218487242752">
  529. <p class="tw-content">django-bootstrap <a href=""></a> Django: there is always an app for that. <a href="#tw-121061218487242752" title="Published on 2011-10-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  530. </article>
  531. <article class="big" id="tw-120985020302229505">
  532. <p class="tw-content">Geeks are against all monopolies.
  533. But don't talk about their tools. <a href="#tw-120985020302229505" title="Published on 2011-10-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  534. </article>
  535. <article id="tw-120861094897127426">
  536. <p class="tw-content">Je lis un livre papier annoté, ça me force à faire des pauses qui enrichissent et ralentissent ma lecture. Merci @oncletom :) <a href="#tw-120861094897127426" title="Published on 2011-10-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  537. </article>
  538. <article id="tw-120653306686214144">
  539. <p class="tw-content">First day as a japanese employee after 4 years as a freelance. More about that later. Kinda weird :) #salaryman <a href="#tw-120653306686214144" title="Published on 2011-10-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  540. </article>
  541. <article id="tw-120450734444654592">
  542. <p class="tw-content">“@kennethreitz: Want. <a href=""></a> Can't find the best one :) <a href="#tw-120450734444654592" title="Published on 2011-10-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  543. </article>
  544. <article id="tw-120313758269706241">
  545. <p class="tw-content">Discovering <a href=""></a> for readable diffs from you favorite command line :) <a href="#tw-120313758269706241" title="Published on 2011-10-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  546. </article>
  547. <article id="tw-119929027426394113">
  548. <p class="tw-content">&gt; This is the first shot in the new war for replacing the Internet with a privatized merchant data-aggregation network. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-119929027426394113" title="Published on 2011-10-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  549. </article>
  550. <article id="tw-119750814930714624">
  551. <p class="tw-content">One week without a fridge.
  552. Nor a mobile phone.
  553. It's feasible :)
  554. #karlstyle #japan #local <a href="#tw-119750814930714624" title="Published on 2011-09-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  555. </article>
  556. <article id="tw-119612749541154816">
  557. <p class="tw-content">BonjourMozilla from Ueno, Tokyo :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-119612749541154816" title="Published on 2011-09-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  558. </article>
  559. <article id="tw-119045120824848385">
  560. <p class="tw-content">Monsanto: acquisition de la start-up Beeologics. <a href=""></a> ça fait peur… /via @nautilebleu <a href="#tw-119045120824848385" title="Published on 2011-09-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  561. </article>
  562. <article id="tw-118968031102771200">
  563. <p class="tw-content">Japan is the only place where you're doing tilt-shifting without planning it since their cars are really looking like toys ;) <a href="#tw-118968031102771200" title="Published on 2011-09-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  564. </article>
  565. <article class="big" id="tw-117983941507559424">
  566. <p class="tw-content">[photo] Tablet of the day <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-117983941507559424" title="Published on 2011-09-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  567. </article>
  568. <article id="tw-117797415515463682">
  569. <p class="tw-content">BrowserID will win against WebID because of marketing <a href=""></a> So much lost energy... <a href="#tw-117797415515463682" title="Published on 2011-09-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  570. </article>
  571. <article id="tw-117595316903084034">
  572. <p class="tw-content">National security (noun): level of autonomy of the country's childhood. <a href="#tw-117595316903084034" title="Published on 2011-09-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  573. </article>
  574. <article id="tw-117390491401732096">
  575. <p class="tw-content">First run in Japan. So much and BIG spiders! Lot of fun and met Japanese trailers ;) <a href="#tw-117390491401732096" title="Published on 2011-09-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  576. </article>
  577. <article id="tw-116833630541721600">
  578. <p class="tw-content">Such a lovely place :) <a href="#tw-116833630541721600" title="Published on 2011-09-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  579. </article>
  580. <article id="tw-113875145097101312">
  581. <p class="tw-content">Comprendre la différence entre Becquerel, dose absorbée et Sievert <a href=""></a> #radioactivité <a href="#tw-113875145097101312" title="Published on 2011-09-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  582. </article>
  583. <article id="tw-111936581274828800">
  584. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>All the proprietary and ad-hoc things that preceded HTTP have died, and good riddance. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Mark Shuttleworth</a> <a href="#tw-111936581274828800" title="Published on 2011-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  585. </article>
  586. <article id="tw-111789406880411649">
  587. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Contributors, not consumers, are what the twenty first century needs. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Dave Bruno</a> <a href="#tw-111789406880411649" title="Published on 2011-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  588. </article>
  589. <article id="tw-111739884158459904">
  590. <p class="tw-content">Any feedback about Python Camelot (inspired by Django's admin)? <a href=""></a> /via @mrjmad <a href="#tw-111739884158459904" title="Published on 2011-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  591. </article>
  592. <article id="tw-111433826189844480">
  593. <p class="tw-content">Ok, @hubertguillaud a écrit la même chose ce matin, en mieux. Je vais enrichir avec ses liens... <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-111433826189844480" title="Published on 2011-09-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  594. </article>
  595. <article id="tw-111432634550337536">
  596. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>We should not focus on OpenData apps but on OpenData communities. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">OpenData contests</a> <a href="#tw-111432634550337536" title="Published on 2011-09-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  597. </article>
  598. <article id="tw-110992419138445313">
  599. <p class="tw-content">“@sebastibe: blind - <a href=""></a> The film is set in post-nuclear Tokyo in a dimension not so distant from ours. <a href="#tw-110992419138445313" title="Published on 2011-09-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  600. </article>
  601. <article id="tw-110805869930876928">
  602. <p class="tw-content">Results of the poll about virtualenvs' location:
  603. a) 14 ~/.virtualenvs
  604. b) 9 per project
  605. c) 3 others
  606. d) 1 (poor Obi-Wan) <a href="#tw-110805869930876928" title="Published on 2011-09-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  607. </article>
  608. <article id="tw-109675302891958272">
  609. <p class="tw-content">Found one of my first webpages! :'')) &lt;FRAMESET COLS="160,* " FRAMEBORDER=0 BORDER=0 NORESIZE FRAMESPACING=0&gt; <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-109675302891958272" title="Published on 2011-09-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  610. </article>
  611. <article id="tw-109525605942427648">
  612. <p class="tw-content">“@n1k0: implementing is nothing. documenting is everything.” maintaining is boring. <a href="#tw-109525605942427648" title="Published on 2011-09-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  613. </article>
  614. <article id="tw-109398698009690113">
  615. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Geeks are paranoiac <a href=""></a> a.k.a. redemption <a href="#tw-109398698009690113" title="Published on 2011-09-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  616. </article>
  617. <article id="tw-109188891621330944">
  618. <p class="tw-content">Time to write in English. Starting a new blog. So 2004. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-109188891621330944" title="Published on 2011-09-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  619. </article>
  620. <article id="tw-108671022550626304">
  621. <p class="tw-content">Found an interesting tool to, well, map a run. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-108671022550626304" title="Published on 2011-08-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  622. </article>
  623. <article id="tw-108650459056713730">
  624. <p class="tw-content">In the privacy of our homes <a href=""></a> Interesting concepts from the flickr team /via @dioxmat <a href="#tw-108650459056713730" title="Published on 2011-08-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  625. </article>
  626. <article id="tw-108649845320974336">
  627. <p class="tw-content">Now that we can use decentralized development tools, we more and more rely on uncachable centralized data. #offline <a href="#tw-108649845320974336" title="Published on 2011-08-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  628. </article>
  629. <article id="tw-107785149617410048">
  630. <p class="tw-content">Arrivée de @kilianj lors de l'UTMB qu'il remporte pour la 3ème fois consécutive ! <a href=""></a> (170km, 9500+ de dénivellé... en 20h.) <a href="#tw-107785149617410048" title="Published on 2011-08-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  631. </article>
  632. <article id="tw-107780917644361728">
  633. <p class="tw-content">Par Bernard Stiegler dans Économie de l'hypermatériel et psychopouvoir. <a href="#tw-107780917644361728" title="Published on 2011-08-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  634. </article>
  635. <article id="tw-107780760597041152">
  636. <p class="tw-content">&gt; L'inhumanisation des enfants n'est pas seulement une grande et funeste tentation de notre temps : c'est devenu l'ordinaire de notre misère <a href="#tw-107780760597041152" title="Published on 2011-08-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  637. </article>
  638. <article id="tw-107368601912229889">
  639. <p class="tw-content">“@LANDEYves: On tweete pour exister. On arrête de tweeter pour vivre.” On se remet à tweeter pour survivre. <a href="#tw-107368601912229889" title="Published on 2011-08-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  640. </article>
  641. <article id="tw-107072817798983680">
  642. <p class="tw-content">Data-Oriented Web Browser <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-107072817798983680" title="Published on 2011-08-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  643. </article>
  644. <article class="bigger" id="tw-106996374985379840">
  645. <p class="tw-content">Ten years ago I had to reboot my computer every 2 days, today it's my browser. Browsers turned to OSes even before the hype. <a href="#tw-106996374985379840" title="Published on 2011-08-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  646. </article>
  647. <article id="tw-106285944516263936">
  648. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Ces chèques que l’on reçoit, que l’on prend et qu’on utilise sont des chèques de la honte. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Julien Alexandre</a> <a href="#tw-106285944516263936" title="Published on 2011-08-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  649. </article>
  650. <article id="tw-105554073570377728">
  651. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Toi qui marche, il n’y a pas de chemin. Le Chemin se fait en marchant. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Antonio Machado, cité par Franck Janura</a> <a href="#tw-105554073570377728" title="Published on 2011-08-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  652. </article>
  653. <article id="tw-104682741408333824">
  654. <p class="tw-content">I thought that Bootstrap was #yetanothercssgridframework but there is a bit more actually <a href=""></a> :) <a href="#tw-104682741408333824" title="Published on 2011-08-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  655. </article>
  656. <article id="tw-104199674495373314">
  657. <p class="tw-content">La traversée des Pyrénées par Kilian <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Respect. <a href="#tw-104199674495373314" title="Published on 2011-08-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  658. </article>
  659. <article id="tw-103950221561700352">
  660. <p class="tw-content">$ echo "alias karl='curl'" &gt;&gt; ~/.profile <a href="#tw-103950221561700352" title="Published on 2011-08-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  661. </article>
  662. <article id="tw-103842278598119425">
  663. <p class="tw-content">url(r'^admin/', lambda _: HttpResponseRedirect('')), because only djangonauts check that :) <a href="#tw-103842278598119425" title="Published on 2011-08-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  664. </article>
  665. <article id="tw-103444141958119424">
  666. <p class="tw-content">Un autodafé numérique ne fera ni bruit, ni fumée. <a href="#tw-103444141958119424" title="Published on 2011-08-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  667. </article>
  668. <article class="big" id="tw-103419760762556416">
  669. <p class="tw-content">N'imposez pas ça à vos utilisateurs, affichez directement l'information. #UX #ergonomie <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-103419760762556416" title="Published on 2011-08-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  670. </article>
  671. <article id="tw-102876944449814529">
  672. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Alors quel rôle peut tenir un enseignant ? Celui de facilitateur d’accession à l’information. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Nicolas Lapétina</a> <a href="#tw-102876944449814529" title="Published on 2011-08-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  673. </article>
  674. <article class="biggest" id="tw-102654494063599617">
  675. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> one of the largest newspaper website in France is now powered by Django! Congratz to the team \o/ <a href="#tw-102654494063599617" title="Published on 2011-08-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  676. </article>
  677. <article id="tw-101931151698051073">
  678. <p class="tw-content">An interesting file to define styleguides with your designer <a href=""></a> BTW, thoughts on normalize.css? <a href="#tw-101931151698051073" title="Published on 2011-08-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  679. </article>
  680. <article id="tw-101917012263047168">
  681. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>On s’indigne et on a peur. La révolte sans la solution. Face à un capitalisme même malade, c’est peu. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">J. Grynpas</a> <a href="#tw-101917012263047168" title="Published on 2011-08-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  682. </article>
  683. <article id="tw-101653440752656384">
  684. <p class="tw-content">Idea for dealing with languages in Twitter, starting tweets with reserved two letters account: "@fr tweet en français" and following @fr too <a href="#tw-101653440752656384" title="Published on 2011-08-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  685. </article>
  686. <article id="tw-101578716198608897">
  687. <p class="tw-content">A mustwatch video about Hypermedia APIs (a.k.a RESTful) <a href=""></a> inspired by <a href=""></a> /cc @thisneonsoul <a href="#tw-101578716198608897" title="Published on 2011-08-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  688. </article>
  689. <article id="tw-100995873596653569">
  690. <p class="tw-content">Redesigning the browser window <a href=""></a> /via @rik24d • Instant switch to the browser implementing this natively. <a href="#tw-100995873596653569" title="Published on 2011-08-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  691. </article>
  692. <article id="tw-100880258743533569">
  693. <p class="tw-content">You sucks &lt; My life sucks &lt; I'm great &lt; We're great &lt; Life is great • Will your tribes change the world? — David Logan, <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-100880258743533569" title="Published on 2011-08-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  694. </article>
  695. <article id="tw-100192430560780288">
  696. <p class="tw-content">The brokers with hands on their faces blog <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-100192430560780288" title="Published on 2011-08-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  697. </article>
  698. <article id="tw-99498328613597184">
  699. <p class="tw-content">Incredible articles about problems of #LinkedData <a href=""></a> /by @faviki #mustread <a href="#tw-99498328613597184" title="Published on 2011-08-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  700. </article>
  701. <article class="big" id="tw-99494148230488064">
  702. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Joe Sparano. <a href="#tw-99494148230488064" title="Published on 2011-08-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  703. </article>
  704. <article id="tw-99127458355351553">
  705. <p class="tw-content">Got my visa and plane ticket for this year in Japan. Take off on September 21. F*cking excited! \o/ <a href="#tw-99127458355351553" title="Published on 2011-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  706. </article>
  707. <article id="tw-99045880446988288">
  708. <p class="tw-content">An interesting use-case of why <a href=""></a> adds more complexity for the developer <a href=""></a> Convergence, please! <a href="#tw-99045880446988288" title="Published on 2011-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  709. </article>
  710. <article class="big" id="tw-98807253024505856">
  711. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I create websites. Not shit websites. Good websites. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@morgyface</a> <a href="#tw-98807253024505856" title="Published on 2011-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  712. </article>
  713. <article class="bigger" id="tw-98765900756422657">
  714. <p class="tw-content">Impressed. <a href=""></a> Live flight tracker <a href="#tw-98765900756422657" title="Published on 2011-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  715. </article>
  716. <article class="big" id="tw-98301588128538625">
  717. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Trying to use the Semantic Web without SPARQL is like trying to use a relational database without SQL. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Tim Berners-Lee <a href="#tw-98301588128538625" title="Published on 2011-08-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  718. </article>
  719. <article id="tw-97954822912872448">
  720. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>La main qui donne est au-dessus de la main qui reçoit. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Napoléon Bonaparte cité par Julien Alexandre</a> <a href="#tw-97954822912872448" title="Published on 2011-08-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  721. </article>
  722. <article id="tw-97661118624968704">
  723. <p class="tw-content">@clochix la différence entre une religion est une secte c'est juste le nombre de pratiquants non ? /cc @rik24d <a href="#tw-97661118624968704" title="Published on 2011-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  724. </article>
  725. <article class="big" id="tw-97568428356931584">
  726. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Google Plus “one of the subtlest and most user-friendly ontology development systems we’ve ever seen.” </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">C. Connors</a> <a href="#tw-97568428356931584" title="Published on 2011-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  727. </article>
  728. <article id="tw-97566232026423296">
  729. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The truth is: a good story doesn’t need to be protected. The rest is greed or ignorance. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Paulo Coelho</a> <a href="#tw-97566232026423296" title="Published on 2011-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  730. </article>
  731. <article id="tw-96569488681598978">
  732. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Placez une échelle quelque part. Grimpez jusqu'en haut pour voir le ciel de plus près. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>David Horvitz, Rencontres photo Arles <a href="#tw-96569488681598978" title="Published on 2011-07-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  733. </article>
  734. <article id="tw-96188049687457792">
  735. <p class="tw-content">#Playdoh is a low-level meta framework on top of #Django (vs. high-level #Pinax) by Mozilla <a href=""></a> /via @rik24d <a href="#tw-96188049687457792" title="Published on 2011-07-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  736. </article>
  737. <article id="tw-95885164168744960">
  738. <p class="tw-content">(Web) Developer, noun: a person or thing that spends his time to serialize and deserialize data. #cpu #bandwidth #ecology <a href="#tw-95885164168744960" title="Published on 2011-07-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  739. </article>
  740. <article id="tw-95835686585892864">
  741. <p class="tw-content">#django tip, you can pass a tuple to dictsort, useful with regroup: &#123;% regroup object_list|dictsort:"team_sort" by team as teams_list %&#125; <a href="#tw-95835686585892864" title="Published on 2011-07-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  742. </article>
  743. <article id="tw-95537708369330176">
  744. <p class="tw-content">Boot to Gecko #B2G to pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-95537708369330176" title="Published on 2011-07-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  745. </article>
  746. <article id="tw-95403351876964353">
  747. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Si on stockait le travail plutôt que l’énergie, cela réduirait de beaucoup l’infrastructure énergitivore de stockage </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-95403351876964353" title="Published on 2011-07-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  748. </article>
  749. <article id="tw-95065086904909824">
  750. <p class="tw-content">Installing the Incognito extension for Safari <a href=""></a> (close to ShareMeNot for Firefox <a href=""></a> ) <a href="#tw-95065086904909824" title="Published on 2011-07-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  751. </article>
  752. <article id="tw-94085779478949888">
  753. <p class="tw-content">This archive contains 18,592 scientific publications which should be available to everyone at no cost <a href=""></a> /via @moustaki <a href="#tw-94085779478949888" title="Published on 2011-07-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  754. </article>
  755. <article id="tw-93707550041702400">
  756. <p class="tw-content">9 occurrences of "Apple ID" on <a href=""></a> iCloud and iCertification on their ways, maybe even iTrust? :) <a href="#tw-93707550041702400" title="Published on 2011-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  757. </article>
  758. <article class="biggest" id="tw-93608996547731456">
  759. <p class="tw-content">“@rodpetrovic: PHP is like your parents' house. If you're older than 18, you're only there because of cheap hosting.” #trolldi <a href="#tw-93608996547731456" title="Published on 2011-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  760. </article>
  761. <article id="tw-93587312688107520">
  762. <p class="tw-content">Efficiently copying files to multiple destinations <a href=""></a> Good to have in your unix toolbox! <a href="#tw-93587312688107520" title="Published on 2011-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  763. </article>
  764. <article id="tw-93060044916137984">
  765. <p class="tw-content">Free books: Porting to #Python 3: An in-depth guide <a href=""></a> and The #Node Beginner Book <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-93060044916137984" title="Published on 2011-07-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  766. </article>
  767. <article id="tw-93059162723975169">
  768. <p class="tw-content">bulbflow: A Python framework for graph databases <a href=""></a> Impressive. <a href="#tw-93059162723975169" title="Published on 2011-07-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  769. </article>
  770. <article id="tw-93046990203662336">
  771. <p class="tw-content">WebID vs BrowserID <a href=""></a> /by @bblfish <a href="#tw-93046990203662336" title="Published on 2011-07-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  772. </article>
  773. <article id="tw-93043305964773376">
  774. <p class="tw-content">Entre le planning du projet <a href=""></a> et les bonnes pratiques <a href=""></a> je suis impressionné ce portail ! #OpenData <a href="#tw-93043305964773376" title="Published on 2011-07-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  775. </article>
  776. <article id="tw-92863578763309056">
  777. <p class="tw-content">#BrowserID <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-92863578763309056" title="Published on 2011-07-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  778. </article>
  779. <article id="tw-91465105832808448">
  780. <p class="tw-content">If you are forking a project for an enhancement, please update documentation and tests too. — Your busy maintainer. <a href="#tw-91465105832808448" title="Published on 2011-07-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  781. </article>
  782. <article id="tw-90897208119017472">
  783. <p class="tw-content">"Don't be naive" is my new evil motto. <a href="#tw-90897208119017472" title="Published on 2011-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  784. </article>
  785. <article id="tw-90785870445162496">
  786. <p class="tw-content">THE MOST AWKWARD 404 NOT FOUND PAGE ON THE INTERNET <a href=""></a> /via @brutasse <a href="#tw-90785870445162496" title="Published on 2011-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  787. </article>
  788. <article id="tw-90740568493264896">
  789. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>he took the mouse in the air because he thought that the cursor will go up </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Alex Palcuie</a>, (read article+comments) <a href="#tw-90740568493264896" title="Published on 2011-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  790. </article>
  791. <article class="big" id="tw-90702955984068608">
  792. <p class="tw-content">My 3 advices to new web startups: reduce complexity, reduce complexity, reduce complexity. <a href="#tw-90702955984068608" title="Published on 2011-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  793. </article>
  794. <article id="tw-90691576619208704">
  795. <p class="tw-content">Youtube is using Wikipedia as a controlled vocabulary <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Did that 3 years ago for a French project :) <a href="#tw-90691576619208704" title="Published on 2011-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  796. </article>
  797. <article id="tw-90447198902423552">
  798. <p class="tw-content">Interesting to see Kenya proposing data visualizations along with their recently released #OpenData <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-90447198902423552" title="Published on 2011-07-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  799. </article>
  800. <article id="tw-89266360789630976">
  801. <p class="tw-content">Ce qui me gêne dans les workshops sur l'identité numérique c'est qu'il est toujours recommandé d'exprimer en ligne un avis aseptisé #lift11 <a href="#tw-89266360789630976" title="Published on 2011-07-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  802. </article>
  803. <article id="tw-88965565707845632">
  804. <p class="tw-content">Speakers: adapt your support to the length of your talk, skipping many slides is irrespectful for your audience #lift11 <a href="#tw-88965565707845632" title="Published on 2011-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  805. </article>
  806. <article id="tw-88962977881010176">
  807. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If you can't protect it, don't collect it. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Adam Greenfield, about the networked city at #lift11 <a href="#tw-88962977881010176" title="Published on 2011-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  808. </article>
  809. <article id="tw-88942320992530432">
  810. <p class="tw-content">DNA is now DIY with OpenPCR <a href=""></a> this is just the beginning :) /via @bortzmeyer #biologeek <a href="#tw-88942320992530432" title="Published on 2011-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  811. </article>
  812. <article id="tw-88566613980356608">
  813. <p class="tw-content">La réutilisation des applications #OpenData n'invalide-t-elle l'argument du développement économique local ? #odg11 #concurrence <a href="#tw-88566613980356608" title="Published on 2011-07-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  814. </article>
  815. <article id="tw-88558067578437632">
  816. <p class="tw-content">L'#OpenData ne doit pas être considéré comme un désengagement du service public. À méditer. #odg11 <a href="#tw-88558067578437632" title="Published on 2011-07-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  817. </article>
  818. <article id="tw-88554987424194560">
  819. <p class="tw-content">L'#OpenData apporte du dialogue, de la collaboration, de la motivation et de l'innovation. Dans cet ordre. #odg11 /via @LiberTIC <a href="#tw-88554987424194560" title="Published on 2011-07-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  820. </article>
  821. <article id="tw-88541331324026880">
  822. <p class="tw-content">Excellent retour sur les bénéfices de l'#OpenData pour la ville de Rennes qui ne se base pas sur un calcul foireux par @schignard #odg11 <a href="#tw-88541331324026880" title="Published on 2011-07-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  823. </article>
  824. <article id="tw-88532114273865729">
  825. <p class="tw-content">La détention de l'information était le pouvoir, le croisement des données *est* le pouvoir. #odg11 <a href="#tw-88532114273865729" title="Published on 2011-07-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  826. </article>
  827. <article id="tw-88371309758779393">
  828. <p class="tw-content">Intéressante initiative de CheckMyMetro avec CheckMyMap pour pallier au « silence » de la #RATP <a href=""></a> #OpenData <a href="#tw-88371309758779393" title="Published on 2011-07-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  829. </article>
  830. <article class="big" id="tw-88192776335933440">
  831. <p class="tw-content">If you're choosing a CMS because you're undecided, you'll remain undecided but with a confusing website. <a href="#tw-88192776335933440" title="Published on 2011-07-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  832. </article>
  833. <article id="tw-88149385980026880">
  834. <p class="tw-content">Django is becoming more mature those days <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-88149385980026880" title="Published on 2011-07-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  835. </article>
  836. <article class="big" id="tw-87994829811892224">
  837. <p class="tw-content">Nobody Understands REST or HTTP <a href=""></a> It's all about links and headers /via @rgaidot <a href="#tw-87994829811892224" title="Published on 2011-07-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  838. </article>
  839. <article id="tw-87990631036751872">
  840. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> source code released <a href=""></a> (and it's Django!) #opendata /via @providenz <a href="#tw-87990631036751872" title="Published on 2011-07-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  841. </article>
  842. <article id="tw-87911284506497024">
  843. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>He gave the "I have a dream" speech, not the "I have a plan" speech. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Simon Sinek, TED</a>, /via @magopian <a href="#tw-87911284506497024" title="Published on 2011-07-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  844. </article>
  845. <article id="tw-87047459909533696">
  846. <p class="tw-content">Dans quel mesure la lutte contre le gaspillage est-elle antisociale dans une société consumériste ? #laquestionduweekend <a href="#tw-87047459909533696" title="Published on 2011-07-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  847. </article>
  848. <article id="tw-86707854358228993">
  849. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>La division du travail c'est l'origine de l'Humanité. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Bernard Stiegler, à propos de Twitter</a> <a href="#tw-86707854358228993" title="Published on 2011-07-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  850. </article>
  851. <article id="tw-86434764143333376">
  852. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Infobesity is the currency of oligarchy. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Adapted from Thomas Jefferson <a href="#tw-86434764143333376" title="Published on 2011-06-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  853. </article>
  854. <article id="tw-86011151518928896">
  855. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Our brains have just one scale, and we resize our experiences to fit. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Randall Munroe</a> <a href="#tw-86011151518928896" title="Published on 2011-06-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  856. </article>
  857. <article id="tw-86004788474556416">
  858. <p class="tw-content">Typing s/foo/bar/ in Skype's chat modifies the previous line sent. Clever. <a href="#tw-86004788474556416" title="Published on 2011-06-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  859. </article>
  860. <article id="tw-85999426241445888">
  861. <p class="tw-content">Google Takeout is nice, now can I have a Download & Erase button please? And more services? :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-85999426241445888" title="Published on 2011-06-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  862. </article>
  863. <article id="tw-85996525444018176">
  864. <p class="tw-content">#ilovemercurial because I remember my daily commands without opening any documentation. Readability/aesthetic matters. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-85996525444018176" title="Published on 2011-06-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  865. </article>
  866. <article id="tw-85713809905434625">
  867. <p class="tw-content">The OpenData challenge is over! A very good example of use and reuse of data <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-85713809905434625" title="Published on 2011-06-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  868. </article>
  869. <article id="tw-85702377340010497">
  870. <p class="tw-content">Je trouve le système de pré-ventes de #parisweb intéressant pour la communauté #unpeudepositifdanscettemaréedetrolls #sharedaluv <a href="#tw-85702377340010497" title="Published on 2011-06-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  871. </article>
  872. <article class="bigger" id="tw-85619587810459649">
  873. <p class="tw-content">I didn't know you can put HTML directly in your address bar! Try this: data:text/html,&lt;h1&gt;Hello, world!&lt;/h1&gt; <a href="#tw-85619587810459649" title="Published on 2011-06-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  874. </article>
  875. <article id="tw-85292709102895105">
  876. <p class="tw-content">...le genre d'existence de ceux qui survivront. — Pardot Kynes, Dune 2/2 <a href="#tw-85292709102895105" title="Published on 2011-06-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  877. </article>
  878. <article id="tw-85292393431175168">
  879. <p class="tw-content">&gt; La question qui se pose pour les humains n'est pas de savoir combien d'entre eux survivront dans le système mais quel sera 1/2 <a href="#tw-85292393431175168" title="Published on 2011-06-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  880. </article>
  881. <article id="tw-84813483144777728">
  882. <p class="tw-content">Le concept de lâcher prise est inassimilable pour un geek, qui se définit par un besoin de contrôle maladif. #versionsgate <a href="#tw-84813483144777728" title="Published on 2011-06-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  883. </article>
  884. <article id="tw-84694869385289728">
  885. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le concept de progrès agit comme un mécanisme de protection destiné à nous isoler des terreurs de l'avenir. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Princesse Irulan, Dune <a href="#tw-84694869385289728" title="Published on 2011-06-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  886. </article>
  887. <article id="tw-84623649612644352">
  888. <p class="tw-content">Discovering the PyStar project <a href=""></a> I wonder why the diversity keynote at #europython didn't mentioned it <a href="#tw-84623649612644352" title="Published on 2011-06-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  889. </article>
  890. <article id="tw-84276877044363264">
  891. <p class="tw-content">Some documentation about Coding Dojo <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> + video of @ntoll's talk about his fork :) <a href="#tw-84276877044363264" title="Published on 2011-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  892. </article>
  893. <article id="tw-84260689883054080">
  894. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>It's just like IRC but you're actually IRL! </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@ntoll, #europython about Dojo <a href="#tw-84260689883054080" title="Published on 2011-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  895. </article>
  896. <article id="tw-84169531488083968">
  897. <p class="tw-content">Discovering Pydoop, a Python map/reduce and HDFS API for Hadoop <a href=""></a> #europython <a href="#tw-84169531488083968" title="Published on 2011-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  898. </article>
  899. <article id="tw-84168375277854720">
  900. <p class="tw-content">Saving energy, saving Japan <a href=""></a> Can we think about saving the world now? Thanks. <a href="#tw-84168375277854720" title="Published on 2011-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  901. </article>
  902. <article id="tw-83922432271978496">
  903. <p class="tw-content">Déclaration sur l'#OpenData en France <a href=""></a> À lire et à signer :) <a href="#tw-83922432271978496" title="Published on 2011-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  904. </article>
  905. <article id="tw-83876287281762305">
  906. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Managing servers by executing commands via SSH is like writing code at the Python interactive prompt. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@natea, #europython <a href="#tw-83876287281762305" title="Published on 2011-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  907. </article>
  908. <article id="tw-83853138112692224">
  909. <p class="tw-content">“@karlpro: "cut down on the amount of line noise needed to create xml in python" <a href=""></a> nice use of Python's "with"! <a href="#tw-83853138112692224" title="Published on 2011-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  910. </article>
  911. <article id="tw-83848824946311168">
  912. <p class="tw-content">It's not that Science is boring but scientists are so bad at communication :( <a href="#tw-83848824946311168" title="Published on 2011-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  913. </article>
  914. <article id="tw-83682012296261632">
  915. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Que méprisez-vous ? Par cela, on vous connait vraiment. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Princesse Irulan, Manuel de Muad'Dib <a href="#tw-83682012296261632" title="Published on 2011-06-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  916. </article>
  917. <article id="tw-83501576400023552">
  918. <p class="tw-content">Conference organizers: it's never a Wi-Fi problem. It's all about talks' intensity. #europython <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-83501576400023552" title="Published on 2011-06-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  919. </article>
  920. <article class="big" id="tw-83173309419749376">
  921. <p class="tw-content">Python's reminder: (re)take a look at deque, bisect, heapq, collections.Counter/Sequence/namedtuple #europython <a href="#tw-83173309419749376" title="Published on 2011-06-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  922. </article>
  923. <article id="tw-82096623672496129">
  924. <p class="tw-content">Bibliothèques publiques et open data : quels enjeux ? <a href=""></a> Rendez-nous nos données <a href=""></a> #opendata <a href="#tw-82096623672496129" title="Published on 2011-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  925. </article>
  926. <article id="tw-82026007044952064">
  927. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>“Why wasn't I consulted?” is the fundamental question of the web. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Paul Ford</a> <a href="#tw-82026007044952064" title="Published on 2011-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  928. </article>
  929. <article id="tw-81638701549096961">
  930. <p class="tw-content">Coût de l'ouverture des données publiques à Nantes : 100 000 € (dont 50 000 € pour le concours) — Frédéric Vasse, #web2day #opendata <a href="#tw-81638701549096961" title="Published on 2011-06-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  931. </article>
  932. <article id="tw-81387239006937088">
  933. <p class="tw-content">Discovering iPhone's Emoji <a href=""></a> via The mobile web HTML 5 performance keynote <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-81387239006937088" title="Published on 2011-06-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  934. </article>
  935. <article id="tw-80911880222294016">
  936. <p class="tw-content">TomTom is selling your driving data. This is just the beginning. <a href=""></a> #privacy #geolocalisation <a href="#tw-80911880222294016" title="Published on 2011-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  937. </article>
  938. <article id="tw-80910458596491264">
  939. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Leave your API keys at home, this search data is all open! </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Joshua Kahn, about BestBuy and #RDFa</a> <a href="#tw-80910458596491264" title="Published on 2011-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  940. </article>
  941. <article id="tw-80400473009553408">
  942. <p class="tw-content">Django apps from #EuroDjangoCon <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-80400473009553408" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  943. </article>
  944. <article class="big" id="tw-80272395092496384">
  945. <p class="tw-content">Syncany is an open-source cloud storage and filesharing application. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-80272395092496384" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  946. </article>
  947. <article id="tw-80272360862789632">
  948. <p class="tw-content">Dagny is a Django adaptation of Ruby on Rails’s Resource-Oriented Architecture (a.k.a. ‘RESTful Rails’). <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-80272360862789632" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  949. </article>
  950. <article id="tw-80272340725927936">
  951. <p class="tw-content">Brewery is a Python framework and collection of tools for analysing and mining data. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-80272340725927936" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  952. </article>
  953. <article id="tw-80267749716279296">
  954. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Use our data, but don't pretend to be us. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Transport for London</a>, #opendata /via @karlpro <a href="#tw-80267749716279296" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  955. </article>
  956. <article id="tw-80262294776451072">
  957. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>HTTP has been successfully conflating names and addresses since 1989. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Richard Cyganiak</a> <a href="#tw-80262294776451072" title="Published on 2011-06-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  958. </article>
  959. <article id="tw-79229693668245504">
  960. <p class="tw-content">Et papa ! #wallphotography <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-79229693668245504" title="Published on 2011-06-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  961. </article>
  962. <article id="tw-79164206674489344">
  963. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Pour accepter l'effort, il faut ne pas être satisfait de son sort. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Amélie Nothomb, Cosmétique de l'ennemi <a href="#tw-79164206674489344" title="Published on 2011-06-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  964. </article>
  965. <article id="tw-75089051262255104">
  966. <p class="tw-content">Discovering CrisisCommons <a href=""></a> very close to what we discussed at #djangocong /thx @jetienne <a href="#tw-75089051262255104" title="Published on 2011-05-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  967. </article>
  968. <article class="big" id="tw-74136613810212866">
  969. <p class="tw-content">Quand on commence à se soucier des générations futures c'est qu'on a renoncé à défendre la sienne ? #sudweb <a href="#tw-74136613810212866" title="Published on 2011-05-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  970. </article>
  971. <article id="tw-74025165004079104">
  972. <p class="tw-content">C'est la première fois que je vois une intervention sur l'agile qui ne soit pas du pur bullshit. Merci Pablo Pernot ! #SudWeb <a href="#tw-74025165004079104" title="Published on 2011-05-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  973. </article>
  974. <article id="tw-73745437911302145">
  975. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le contenu est R.O.I. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Muriel Vandermulen, #webux <a href="#tw-73745437911302145" title="Published on 2011-05-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  976. </article>
  977. <article id="tw-73735587932278784">
  978. <p class="tw-content">Les conférences de plus de 20 minutes deviennent vraiment rédhibitoires pour moi #AttentionDeficitDisorder #TropDeMessageTueLeMessage <a href="#tw-73735587932278784" title="Published on 2011-05-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  979. </article>
  980. <article class="bigger" id="tw-73343144711827456">
  981. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>On n'est pas des voleurs. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Jeremy Zimmermann</a>, #eG8 <a href="#tw-73343144711827456" title="Published on 2011-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  982. </article>
  983. <article id="tw-73318040317591552">
  984. <p class="tw-content">Looking for a real alternative to Skype, because Microsoft is still Microsoft... <a href=""></a> /via @daks_ <a href="#tw-73318040317591552" title="Published on 2011-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  985. </article>
  986. <article class="big" id="tw-72976716146028544">
  987. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le nombre d’erreurs commises dans cette affaire est tel qu’il est purement et simplement incroyable. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, #fukushima <a href="#tw-72976716146028544" title="Published on 2011-05-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  988. </article>
  989. <article class="big" id="tw-72566236390760448">
  990. <p class="tw-content">Si au moins les radars étaient placés en haut des montées d'autoroutes ça deviendrait un impôt écologique et proportionnel aux revenus :) <a href="#tw-72566236390760448" title="Published on 2011-05-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  991. </article>
  992. <article id="tw-71336920134860801">
  993. <p class="tw-content">Tiens j'avais pas encore vu la vidéo du record du GR20 <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-71336920134860801" title="Published on 2011-05-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  994. </article>
  995. <article id="tw-71229079747170304">
  996. <p class="tw-content">Given the amount of CPU/time to generate the pagination of search results, I wonder if it's worth the price for the user to wait. Thoughts? <a href="#tw-71229079747170304" title="Published on 2011-05-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  997. </article>
  998. <article id="tw-70988563445055488">
  999. <p class="tw-content">Reading EuroPython's code of conduct, still mitigated between evidence and requirement for that kind of communication <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-70988563445055488" title="Published on 2011-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1000. </article>
  1001. <article id="tw-70942641726042112">
  1002. <p class="tw-content">Quelqu'un a vu Hole in the head : a life revealed ? (sur les expérimentations nucléaires) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-70942641726042112" title="Published on 2011-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1003. </article>
  1004. <article id="tw-70941143080247296">
  1005. <p class="tw-content">Quelqu'un a vu Into Eternity ? (sur les déchets nucléaires) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-70941143080247296" title="Published on 2011-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1006. </article>
  1007. <article class="big" id="tw-70909082944552960">
  1008. <p class="tw-content">Inspiring terminal display, the future of <a href=""></a> /via @rgaidot <a href="#tw-70909082944552960" title="Published on 2011-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1009. </article>
  1010. <article id="tw-70797248291807232">
  1011. <p class="tw-content">Public speaking tips that will improve your next presentation is a useful collection of links <a href=""></a> /via @oncletom <a href="#tw-70797248291807232" title="Published on 2011-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1012. </article>
  1013. <article id="tw-70632731180142593">
  1014. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Attendees will apologize for not understanding a talk, but will want an apology for a talk that’s too basic. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>J. Zeldman, #sotrue <a href="#tw-70632731180142593" title="Published on 2011-05-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1015. </article>
  1016. <article id="tw-70631403309645824">
  1017. <p class="tw-content">Discovering <a href=""></a> #presentation #inspiration <a href="#tw-70631403309645824" title="Published on 2011-05-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1018. </article>
  1019. <article id="tw-70606617711874048">
  1020. <p class="tw-content">REST APIs must be hypertext-driven, an old post from Roy T. Fielding himself <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-70606617711874048" title="Published on 2011-05-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1021. </article>
  1022. <article id="tw-70248271754440704">
  1023. <p class="tw-content">Finally took the time to read that incredible article of @jenit about Hash URIs <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-70248271754440704" title="Published on 2011-05-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1024. </article>
  1025. <article id="tw-68786647285764096">
  1026. <p class="tw-content">Active Admin is a framework for creating admin interface for Ruby on Rails app <a href=""></a> • (re)inspiration for Django's admin? <a href="#tw-68786647285764096" title="Published on 2011-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1027. </article>
  1028. <article class="big" id="tw-68708855584014336">
  1029. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Create a product, don’t re-imagine one for small screens. Great mobile products are created, never ported. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Brian Fling <a href="#tw-68708855584014336" title="Published on 2011-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1030. </article>
  1031. <article id="tw-68368348286681089">
  1032. <p class="tw-content">RDFa CheatSheet by DERI <a href=""></a> (pdf) <a href="#tw-68368348286681089" title="Published on 2011-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1033. </article>
  1034. <article id="tw-68111565240545280">
  1035. <p class="tw-content">Lecture de « Pour une révolution fiscale » terminée, ça fait du bien de comprendre un peu mieux l'économie de son pays <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-68111565240545280" title="Published on 2011-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1036. </article>
  1037. <article id="tw-67884881690112000">
  1038. <p class="tw-content">Thinking about minimalism, aesthetic and conscious consumerism. As a citizen, as a professional, as a human. <a href="#tw-67884881690112000" title="Published on 2011-05-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1039. </article>
  1040. <article id="tw-67870031165399040">
  1041. <p class="tw-content">Discovering MIN <a href=""></a> via Owltastic <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-67870031165399040" title="Published on 2011-05-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1042. </article>
  1043. <article id="tw-66450574702424064">
  1044. <p class="tw-content">Les entités publiques ont besoin de solutions clés en main pour l' #OpenData car elles n'ont pas de ressources. C'est pas gagné. <a href="#tw-66450574702424064" title="Published on 2011-05-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1045. </article>
  1046. <article id="tw-66448023156301824">
  1047. <p class="tw-content">Ne présupposez de la réutilisation possible de vos données, ni de la nature des consommateurs potentiels. #OpenData <a href="#tw-66448023156301824" title="Published on 2011-05-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1048. </article>
  1049. <article id="tw-66418793584398336">
  1050. <p class="tw-content">L' #OpenData pousse les organismes publics à avoir une réflexion sur la réutilisation possible de leurs données, intéressants retours d'xp <a href="#tw-66418793584398336" title="Published on 2011-05-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1051. </article>
  1052. <article id="tw-65684737011888129">
  1053. <p class="tw-content">Elements of the Linked Open Data Puzzle <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-65684737011888129" title="Published on 2011-05-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1054. </article>
  1055. <article id="tw-65524157529595905">
  1056. <p class="tw-content">« Je ne suis pas raciste mais … » je ne t'écoute plus car tu vas enchainer sur un propos inacceptable. <a href="#tw-65524157529595905" title="Published on 2011-05-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1057. </article>
  1058. <article id="tw-65041135759917057">
  1059. <p class="tw-content">Paris Sémantique, une initiative d'exploitation des données publiques de la ville de Paris <a href=""></a> par @mglcel #SPARQL #OWL <a href="#tw-65041135759917057" title="Published on 2011-05-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1060. </article>
  1061. <article id="tw-64983525182554112">
  1062. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Mon intérêt à court terme est rarement mon intérêt à long terme. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Bernard Stiegler</a> <a href="#tw-64983525182554112" title="Published on 2011-05-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1063. </article>
  1064. <article id="tw-64655017717678081">
  1065. <p class="tw-content">La proportion de français qui croient que les japonais mangent du chien est impressionnante. <a href="#tw-64655017717678081" title="Published on 2011-05-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1066. </article>
  1067. <article id="tw-63736306412421120">
  1068. <p class="tw-content">Django-le-social is implementing OAuth and OpenID clients The Right Way™. <a href=""></a> /thx @brutasse <a href="#tw-63736306412421120" title="Published on 2011-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1069. </article>
  1070. <article class="big" id="tw-63514801543983104">
  1071. <p class="tw-content">Quand est-ce que @mediapart va comprendre que les articles paginés sur le web c'est juste aberrant ? <a href="#tw-63514801543983104" title="Published on 2011-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1072. </article>
  1073. <article class="big" id="tw-63361789240414208">
  1074. <p class="tw-content">Si vous ne voulez pas me communiquer votre budget, ne refusez pas ensuite mon offre en disant que ça ne rentre pas dans votre budget. <a href="#tw-63361789240414208" title="Published on 2011-04-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1075. </article>
  1076. <article id="tw-63228161441275905">
  1077. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Nous plaidons pour une réutilisation gratuite des données y compris à des fins commerciales. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Claire Gallon, Nantes</a> <a href="#tw-63228161441275905" title="Published on 2011-04-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1078. </article>
  1079. <article id="tw-62964253149245440">
  1080. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>L'Homme a la mémoire courte mais l'Atome a la vie longue. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Arte, Thema sur le nucléaire #mustwatch <a href="#tw-62964253149245440" title="Published on 2011-04-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1081. </article>
  1082. <article id="tw-62859686470365184">
  1083. <p class="tw-content">Reading the hgflow user manual <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-62859686470365184" title="Published on 2011-04-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1084. </article>
  1085. <article class="big" id="tw-62813983182299136">
  1086. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Bilan sur les rencontres Django 2011 <a href=""></a> #djangocong <a href="#tw-62813983182299136" title="Published on 2011-04-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1087. </article>
  1088. <article id="tw-61554137292210177">
  1089. <p class="tw-content">Impressed by what you can achieve with Spine <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-61554137292210177" title="Published on 2011-04-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1090. </article>
  1091. <article id="tw-61096744204763137">
  1092. <p class="tw-content">This guy should be locked in a room more often. <a href=""></a> /via @brunobord <a href="#tw-61096744204763137" title="Published on 2011-04-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1093. </article>
  1094. <article id="tw-60982273952071680">
  1095. <p class="tw-content">To me "simple" can't be "smart". Thoughts? <a href="#tw-60982273952071680" title="Published on 2011-04-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1096. </article>
  1097. <article id="tw-60648127031541760">
  1098. <p class="tw-content">Ces dernières minutes dans ma timeline <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> #mondedemerde <a href="#tw-60648127031541760" title="Published on 2011-04-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1099. </article>
  1100. <article id="tw-60600835217965056">
  1101. <p class="tw-content">“@karlpro: Tokyo stop motion at night before and after <a href=""></a> What are we waiting to do that worldwide? <a href="#tw-60600835217965056" title="Published on 2011-04-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1102. </article>
  1103. <article id="tw-60253259264311297">
  1104. <p class="tw-content">A new #datacide from Google <a href=""></a> When will we seriously consider those crimes against web? <a href="#tw-60253259264311297" title="Published on 2011-04-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1105. </article>
  1106. <article class="big" id="tw-59951606011146240">
  1107. <p class="tw-content">An unforgettable moment: a djangonaut giving a pony to a pyramid user :) <a href=""></a> #djangocong <a href="#tw-59951606011146240" title="Published on 2011-04-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1108. </article>
  1109. <article class="big" id="tw-59420783105163264">
  1110. <p class="tw-content">Tried a #nolaptopconf approach today for #djancocong. Quite refreshing, and focused. #doublewin <a href="#tw-59420783105163264" title="Published on 2011-04-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1111. </article>
  1112. <article class="big" id="tw-58827326556864512">
  1113. <p class="tw-content">Seismic waves <a href=""></a> applied to radioactivity <a href=""></a> /via @oncletom <a href="#tw-58827326556864512" title="Published on 2011-04-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1114. </article>
  1115. <article id="tw-57826850050805760">
  1116. <p class="tw-content">The Marshmallow Challenge <a href=""></a> #musttry <a href="#tw-57826850050805760" title="Published on 2011-04-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1117. </article>
  1118. <article id="tw-57775045891719168">
  1119. <p class="tw-content">Incidents nucléaires en France <a href=""></a> et accidents nucléaires dans le monde <a href=""></a> /via @nkame @daks_ <a href="#tw-57775045891719168" title="Published on 2011-04-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1120. </article>
  1121. <article id="tw-57758935515541505">
  1122. <p class="tw-content">Japan Geigermap refers to the average public space geiger counter <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-57758935515541505" title="Published on 2011-04-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1123. </article>
  1124. <article id="tw-57452686982922240">
  1125. <p class="tw-content">Reading the Anti-harassment policy resources for conference organizers carefully <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-57452686982922240" title="Published on 2011-04-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1126. </article>
  1127. <article id="tw-57203108073324544">
  1128. <p class="tw-content">Discovering psutil: A cross-platform process utilities module for Python <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-57203108073324544" title="Published on 2011-04-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1129. </article>
  1130. <article class="bigger" id="tw-56493727333629952">
  1131. <p class="tw-content">If you plan to propose a RESTful interface, you MUST check those slides <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-56493727333629952" title="Published on 2011-04-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1132. </article>
  1133. <article id="tw-55683916220203008">
  1134. <p class="tw-content">Ce matin, j'ai croisé un brochet. Au 20mm. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-55683916220203008" title="Published on 2011-04-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1135. </article>
  1136. <article class="big" id="tw-55255147017805825">
  1137. <p class="tw-content">Il y a de plus en plus de projets d'importance en Python/Django en France, et ça me réjouis :) <a href="#tw-55255147017805825" title="Published on 2011-04-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1138. </article>
  1139. <article id="tw-54141851141287936">
  1140. <p class="tw-content">Si ça vous intéresse de randonner léger a.k.a. MUL, il y a le site dédié <a href=""></a> et la boutique <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-54141851141287936" title="Published on 2011-04-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1141. </article>
  1142. <article id="tw-54128929371459584">
  1143. <p class="tw-content">Sac pour le GR20 terminé, 5.5kg à sec pour pouvoir dormir dehors. Content :) <a href="#tw-54128929371459584" title="Published on 2011-04-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1144. </article>
  1145. <article id="tw-53842778525941761">
  1146. <p class="tw-content">Some clients ask for a NDA on the first 10 minutes, others grant me root access. Both scared me. <a href="#tw-53842778525941761" title="Published on 2011-04-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1147. </article>
  1148. <article class="big" id="tw-53759322043318272">
  1149. <p class="tw-content">Spark is a JavaScript library that allows the simple integration of data from all over the Web in any HTML page <a href=""></a> #SPARQL <a href="#tw-53759322043318272" title="Published on 2011-04-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1150. </article>
  1151. <article id="tw-53198659944325120">
  1152. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Si les développeurs et les entrepreneurs se saisissent des données publiques à des fins commerciales, il faut s’en féliciter ! </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>S. Naudet <a href="#tw-53198659944325120" title="Published on 2011-03-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1153. </article>
  1154. <article id="tw-52851443350241280">
  1155. <p class="tw-content">The previous link made me discover djubby a Linked Data frontend for SPARQL endpoints for Django <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-52851443350241280" title="Published on 2011-03-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1156. </article>
  1157. <article id="tw-52851290597883904">
  1158. <p class="tw-content">Survey of Pythonic tools for RDF and Linked Data programming <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-52851290597883904" title="Published on 2011-03-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1159. </article>
  1160. <article id="tw-52792026697170944">
  1161. <p class="tw-content">Data Science Toolkit is a really cool project. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-52792026697170944" title="Published on 2011-03-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1162. </article>
  1163. <article id="tw-52674273214607360">
  1164. <p class="tw-content">Faites moi penser à proposer un slot de barcamp « Geeks Sans Frontières » pour #djangocong <a href="#tw-52674273214607360" title="Published on 2011-03-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1165. </article>
  1166. <article id="tw-52375888083431424">
  1167. <p class="tw-content">I need a "startconvore @ericflo @leahculver" that retrieve tweets from a recent discussion w/ those people and send back the link to convore <a href="#tw-52375888083431424" title="Published on 2011-03-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1168. </article>
  1169. <article id="tw-52131664163377152">
  1170. <p class="tw-content">140 chars leads to extremists' statements, sometimes concision is not that good :( <a href="#tw-52131664163377152" title="Published on 2011-03-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1171. </article>
  1172. <article id="tw-51851936353370112">
  1173. <p class="tw-content">The Apple iPad 2 for Photographers <a href=""></a> (interesting selection of apps) <a href="#tw-51851936353370112" title="Published on 2011-03-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1174. </article>
  1175. <article id="tw-51672086476881921">
  1176. <p class="tw-content">Laser + Sound (video) <a href=""></a> Draw, Play, Enjoy :) <a href="#tw-51672086476881921" title="Published on 2011-03-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1177. </article>
  1178. <article id="tw-51301517961068544">
  1179. <p class="tw-content">Visualising the symbiome: hosts, parasites, and the Tree of Life <a href=""></a> (using SVG /cc @JeremiePat) <a href="#tw-51301517961068544" title="Published on 2011-03-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1180. </article>
  1181. <article id="tw-50108522070937601">
  1182. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Retour sur l'OpenData et nous, et nous, et nous ? <a href=""></a> #opendata #rsln <a href="#tw-50108522070937601" title="Published on 2011-03-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1183. </article>
  1184. <article id="tw-49986049757290496">
  1185. <p class="tw-content">Discovering the minimalist movement. Quite appropriated when you decide to move to another country. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-49986049757290496" title="Published on 2011-03-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1186. </article>
  1187. <article class="big" id="tw-49858864916598785">
  1188. <p class="tw-content">Il y a @capitainetrain qui vient de mettre une fessée à toute l'équipe de <a href=""></a>, qui se charge de maintenant ? :) <a href="#tw-49858864916598785" title="Published on 2011-03-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1189. </article>
  1190. <article id="tw-49794562184585216">
  1191. <p class="tw-content">Djangonauts, I'll work on Refugee Home Finder: <a href=""></a> (explanations) <a href=""></a> (repository) <a href="#tw-49794562184585216" title="Published on 2011-03-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1192. </article>
  1193. <article id="tw-49760111744397312">
  1194. <p class="tw-content">Discovering the 100 Thing Challenge <a href=""></a> #100TC /via Travel Without Baggage <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-49760111744397312" title="Published on 2011-03-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1195. </article>
  1196. <article id="tw-48702397098377216">
  1197. <p class="tw-content">Ennui (n. m.) : Commencer à lire les top tweets, enchaîner sur les top hashtags. <a href="#tw-48702397098377216" title="Published on 2011-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1198. </article>
  1199. <article class="big" id="tw-48511790585360385">
  1200. <p class="tw-content">.@c4software #django powered: disqus, liberation (in progress), century21, convore, instagram, threadless, bitbucket, nasa, washingtonpost <a href="#tw-48511790585360385" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1201. </article>
  1202. <article id="tw-48423207790854144">
  1203. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Lessons for France: agile methods, open source, open licences, open standards, public data, community. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Nigel Shadbolt, #opendata Pan! <a href="#tw-48423207790854144" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1204. </article>
  1205. <article id="tw-48420911145164800">
  1206. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Publish data that matters. Apps will come. Don't worry about that. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Nigel Shadbolt about, #opendata <a href="#tw-48420911145164800" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1207. </article>
  1208. <article id="tw-48420301897342976">
  1209. <p class="tw-content">La conclusion : l'#opendata n'est pas limitée aux données publiques, c'est leur croisement avec d'autres sources qui les valorisera <a href="#tw-48420301897342976" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1210. </article>
  1211. <article class="big" id="tw-48404735828566016">
  1212. <p class="tw-content">On parle de qualité des données #opendata pour les développeurs ! Enfin. Et c'est Bernard Ourghanlian, de Microsoft qui en parle. Woah. <a href="#tw-48404735828566016" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1213. </article>
  1214. <article id="tw-48403606067609602">
  1215. <p class="tw-content">On a en effet un gros problème avec la gestion de l'échec en France (entrepreneurs, scolaires, institutions). #opendata <a href="#tw-48403606067609602" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1216. </article>
  1217. <article id="tw-48403119247331328">
  1218. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>À Rennes on a pris la décision en 48h. On a été audacieux, on doit être porteurs de ces ruptures. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Xavier Crouan, #opendata <a href="#tw-48403119247331328" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1219. </article>
  1220. <article id="tw-48400779228364800">
  1221. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>L'innovation sociale n'est plus du ressort des institutions mais du citoyen. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Xavier Crouan, #opendata <a href="#tw-48400779228364800" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1222. </article>
  1223. <article id="tw-48386133251469312">
  1224. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Pour pouvoir coproduire ensemble la ville il faut un niveau d'information équivalent. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>J-L Missika, adjoint au maire de Paris. #opendata <a href="#tw-48386133251469312" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1225. </article>
  1226. <article id="tw-48381466769498112">
  1227. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Les données ne sont pas forcément des informations, on parle de données lorsqu'il y a un traitement. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Bernard Stiegler, #opendata #rsln <a href="#tw-48381466769498112" title="Published on 2011-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1228. </article>
  1229. <article id="tw-48122786304110592">
  1230. <p class="tw-content">Automatically secure your Internet connection in unprotected wireless networks <a href=""></a> #macosx /via @karlpro • w00t! <a href="#tw-48122786304110592" title="Published on 2011-03-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1231. </article>
  1232. <article id="tw-47789263215017984">
  1233. <p class="tw-content">Je ne connaissais pas l'existence des liquidateurs de Tchernobyl <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-47789263215017984" title="Published on 2011-03-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1234. </article>
  1235. <article class="big" id="tw-47776122137620480">
  1236. <p class="tw-content">Go to <a href=""></a> • Check "Always use HTTPS" • Save • Thanks. <a href="#tw-47776122137620480" title="Published on 2011-03-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1237. </article>
  1238. <article id="tw-46962863767695360">
  1239. <p class="tw-content">Every people discussing Pearl Harbor and Karma should have a free entrance to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. <a href="#tw-46962863767695360" title="Published on 2011-03-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1240. </article>
  1241. <article id="tw-46138115173257216">
  1242. <p class="tw-content">Still astonished by all you can do with Redis <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-46138115173257216" title="Published on 2011-03-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1243. </article>
  1244. <article id="tw-46134157801308160">
  1245. <p class="tw-content">Archiving and deleting your old tweets with Python <a href=""></a> Interesting thoughts about devs vs. hackers <a href="#tw-46134157801308160" title="Published on 2011-03-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1246. </article>
  1247. <article id="tw-45911547092021248">
  1248. <p class="tw-content">Bruce Percy's latest ebook made me consider 4:5 ratio as a serious option (for landscapes). Can't wait to try that! #photography <a href="#tw-45911547092021248" title="Published on 2011-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1249. </article>
  1250. <article id="tw-45836582888030208">
  1251. <p class="tw-content">username.domain.tld and DNS prefetching implications <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-45836582888030208" title="Published on 2011-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1252. </article>
  1253. <article id="tw-45487976020574210">
  1254. <p class="tw-content">The more I attend conferences, the more sessions' durations become closer to the attention span <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-45487976020574210" title="Published on 2011-03-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1255. </article>
  1256. <article id="tw-45285417850912768">
  1257. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Their egos are too softly stroked by having their name first in the URL. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Zed Shaw about GitHub vs. Launchpad</a> <a href="#tw-45285417850912768" title="Published on 2011-03-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1258. </article>
  1259. <article id="tw-45090607575744512">
  1260. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>"explicit consent" must be gathered from web users who are being tracked via text files called "cookies" </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">EU laws</a> <a href="#tw-45090607575744512" title="Published on 2011-03-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1261. </article>
  1262. <article id="tw-44319292182888448">
  1263. <p class="tw-content">3 interesting resources to learn Open/LinkedData <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-44319292182888448" title="Published on 2011-03-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1264. </article>
  1265. <article id="tw-44311526080905217">
  1266. <p class="tw-content">Un peu de Michel Serres un dimanche matin ça ne fait pas de mal <a href=""></a> #education <a href="#tw-44311526080905217" title="Published on 2011-03-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1267. </article>
  1268. <article id="tw-44306001792479232">
  1269. <p class="tw-content">Performance of RESTful Apps <a href=""></a> is a very complete article on the subject <a href="#tw-44306001792479232" title="Published on 2011-03-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1270. </article>
  1271. <article id="tw-43799596656365569">
  1272. <p class="tw-content">Very interesting links in the comments of "Linked Data/RDF/SPARQL Documentation Challenge" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-43799596656365569" title="Published on 2011-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1273. </article>
  1274. <article id="tw-43793058701131776">
  1275. <p class="tw-content">Very interesting infos in "The Technology Behind Convore" <a href=""></a> and comments /thx @ericflo for sharing this! <a href="#tw-43793058701131776" title="Published on 2011-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1276. </article>
  1277. <article class="big" id="tw-42941882891911168">
  1278. <p class="tw-content">Why code is art? Because you start with a blank sheet. <a href="#tw-42941882891911168" title="Published on 2011-03-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1279. </article>
  1280. <article id="tw-42700974544007168">
  1281. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Innovation and creativity are on top of knowledge. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">J-C Biver</a> <a href="#tw-42700974544007168" title="Published on 2011-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1282. </article>
  1283. <article id="tw-42695073405739008">
  1284. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Code is like a poem; it's not just something we write to reach some practical result. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@antirez</a> <a href="#tw-42695073405739008" title="Published on 2011-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1285. </article>
  1286. <article id="tw-42618015807840256">
  1287. <p class="tw-content">@thibaultj j'aime beaucoup la Bodeguita (tapas), pour un dîner en amoureux Le Criquet, pour une pizz La Dolce Vita, plus classe La Table d'L <a href="#tw-42618015807840256" title="Published on 2011-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1288. </article>
  1289. <article id="tw-42252265817513985">
  1290. <p class="tw-content">J'interviendrai lors d'une session prospective sur l'#OpenData le 17 mars à Paris <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-42252265817513985" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1291. </article>
  1292. <article id="tw-42245674317783042">
  1293. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The value of a data is proportional to the square of the number of links of the system. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Metcalfe's law, adapted. <a href="#tw-42245674317783042" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1294. </article>
  1295. <article id="tw-42226022896115712">
  1296. <p class="tw-content">"Lifetime warranty" is a lie. Which company can warranty it will still be there at the end of my life?! <a href="#tw-42226022896115712" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1297. </article>
  1298. <article id="tw-42223531580342272">
  1299. <p class="tw-content">y_serial = serialization + persistence. Compress and annotate Python objects into SQLite, then query by keywords <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-42223531580342272" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1300. </article>
  1301. <article id="tw-42210354947829760">
  1302. <p class="tw-content">"cookie de cession", quelle intéressante typo :) #hijacking <a href="#tw-42210354947829760" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1303. </article>
  1304. <article class="big" id="tw-42156781975113728">
  1305. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Cette vidéo est un moyen de dire merci. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">un lundi à Rennes</a>, #opendata #openstreetmap <a href="#tw-42156781975113728" title="Published on 2011-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1306. </article>
  1307. <article id="tw-40785050433748994">
  1308. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Lion Server is now part of Mac OS X Lion. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>That's the interesting news today, each mac becoming a peer of that giant graph. <a href="#tw-40785050433748994" title="Published on 2011-02-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1309. </article>
  1310. <article class="big" id="tw-40716457494978560">
  1311. <p class="tw-content">Analyzing tweets with Python, for an election for example <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-40716457494978560" title="Published on 2011-02-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1312. </article>
  1313. <article class="bigger" id="tw-40328992057851904">
  1314. <p class="tw-content">C'est Séverin Naudet, la personne en charge de qui va s'occuper de Ça fait peur. <a href="#tw-40328992057851904" title="Published on 2011-02-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1315. </article>
  1316. <article id="tw-40048924823658496">
  1317. <p class="tw-content">Make it meaningful, interesting pyramid <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-40048924823658496" title="Published on 2011-02-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1318. </article>
  1319. <article id="tw-40038704311570432">
  1320. <p class="tw-content">If your UI needs a textual legend, you're probably doing it wrong. Don't make me read. <a href="#tw-40038704311570432" title="Published on 2011-02-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1321. </article>
  1322. <article id="tw-39040565605707776">
  1323. <p class="tw-content">Pourquoi opposer objet et graphe ? De petits objets très liés ne décrivent-ils pas un graphe ? /cc @lespetitescases @christianfaure <a href="#tw-39040565605707776" title="Published on 2011-02-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1324. </article>
  1325. <article id="tw-38941100777541632">
  1326. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>S'ils sont dans les nuages, c'est qu'ils sont morts? </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>fils de @nautilebleu :) <a href="#tw-38941100777541632" title="Published on 2011-02-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1327. </article>
  1328. <article id="tw-38743827137314816">
  1329. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Les révolutions, ce sont les peuples qui les font, pas les diplomates. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Ambassadeur</a>, • Sans blague… <a href="#tw-38743827137314816" title="Published on 2011-02-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1330. </article>
  1331. <article id="tw-38734293668864000">
  1332. <p class="tw-content">I'm a poor lonesome geek. I've a long long way from ::1. <a href="#tw-38734293668864000" title="Published on 2011-02-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1333. </article>
  1334. <article class="big" id="tw-38189200994082816">
  1335. <p class="tw-content">An interesting present for managers. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-38189200994082816" title="Published on 2011-02-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1336. </article>
  1337. <article id="tw-37870589855137792">
  1338. <p class="tw-content">Ça, c'est de l'interprétation. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-37870589855137792" title="Published on 2011-02-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1339. </article>
  1340. <article id="tw-37285266100195328">
  1341. <p class="tw-content">That being said, <a href=""></a> is an interesting initiative for the future of bioinformatics, still thinking about implications <a href="#tw-37285266100195328" title="Published on 2011-02-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1342. </article>
  1343. <article id="tw-37284610966687744">
  1344. <p class="tw-content">When you're open sourcing your genetic data, you're partly releasing genetic data from your parents and children. <a href="#tw-37284610966687744" title="Published on 2011-02-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1345. </article>
  1346. <article id="tw-36107088866316289">
  1347. <p class="tw-content">Some Youtube's videos have a good sound, it's refreshing <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-36107088866316289" title="Published on 2011-02-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1348. </article>
  1349. <article id="tw-36096798040784897">
  1350. <p class="tw-content">Il m'aura fallu : 1 an pour travailler moins, 2 ans pour bouger plus, 3 ans pour manger mieux. #maviedefreelance <a href="#tw-36096798040784897" title="Published on 2011-02-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1351. </article>
  1352. <article id="tw-36070350722703361">
  1353. <p class="tw-content">T'es en train de glander, comme tous les vendredi aprem, profites en pour réviser ton français <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-36070350722703361" title="Published on 2011-02-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1354. </article>
  1355. <article id="tw-35786322530537472">
  1356. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Implementing Web standards is just the start of our commitment to an interoperable Web and Same Markup. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="#tw-35786322530537472" title="Published on 2011-02-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1357. </article>
  1358. <article class="bigger" id="tw-35634592161611776">
  1359. <p class="tw-content">Python on top of PHP this month. This is just the beginning :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-35634592161611776" title="Published on 2011-02-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1360. </article>
  1361. <article id="tw-35017280416911360">
  1362. <p class="tw-content">わたしはダビラレです。(Japanese keyboard layout: installed.) <a href="#tw-35017280416911360" title="Published on 2011-02-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1363. </article>
  1364. <article id="tw-34238606801375232">
  1365. <p class="tw-content">".... will be available in HTML Living Standard." is never False without a timestamp. #marketing #honeypot <a href="#tw-34238606801375232" title="Published on 2011-02-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1366. </article>
  1367. <article id="tw-33814197905268736">
  1368. <p class="tw-content">Note for music artists: self-press your CDs <a href=""></a> (very interesting column about label revenue/artist) <a href="#tw-33814197905268736" title="Published on 2011-02-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1369. </article>
  1370. <article id="tw-33439899604488192">
  1371. <p class="tw-content">Social Web + Linked Data = Social Link ? <a href="#tw-33439899604488192" title="Published on 2011-02-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1372. </article>
  1373. <article class="bigger" id="tw-32790976397316097">
  1374. <p class="tw-content">Vieillesse (n.f.) : avoir à scroller pour trouver son année de naissance dans un formulaire web. <a href="#tw-32790976397316097" title="Published on 2011-02-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1375. </article>
  1376. <article id="tw-32360777411207168">
  1377. <p class="tw-content">A fast, fuzzy, full-text index using Redis <a href=""></a> Any feedback with non-English languages? <a href="#tw-32360777411207168" title="Published on 2011-02-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1378. </article>
  1379. <article id="tw-32221786321977345">
  1380. <p class="tw-content">Il y a malheureusement un problème de connectivité et de qualité dans les données libérées par <a href=""></a> qui limite leur utilité <a href="#tw-32221786321977345" title="Published on 2011-01-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1381. </article>
  1382. <article class="big" id="tw-32011628836814848">
  1383. <p class="tw-content">Executing Python in your browser, without any plugins <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-32011628836814848" title="Published on 2011-01-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1384. </article>
  1385. <article id="tw-32011094197276672">
  1386. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Incurie, déni, et irresponsabilité sont finalement les trois visages de la politique en France aujourd’hui. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@ChristianFaure <a href="#tw-32011094197276672" title="Published on 2011-01-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1387. </article>
  1388. <article id="tw-27872726681124864">
  1389. <p class="tw-content">Previously on the Web:⁰W3C: "OK, you win let's call all that HTML5"⁰WHATWG: "We'll never be part of a bundle, we're unique!"
  1390. Devs: "WTF?!" <a href="#tw-27872726681124864" title="Published on 2011-01-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1391. </article>
  1392. <article id="tw-27758304193159170">
  1393. <p class="tw-content">@karlpro I should write that tweet on top of my screen. <a href="#tw-27758304193159170" title="Published on 2011-01-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1394. </article>
  1395. <article id="tw-27485791773007873">
  1396. <p class="tw-content">IPv6 et conséquences sur l'anonymat <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-27485791773007873" title="Published on 2011-01-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1397. </article>
  1398. <article class="big" id="tw-27362012786855936">
  1399. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Retours à chaud sur la première journée de #semwebpro <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-27362012786855936" title="Published on 2011-01-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1400. </article>
  1401. <article id="tw-27309469813706752">
  1402. <p class="tw-content">Re OpenTrekkingMap: @informagicien proposed <a href=""></a> and @providenz proposed <a href=""></a> Thanks! <a href="#tw-27309469813706752" title="Published on 2011-01-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1403. </article>
  1404. <article id="tw-27054169424666625">
  1405. <p class="tw-content">Un outil qui pourrait être intéressant avant de libérer les données par un non-informaticien : Google Refine #semwebpro #lightningtalks <a href="#tw-27054169424666625" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1406. </article>
  1407. <article id="tw-27012615918059521">
  1408. <p class="tw-content">Excellent keynote of @moustaki about BBC and Semantic Web at #semwebpro Refreshing! <a href="#tw-27012615918059521" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1409. </article>
  1410. <article id="tw-27009653313380352">
  1411. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>On utilise le web comme notre CMS. Cela permet d'enrichir et de maintenir les données. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@moustaki, #semwebpro <a href="#tw-27009653313380352" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1412. </article>
  1413. <article class="big" id="tw-27004459968106496">
  1414. <p class="tw-content">En raccourcissant automatiquement ce lien, twitter est dans l'illégalité <a href=""></a> :D #INSEE #semwebpro <a href="#tw-27004459968106496" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1415. </article>
  1416. <article id="tw-27001167275892737">
  1417. <p class="tw-content">Point positif : la BNF a une vraie réflexion sur ses données, encourageant ! (mais pas nouveau, continuez ;)) #semwebpro <a href="#tw-27001167275892737" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1418. </article>
  1419. <article id="tw-26997036888891392">
  1420. <p class="tw-content">La personne de l'INSEE n'a aucune idée des données libérées par l'INSEE en RDF, il devrait faire un tour sur :) #semwebpro <a href="#tw-26997036888891392" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1421. </article>
  1422. <article class="bigger" id="tw-26994324587675648">
  1423. <p class="tw-content">Ressenti table ronde #opendata de #semwebpro: l'IGN et l'INSEE sont largués techniquement ET idéologiquement. Pas rassurant. <a href="#tw-26994324587675648" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1424. </article>
  1425. <article id="tw-26971302107553792">
  1426. <p class="tw-content">6 enjeux par @fabien_gandon à #semwebpro : formation/éducation, propagation de la dynamique linkeddata, questions ouvertes 2/2 <a href="#tw-26971302107553792" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1427. </article>
  1428. <article id="tw-26970658588073984">
  1429. <p class="tw-content">6 enjeux par @fabien_gandon à #semwebpro : confirmation des standards, implémentation massive, mise en ligne données publiques 1/2 <a href="#tw-26970658588073984" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1430. </article>
  1431. <article id="tw-26968769335132160">
  1432. <p class="tw-content">Les conférences de presse devraient publier leurs transcripts. Raw data now! #semwebpro (et ça éviterait les mauvaises interprétations) <a href="#tw-26968769335132160" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1433. </article>
  1434. <article id="tw-26958561703624704">
  1435. <p class="tw-content">Introduire le web sémantique pendant 10 min à une conf intitulée #semwebpro n'est peut-être pas super pertinent parlez de *votre* experience <a href="#tw-26958561703624704" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1436. </article>
  1437. <article id="tw-26953369771835392">
  1438. <p class="tw-content">La médiation sémantique c'est la centralisation d'un graphe distribué ? #semwebpro <a href="#tw-26953369771835392" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1439. </article>
  1440. <article id="tw-26937618864283648">
  1441. <p class="tw-content">OTM implementations in Python: RDFAlchemy, SuRF, … and soon my own ;) #semwebpro <a href="#tw-26937618864283648" title="Published on 2011-01-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1442. </article>
  1443. <article id="tw-26666510348976128">
  1444. <p class="tw-content">En fait je suis Free Community Manager depuis 2004 c'est ça ? #ubuntufr #djangofr :D <a href="#tw-26666510348976128" title="Published on 2011-01-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1445. </article>
  1446. <article id="tw-25723264139534336">
  1447. <p class="tw-content">Nights are so much more productive. Less digital noise :) <a href="#tw-25723264139534336" title="Published on 2011-01-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1448. </article>
  1449. <article id="tw-25575778771017729">
  1450. <p class="tw-content">Actually, this guy is crazy. Refreshing. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-25575778771017729" title="Published on 2011-01-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1451. </article>
  1452. <article id="tw-25469230853918720">
  1453. <p class="tw-content">Pyramid's Optimizations, interesting for #django too <a href=""></a> /via @sdouche <a href="#tw-25469230853918720" title="Published on 2011-01-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1454. </article>
  1455. <article id="tw-25134490112237568">
  1456. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] ★ Résolutions : découvrir, concrétiser et transmettre <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-25134490112237568" title="Published on 2011-01-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1457. </article>
  1458. <article id="tw-24797645784485888">
  1459. <p class="tw-content">10 years ago, in a Web far far away, I wrote my first HTML tag. <a href="#tw-24797645784485888" title="Published on 2011-01-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1460. </article>
  1461. <article id="tw-24522582397030400">
  1462. <p class="tw-content">Python's operator module contains very interesting methods! <a href=""></a> /via @n1k0 <a href="#tw-24522582397030400" title="Published on 2011-01-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1463. </article>
  1464. <article id="tw-24483477948727297">
  1465. <p class="tw-content">User Generated Content: the acronym found by marketing to hide User Marketed Content. <a href="#tw-24483477948727297" title="Published on 2011-01-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1466. </article>
  1467. <article id="tw-23880902765445120">
  1468. <p class="tw-content">Triple-centric Networking, How Google is using Linked Data Today and Vision For Tomorrow <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-23880902765445120" title="Published on 2011-01-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1469. </article>
  1470. <article id="tw-23864041915023361">
  1471. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Web 2.0 is about companies “doing” social media via cloistered social islands. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Jeff Sayre</a> <a href="#tw-23864041915023361" title="Published on 2011-01-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1472. </article>
  1473. <article class="bigger" id="tw-23860020454100992">
  1474. <p class="tw-content">Lis avec intérêt <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-23860020454100992" title="Published on 2011-01-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1475. </article>
  1476. <article id="tw-23372471398830080">
  1477. <p class="tw-content">Removed Flash 2 months ago from my browser. The current hidden part of the web isn't that useful. My CPU thanks me daily though. <a href="#tw-23372471398830080" title="Published on 2011-01-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1478. </article>
  1479. <article id="tw-22745312636440577">
  1480. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Il faut un œil de poète pour être un bon géographe. Être éponge vis-à-vis de son environnement. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Pitte, #agoradessavoirs <a href="#tw-22745312636440577" title="Published on 2011-01-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1481. </article>
  1482. <article id="tw-22740053897781248">
  1483. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le géographe est un descripteur de contrastes. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>J-M Pitte, #agoradessavoirs <a href="#tw-22740053897781248" title="Published on 2011-01-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  1484. </article>
  1485. <article class="big" id="tw-22239996484255744">
  1486. <p class="tw-content">Si vous libérez des fichiers xls de plus de 10Mo, ce n'est pas de l'#OpenData mais de l'OpenCPU... (message destiné à l'INSEE notamment) <a href="#tw-22239996484255744" title="Published on 2011-01-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1487. </article>
  1488. <article id="tw-22061701583081472">
  1489. <p class="tw-content">"Hey, I'm not working, I'm commiting daily to be able to tag our holiday pics! I promise ♥" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-22061701583081472" title="Published on 2011-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1490. </article>
  1491. <article class="big" id="tw-22049463866494976">
  1492. <p class="tw-content">La liberté numérique s'arrête là où commence le lien des autres <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-22049463866494976" title="Published on 2011-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1493. </article>
  1494. <article class="big" id="tw-22048865398038528">
  1495. <p class="tw-content">The new documentation of Redis' commands is awesome <a href=""></a> (see live-examples) <a href="#tw-22048865398038528" title="Published on 2011-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1496. </article>
  1497. <article id="tw-21927419766116352">
  1498. <p class="tw-content">Journaliste : agent d’ambiance éditorial en contexte commercial. <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-21927419766116352" title="Published on 2011-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1499. </article>
  1500. <article id="tw-21883496666501120">
  1501. <p class="tw-content">C'est marrant tous ces gens qui voudraient sauver les agrégateurs alors que Twitter est un filtre social assez pertinent :) <a href="#tw-21883496666501120" title="Published on 2011-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  1502. </article>
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