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  10. <p class="tw-content">"It is poorly scoped by careful design" will be my quote of the year. From <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-20830767663808512" title="Published on 2010-12-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  12. <article id="tw-19760225498169345">
  13. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>La différence est qu’en Islande nous avons laissé les banques faire faillite. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Président islandais</a>, via @Evlf <a href="#tw-19760225498169345" title="Published on 2010-12-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  15. <article id="tw-19560497539981312">
  16. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>U.S. disarmament policy might lead to political pressure on France to make further cuts to its own nuclear arsenal </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>#09PARIS1355 <a href="#tw-19560497539981312" title="Published on 2010-12-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  18. <article id="tw-19543205049540608">
  19. <p class="tw-content">Aquitaine numérique du mois de décembre 2010 consacré à l'#OpenData <a href=""></a> (et à @ElieSl ;) <a href="#tw-19543205049540608" title="Published on 2010-12-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  21. <article class="big" id="tw-19434571967766528">
  22. <p class="tw-content">Toutes ces mesures font suite aux lois entrées en vigueur, votées ou proposées en 2010 <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-19434571967766528" title="Published on 2010-12-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  24. <article id="tw-19379814112690176">
  25. <p class="tw-content">You didn't kill my productivity, you enlightened my curiosity. #RepeatAfterMe <a href="#tw-19379814112690176" title="Published on 2010-12-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  27. <article id="tw-17941999298547712">
  28. <p class="tw-content">Minimalist effect in the maximalist market <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-17941999298547712" title="Published on 2010-12-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  30. <article id="tw-17559847591485441">
  31. <p class="tw-content">The first thing I love with redis' add-ons is the level of hackability. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-17559847591485441" title="Published on 2010-12-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  33. <article id="tw-17409722994917377">
  34. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>France's new "High Authority" on agricultural biotech is designed to roll back established science-based decision making. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>#07PARIS4723 <a href="#tw-17409722994917377" title="Published on 2010-12-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  36. <article id="tw-16763276486516736">
  37. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>B. Stroustrup <a href="#tw-16763276486516736" title="Published on 2010-12-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  39. <article class="big" id="tw-16544624285843456">
  40. <p class="tw-content">Tiens ça faisait longtemps que l'on n'avait pas exploité les africains... <a href=""></a> /via @Evlf <a href="#tw-16544624285843456" title="Published on 2010-12-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  42. <article id="tw-16105605076885504">
  43. <p class="tw-content">Is there an equivalent to <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a> to draw server architectures? (load balancer, media, db, etc) <a href="#tw-16105605076885504" title="Published on 2010-12-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  45. <article id="tw-15867522553221120">
  46. <p class="tw-content">You know what? I don't have any bookmark :) You should backup and try, easy. <a href="#tw-15867522553221120" title="Published on 2010-12-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  48. <article id="tw-15026452307120128">
  49. <p class="tw-content">Annotations polémique <a href=""></a> super pratique pour les confs! /ping @brutasse :) <a href="#tw-15026452307120128" title="Published on 2010-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  51. <article class="big" id="tw-14969874363191296">
  52. <p class="tw-content">#wikileaks by #xkcd, the best webcomic ever. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-14969874363191296" title="Published on 2010-12-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  54. <article id="tw-14764927512215552">
  55. <p class="tw-content">L'#OpenData au service de la communication sur la solidarité <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-14764927512215552" title="Published on 2010-12-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  57. <article id="tw-14763141854396416">
  58. <p class="tw-content">The True Size of Africa <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-14763141854396416" title="Published on 2010-12-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  60. <article id="tw-14350948595924992">
  61. <p class="tw-content">"The Lessons Of Gawker’s Security Mess" <a href=""></a> &lt; example of total Web hacking pwnage (via @dioxmat, @jeremiahg) <a href="#tw-14350948595924992" title="Published on 2010-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  63. <article id="tw-14299429989257216">
  64. <p class="tw-content">Wikileaks, un coup porté à l’open data et à la transparence des administrations? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-14299429989257216" title="Published on 2010-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  66. <article id="tw-14271290667962368">
  67. <p class="tw-content">@n1k0 #sudweb est un proxy de valeurs et de savoirs non ? ;) <a href="#tw-14271290667962368" title="Published on 2010-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  69. <article id="tw-14139043134570496">
  70. <p class="tw-content">Online photo coincidences betray your friends <a href=""></a> (or thinking twice before geotagging content) <a href="#tw-14139043134570496" title="Published on 2010-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  72. <article id="tw-13981041517662208">
  73. <p class="tw-content">Steps toward the glory of REST <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-13981041517662208" title="Published on 2010-12-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  75. <article id="tw-13424697010036737">
  76. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>je ne peux pas m’empêcher de penser que ma sécurité se fait au prix d’une plus grande partie de ma liberté. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Olivier</a> <a href="#tw-13424697010036737" title="Published on 2010-12-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  78. <article id="tw-13340758727720960">
  79. <p class="tw-content">OH: "L'année prochaine on fait stard-ux" #sudwebleaks <a href="#tw-13340758727720960" title="Published on 2010-12-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  81. <article class="big" id="tw-13243974944821249">
  82. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Format de conférence pour les rencontres Django 2011 <a href=""></a> #djangocong <a href="#tw-13243974944821249" title="Published on 2010-12-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  84. <article id="tw-13220193027235840">
  85. <p class="tw-content">Still impressed by <a href=""></a> so many interesting #opendata representations <a href="#tw-13220193027235840" title="Published on 2010-12-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  87. <article id="tw-13181425792585729">
  88. <p class="tw-content">Pllugin Jquery pour effectuer une requête SPARQL et intégrer le résultat dans une page Web <a href=""></a> (via @lespetitescases) <a href="#tw-13181425792585729" title="Published on 2010-12-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  90. <article class="big" id="tw-12456643690237953">
  91. <p class="tw-content">Le vrai luxe de mes conditions de travail actuelles, c'est le silence. <a href="#tw-12456643690237953" title="Published on 2010-12-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  93. <article id="tw-12138647297990656">
  94. <p class="tw-content">Bah voilà, *maintenant* c'est intéressant d'être auto-entrepreneur... <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-12138647297990656" title="Published on 2010-12-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  96. <article id="tw-11834114856452096">
  97. <p class="tw-content">&gt; Si on considère la personne pour ce qu’elle rapporte et non ce qu’elle apporte, c’est le début de la fin @oncletom <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-11834114856452096" title="Published on 2010-12-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  99. <article id="tw-11765918770135040">
  100. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> ou pourquoi je ne travaillerai jamais avec cet odieux personnage. <a href="#tw-11765918770135040" title="Published on 2010-12-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  102. <article class="big" id="tw-11009658156220417">
  103. <p class="tw-content">Et hop, une tagline #sudweb qui fait plaisir à voir <a href=""></a> :) <a href="#tw-11009658156220417" title="Published on 2010-12-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  105. <article id="tw-10869907075895296">
  106. <p class="tw-content">RDF Data Access Options, or Isn’t HTTP already the API? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10869907075895296" title="Published on 2010-12-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  107. </article>
  108. <article id="tw-10723511005876224">
  109. <p class="tw-content">Rennes a développé une plateforme pour publier de l'OpenData sous Typo3 <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10723511005876224" title="Published on 2010-12-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  110. </article>
  111. <article id="tw-10489325355540480">
  112. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] Un projet Python : de l'idée à la publication <a href=""></a> au sujet du projet du jour #redis #python <a href="#tw-10489325355540480" title="Published on 2010-12-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  113. </article>
  114. <article id="tw-10356358826168321">
  115. <p class="tw-content">Finally, didn't use redis_graph at all but implemented a #redis triplestore in #python <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10356358826168321" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  116. </article>
  117. <article id="tw-10324748642820097">
  118. <p class="tw-content">redis_graph: graphdb for python <a href=""></a> #python #redis (via @rgaidot) • Nice! Let's try to store triples :) <a href="#tw-10324748642820097" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  120. <article class="big" id="tw-10307735165865986">
  121. <p class="tw-content">Citation issue d'une lettre à envoyer à votre banquier, avant le 7 ? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10307735165865986" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  123. <article id="tw-10307568282894336">
  124. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Donnez moi le droit d’émettre et de contrôler l’argent d’une Nation, et alors peu m’importe qui fait ses lois. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Mayer A. Rothschild <a href="#tw-10307568282894336" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  126. <article id="tw-10264833094066176">
  127. <p class="tw-content">Évaluation citoyenne de la saleté à Marseille, si seulement ça pouvait faire bouger les choses <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10264833094066176" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  128. </article>
  129. <article id="tw-10247258264051712">
  130. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>my desire to extend HTTP to allow it to gracefully switch to p2p </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Tim Berners-Lee</a> <a href="#tw-10247258264051712" title="Published on 2010-12-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  131. </article>
  132. <article id="tw-9835496305852416">
  133. <p class="tw-content">Priorities for RDF + comments is a #mustread <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-9835496305852416" title="Published on 2010-12-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  134. </article>
  135. <article id="tw-9823036140167168">
  136. <p class="tw-content">Charles Leifer: Peewee, a lightweight Python ORM <a href=""></a> (via @coulix) <a href="#tw-9823036140167168" title="Published on 2010-12-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  137. </article>
  138. <article class="bigger" id="tw-9569692440068096">
  139. <p class="tw-content">[Blog] De l'OpenData au LinkedData : exemple de <a href=""></a> /cc @RegardsCitoyens #itsabouttime <a href="#tw-9569692440068096" title="Published on 2010-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  140. </article>
  141. <article id="tw-9566281262956544">
  142. <p class="tw-content">How fun can it be to launch scripts through Kinect? All the team executing a deploy choreography #priceless <a href="#tw-9566281262956544" title="Published on 2010-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  143. </article>
  144. <article id="tw-9564847259783168">
  145. <p class="tw-content">"Aujourd'hui, on enterre le livre" retours très intéressants de @karlpro <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-9564847259783168" title="Published on 2010-11-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  146. </article>
  147. <article id="tw-8921525868560384">
  148. <p class="tw-content">J'espère qu'après toute cette mise en scène, #wikileaks ne va pas accoucher d'une souris <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-8921525868560384" title="Published on 2010-11-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  149. </article>
  150. <article id="tw-8282147454459904">
  151. <p class="tw-content">Discovering the "Out of RDF Transmogrifying" project <a href=""></a> #python #semweb <a href="#tw-8282147454459904" title="Published on 2010-11-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  152. </article>
  153. <article id="tw-8277228999680000">
  154. <p class="tw-content">Opening Linked Data: very interesting criticisms of RDF and serialization/use <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-8277228999680000" title="Published on 2010-11-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  155. </article>
  156. <article id="tw-7581006747930625">
  157. <p class="tw-content">If forms' rendering drives you crazy in Django, check <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-7581006747930625" title="Published on 2010-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  158. </article>
  159. <article id="tw-7567328225009664">
  160. <p class="tw-content">I should use <a href=""></a> to monitor my web processes (en français : <a href=""></a> ) <a href="#tw-7567328225009664" title="Published on 2010-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  161. </article>
  162. <article id="tw-7558564302290944">
  163. <p class="tw-content">The Definitive Guide To Website Authentication <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-7558564302290944" title="Published on 2010-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  164. </article>
  165. <article id="tw-7331824338468864">
  166. <p class="tw-content">RDF Extension for Google Refine <a href=""></a> #rdf #googlerefine (via @rgaidot) <a href="#tw-7331824338468864" title="Published on 2010-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  167. </article>
  168. <article id="tw-6832375342309376">
  169. <p class="tw-content">Dear clients, all your projects are now in sparsebundles, crypted images. I care about your (confidential) data :) <a href="#tw-6832375342309376" title="Published on 2010-11-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  170. </article>
  171. <article id="tw-6604331981733889">
  172. <p class="tw-content">[Openweb] Mieux vendre vos produits avec des données riches et structurées <a href=""></a> par @karlpro (via @ElieSl) <a href="#tw-6604331981733889" title="Published on 2010-11-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  173. </article>
  174. <article id="tw-6342576407838720">
  175. <p class="tw-content">La diversité est-elle la garante de l'indépendance ? #laquestiondudimanche <a href="#tw-6342576407838720" title="Published on 2010-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  176. </article>
  177. <article id="tw-6324535448047617">
  178. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le pessimisme est devenu un luxe que seuls les nantis peuvent se permettre. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Peter Sloterdijk</a> <a href="#tw-6324535448047617" title="Published on 2010-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  179. </article>
  180. <article class="big" id="tw-6319955712675840">
  181. <p class="tw-content">Molecular Visualizations of DNA <a href=""></a> Incredible #biologeek #pr0n! /thx @dabl <a href="#tw-6319955712675840" title="Published on 2010-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  182. </article>
  183. <article id="tw-6311794217852928">
  184. <p class="tw-content">Nudity detection with JavaScript and HTMLCanvas <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-6311794217852928" title="Published on 2010-11-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  185. </article>
  186. <article id="tw-5556774643965952">
  187. <p class="tw-content">CubicWeb c'est comme le web sémantique, techno super mais expérience utilisateur désastreuse. #vendredicestpermis <a href="#tw-5556774643965952" title="Published on 2010-11-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  188. </article>
  189. <article id="tw-4894747546095617">
  190. <p class="tw-content">CSS for photoshopers <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-4894747546095617" title="Published on 2010-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  191. </article>
  192. <article id="tw-4853917812793345">
  193. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks. #python <a href="#tw-4853917812793345" title="Published on 2010-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  194. </article>
  195. <article class="big" id="tw-4835643691634688">
  196. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>We expect HTTPS to replace HTTP entirely, the way SSH replaced Telnet and rsh. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-4835643691634688" title="Published on 2010-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  197. </article>
  198. <article id="tw-4695170146631680">
  199. <p class="tw-content">I'm writing a framework to convert OpenData into published LinkedData #teasing <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-4695170146631680" title="Published on 2010-11-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  200. </article>
  201. <article id="tw-4666264135925760">
  202. <p class="tw-content">Very interesting discussion on API throttling and responses (HTTP codes and headers) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-4666264135925760" title="Published on 2010-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  203. </article>
  204. <article class="big" id="tw-4500630613790720">
  205. <p class="tw-content">130 lines of python to hijack a twitter account <a href=""></a> (via @rgaidot) <a href="#tw-4500630613790720" title="Published on 2010-11-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  206. </article>
  207. <article id="tw-2360916817481728">
  208. <p class="tw-content">Propositions #ConFoo : "Décrivez votre univers avec RDF" et "Un projet Django performant" <a href="#tw-2360916817481728" title="Published on 2010-11-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  209. </article>
  210. <article id="tw-2327130062979072">
  211. <p class="tw-content">Agility means reactivity and involvement. Or is it just the definition of good client? :) <a href="#tw-2327130062979072" title="Published on 2010-11-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  212. </article>
  213. <article id="tw-2132416978231296">
  214. <p class="tw-content">How professional is it to uninstall Flash as a web developer? Take your responsibilities, you *make* the web :) <a href="#tw-2132416978231296" title="Published on 2010-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  215. </article>
  216. <article id="tw-1229506559873025">
  217. <p class="tw-content">La vieillesse exacerbe-t-elle l'intolérance ? #laquestiondudimanche <a href="#tw-1229506559873025" title="Published on 2010-11-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  218. </article>
  219. <article id="tw-29553583889">
  220. <p class="tw-content">Because Python, unlike most languages, has a strong *design aesthetic*. Python is the Apple of programming languages. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-29553583889" title="Published on 2010-11-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  221. </article>
  222. <article id="tw-29513764969">
  223. <p class="tw-content">Incredible work on Social Web status done by the W3C Social Web Incubator Group <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-29513764969" title="Published on 2010-11-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  224. </article>
  225. <article id="tw-29503552935">
  226. <p class="tw-content">For the first time(?), Google is reusing an existing vocabulary for RDFa parsed markup. This is a win! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-29503552935" title="Published on 2010-11-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  227. </article>
  228. <article id="tw-29364858089">
  229. <p class="tw-content">Téléchargement en cours : "Revenu de base, une impulsion culturelle" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-29364858089" title="Published on 2010-11-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  230. </article>
  231. <article id="tw-29361302446">
  232. <p class="tw-content">Communiquer pour exister <a href=""></a> Un constat lucide sur nos vies, certes pas nouveau mais bien écrit, recommandé par @clochix <a href="#tw-29361302446" title="Published on 2010-11-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  233. </article>
  234. <article id="tw-29285400197">
  235. <p class="tw-content">La créativité peut-elle naître du confort ? (je ramasse les copies dans 12h) <a href="#tw-29285400197" title="Published on 2010-10-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  236. </article>
  237. <article id="tw-29071492165">
  238. <p class="tw-content">Protégez vos données : guide d'autodéfense numérique <a href=""></a> - 196p en français et copyleft ! :) (via @EveLaFee) <a href="#tw-29071492165" title="Published on 2010-10-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  239. </article>
  240. <article id="tw-28910209335">
  241. <p class="tw-content">Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN. Forwards over ssh. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-28910209335" title="Published on 2010-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  242. </article>
  243. <article id="tw-28906738140">
  244. <p class="tw-content">Boum. <a href=""></a> (via @n1k0, relou car je vais devoir y aller de mon billet de blog...) <a href="#tw-28906738140" title="Published on 2010-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  245. </article>
  246. <article id="tw-28881811306">
  247. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Tous les espoirs sont permis à l'Homme, même celui de disparaître. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Jean Rostand, Nouvelles pensées d'un biologiste <a href="#tw-28881811306" title="Published on 2010-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  248. </article>
  249. <article class="big" id="tw-28823787923">
  250. <p class="tw-content">Collaborer vs. travailler pour. Ça marche dans la vraie vie. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-28823787923" title="Published on 2010-10-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  251. </article>
  252. <article id="tw-28732843748">
  253. <p class="tw-content">With recaptcha, machines are using us as a tool. That's just a start. #matrix <a href="#tw-28732843748" title="Published on 2010-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  254. </article>
  255. <article id="tw-28726623333">
  256. <p class="tw-content">Enjoy reading <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-28726623333" title="Published on 2010-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  257. </article>
  258. <article id="tw-28696086356">
  259. <p class="tw-content">À quel moment une photo passe d'esthétique à artistique ? (je ramasse les copies dans 4h) <a href="#tw-28696086356" title="Published on 2010-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  260. </article>
  261. <article class="big" id="tw-28641306997">
  262. <p class="tw-content">A Context-based JSON Serialization for Linked Data (from RDFa, Microdata and Microformats) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-28641306997" title="Published on 2010-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  263. </article>
  264. <article class="big" id="tw-28556552306">
  265. <p class="tw-content">When you see 4:04 am, you didn't find your bed. <a href="#tw-28556552306" title="Published on 2010-10-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  266. </article>
  267. <article id="tw-27916552852">
  268. <p class="tw-content">Getting data from the Semantic Web <a href=""></a> #python #tutorial <a href="#tw-27916552852" title="Published on 2010-10-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  269. </article>
  270. <article id="tw-27461557242">
  271. <p class="tw-content">OH "Il y a des gens qui sont professionnels du web car opportuniste ce n'est pas un métier" <a href="#tw-27461557242" title="Published on 2010-10-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  272. </article>
  273. <article class="big" id="tw-27452935068">
  274. <p class="tw-content">Qui pour un #sudweb au printemps (orienté backend, méthodologie et qualité) ? #parisweb <a href="#tw-27452935068" title="Published on 2010-10-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  275. </article>
  276. <article id="tw-27439839418">
  277. <p class="tw-content">Front/back faisons la paix, on n'a pas le même t-shirt (de geek) mais on a les mêmes valeurs :) #parisweb <a href="#tw-27439839418" title="Published on 2010-10-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  278. </article>
  279. <article class="bigger" id="tw-27347733475">
  280. <p class="tw-content">Arrêtez de critiquer PHP, arrêtez plutôt de l'utiliser ! #parisweb <a href="#tw-27347733475" title="Published on 2010-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  281. </article>
  282. <article id="tw-27238263942">
  283. <p class="tw-content">Passage sur ZDNet au sujet de HTML 5 et des métadonnées <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-27238263942" title="Published on 2010-10-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  284. </article>
  285. <article id="tw-27179366498">
  286. <p class="tw-content">Can't wait for Safari's Reader feature in my iPhone. I'm sure Apple thought about it first for mobile, then desktop. <a href="#tw-27179366498" title="Published on 2010-10-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  287. </article>
  288. <article id="tw-27151333715">
  289. <p class="tw-content">"Changer nos manières de travailler" au sujet du livre/numérique, enfin une vision lucide <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-27151333715" title="Published on 2010-10-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  290. </article>
  291. <article id="tw-27017176953">
  292. <p class="tw-content">I use this for months and it works great <a href=""></a> #django #nginx <a href="#tw-27017176953" title="Published on 2010-10-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  293. </article>
  294. <article id="tw-26947263400">
  295. <p class="tw-content">Stop saying REST when it's just HTTP! #OSDCfr In doubt, try to find links, if not it's not. Period. <a href="#tw-26947263400" title="Published on 2010-10-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  296. </article>
  297. <article id="tw-26922125521">
  298. <p class="tw-content">At last, Semantic Web meets NoSQL via Hadoop \o/ <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-26922125521" title="Published on 2010-10-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  299. </article>
  300. <article id="tw-26630055898">
  301. <p class="tw-content">Pour info, on m'a conseillé <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> (et <a href=""></a> pour les livres) <a href="#tw-26630055898" title="Published on 2010-10-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  302. </article>
  303. <article id="tw-26371551420">
  304. <p class="tw-content">RT @Jean_no: [Blog] Dix ans de télé-réalité <a href=""></a> (via @ChristianFaure) <a href="#tw-26371551420" title="Published on 2010-10-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  305. </article>
  306. <article id="tw-26068487120">
  307. <p class="tw-content">Les 10 stratégies de manipulation de l'État... euh non de masses ! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-26068487120" title="Published on 2010-10-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  308. </article>
  309. <article class="big" id="tw-26059670641">
  310. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Depuis 15 ans, TF1 a appauvri l'imaginaire des français en prônant la cupidité, la compétition, la violence </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-26059670641" title="Published on 2010-10-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  311. </article>
  312. <article id="tw-25871775428">
  313. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Nous publierons une vingtaine de jeux de données avant la fin 2010. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Jean-Louis Missika</a> <a href="#tw-25871775428" title="Published on 2010-09-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  314. </article>
  315. <article id="tw-25779836497">
  316. <p class="tw-content">Le rêve américain, ou le rêve des américains <a href=""></a> (via @edasfr) <a href="#tw-25779836497" title="Published on 2010-09-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  317. </article>
  318. <article id="tw-25445161353">
  319. <p class="tw-content">I didn't know you can resize images (and a lot more!) through Automator <a href=""></a> #win <a href="#tw-25445161353" title="Published on 2010-09-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  320. </article>
  321. <article id="tw-25229931318">
  322. <p class="tw-content">As with User Stories, there should be Data Stories. <a href="#tw-25229931318" title="Published on 2010-09-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  323. </article>
  324. <article id="tw-25132513026">
  325. <p class="tw-content">Image Error Level Analyser <a href=""></a> Interesting website (in Django!) <a href="#tw-25132513026" title="Published on 2010-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  326. </article>
  327. <article id="tw-25116250544">
  328. <p class="tw-content">Suixsside: auto-killing your website due to an XSS attack. <a href="#tw-25116250544" title="Published on 2010-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  329. </article>
  330. <article id="tw-25052184387">
  331. <p class="tw-content">Dear Apple, I don't care about your pseudo-HDR for iPhone 4 but let me control aperture instead, please. <a href="#tw-25052184387" title="Published on 2010-09-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  332. </article>
  333. <article id="tw-25014815836">
  334. <p class="tw-content">Yesterday's status <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-25014815836" title="Published on 2010-09-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  335. </article>
  336. <article class="big" id="tw-25006338647">
  337. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Being a creator of software systems is like being a god. Only without the omnipotence, omnipresence or omniscience. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Brent Snook <a href="#tw-25006338647" title="Published on 2010-09-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  338. </article>
  339. <article id="tw-24758285291">
  340. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> #django reusable app: settings stored in #redis, admin-editable. (via @aleszoulek, @jezdez) <a href="#tw-24758285291" title="Published on 2010-09-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  341. </article>
  342. <article id="tw-24665038278">
  343. <p class="tw-content">I really like that proposition <a href=""></a> (via @DirtyF) <a href="#tw-24665038278" title="Published on 2010-09-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  344. </article>
  345. <article id="tw-24660776648">
  346. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Un homme sans savoir est comme une maison sans fenêtres. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Chef Chipayas, RDV en terre inconnue (de mémoire) <a href="#tw-24660776648" title="Published on 2010-09-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  347. </article>
  348. <article class="big" id="tw-24650201273">
  349. <p class="tw-content">Manifeste d’économistes atterrés <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-24650201273" title="Published on 2010-09-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  350. </article>
  351. <article id="tw-24555745001">
  352. <p class="tw-content">Comparison site warns of insurance hikes for social networking users <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-24555745001" title="Published on 2010-09-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  353. </article>
  354. <article id="tw-24519589702">
  355. <p class="tw-content">Mobile Web must read - <a href=""></a> #openweb (via @karlpro) <a href="#tw-24519589702" title="Published on 2010-09-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  356. </article>
  357. <article id="tw-24421155708">
  358. <p class="tw-content">"Le monde tout entier aspire à la liberté, et pourtant chaque créature est amoureuse de ses chaines." <a href=""></a> (via @clochix) <a href="#tw-24421155708" title="Published on 2010-09-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  359. </article>
  360. <article id="tw-24419524227">
  361. <p class="tw-content">Key questions by Gartner <a href=""></a> (source <a href=""></a> via @rgaidot) <a href="#tw-24419524227" title="Published on 2010-09-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  362. </article>
  363. <article id="tw-24385831420">
  364. <p class="tw-content">isinstance(x, (A, B, ...)), is a shortcut for isinstance(x, A) or isinstance(x, B) or ... (via @dioxmat who RTFM :p) <a href="#tw-24385831420" title="Published on 2010-09-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  365. </article>
  366. <article id="tw-24376756560">
  367. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Je ne sais pas s'ils vont aimer ce qu'ils font mais au moins ils pourront payer leur loyer. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Olivier Meunier</a> <a href="#tw-24376756560" title="Published on 2010-09-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  368. </article>
  369. <article id="tw-24112465749">
  370. <p class="tw-content">Now on Lanyrd, the social conference directory <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-24112465749" title="Published on 2010-09-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  371. </article>
  372. <article id="tw-24104991392">
  373. <p class="tw-content">Improving performances for Aperture 3 <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Any feedback? <a href="#tw-24104991392" title="Published on 2010-09-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  374. </article>
  375. <article id="tw-24087397545">
  376. <p class="tw-content">Published some pics from my recent trip to Québec on <a href=""></a> (use your arrow key →) Thanks @AuthentikCanada! <a href="#tw-24087397545" title="Published on 2010-09-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  377. </article>
  378. <article id="tw-23247928745">
  379. <p class="tw-content">Rencontre : échanges avec une personne, un groupe, qui apporte plus de questions que de réponses. <a href="#tw-23247928745" title="Published on 2010-09-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  380. </article>
  381. <article id="tw-22357037020">
  382. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">blue_beetle</a> <a href="#tw-22357037020" title="Published on 2010-08-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  383. </article>
  384. <article id="tw-22127982197">
  385. <p class="tw-content">I need what I can bring with me for x days. Define your x. <a href="#tw-22127982197" title="Published on 2010-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  386. </article>
  387. <article id="tw-21248666730">
  388. <p class="tw-content">Les québécois me font penser aux hobbits. (et c'est un compliment) <a href="#tw-21248666730" title="Published on 2010-08-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  389. </article>
  390. <article id="tw-20777870674">
  391. <p class="tw-content">Taking my plane to Montreal, 1 month of camping-car tour without any connexion, drop me an email for urgent requests! <a href="#tw-20777870674" title="Published on 2010-08-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  392. </article>
  393. <article class="bigger" id="tw-20614233781">
  394. <p class="tw-content">Condamnation des FAI au filtrage <a href=""></a> (via la liste FDN) • C'est *très* grave pour l'Internet français. <a href="#tw-20614233781" title="Published on 2010-08-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  395. </article>
  396. <article id="tw-20505792836">
  397. <p class="tw-content">Ce soir on parlait de migrer au Québec, mmmh <a href=""></a> :) <a href="#tw-20505792836" title="Published on 2010-08-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  398. </article>
  399. <article id="tw-20395488520">
  400. <p class="tw-content">Google Is Now Officially Evil <a href=""></a> (via @stoweboyd @benoitc) • Trust vs. identity is the key of anonymity. <a href="#tw-20395488520" title="Published on 2010-08-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  401. </article>
  402. <article id="tw-20386817085">
  403. <p class="tw-content">I wonder if I should develop a SPARQL de/serializer for Django-ROA or implement a <a href=""></a> to interact with. Thoughts? <a href="#tw-20386817085" title="Published on 2010-08-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  404. </article>
  405. <article id="tw-20338773245">
  406. <p class="tw-content">You know you're a gamer when you measure time in terms of gameplay. <a href="#tw-20338773245" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  407. </article>
  408. <article id="tw-20324672846">
  409. <p class="tw-content">OH "Derrière chaque dictateur il y a une femme." <a href="#tw-20324672846" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  410. </article>
  411. <article id="tw-20303154177">
  412. <p class="tw-content">RT @digitalps: The iPad as a Photographer's Travel Helper - <a href=""></a> (via @nhoizey) • The article I was waiting for \o/ <a href="#tw-20303154177" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  413. </article>
  414. <article id="tw-20299140409">
  415. <p class="tw-content">Le cloud computing et l’internet des objets <a href=""></a> (by @ChristianFaure) #mustwatch <a href="#tw-20299140409" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  416. </article>
  417. <article id="tw-20298502311">
  418. <p class="tw-content">Interesting UI switch when you click on the heart <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-20298502311" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  419. </article>
  420. <article id="tw-20290423138">
  421. <p class="tw-content">Interview de David Larlet: organiser et participer à des rencontres informatiques <a href=""></a> • Merci @cibul_ ! <a href="#tw-20290423138" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  422. </article>
  423. <article id="tw-20287374045">
  424. <p class="tw-content">This book looks interesting <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-20287374045" title="Published on 2010-08-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  425. </article>
  426. <article id="tw-20255045922">
  427. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The whole play is about advertising. Better data will mean better ads. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Alex Iskold</a>, • And better spam too :) <a href="#tw-20255045922" title="Published on 2010-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  428. </article>
  429. <article id="tw-20254489424">
  430. <p class="tw-content">The SWM theorem states it's impossible for a startup to simultaneously provide all three of the following guarantees: Social, Web & Money <a href="#tw-20254489424" title="Published on 2010-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  431. </article>
  432. <article id="tw-20231924155">
  433. <p class="tw-content">#djangotip If you use prototype, response['X-JSON'] = simplejson.dumps({'foo': 'bar'}) is what you may look for, with request.is_ajax() <a href="#tw-20231924155" title="Published on 2010-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  434. </article>
  435. <article id="tw-20227767050">
  436. <p class="tw-content">quelqu'un a t'il vu le film "Solutions Locales pour un Désordre Global " de Coline Serreau <a href=""></a> (via @oloynet) <a href="#tw-20227767050" title="Published on 2010-08-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  437. </article>
  438. <article id="tw-20175659472">
  439. <p class="tw-content">At last, a CSS framework that will use CSS the Right Way®. I hope. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-20175659472" title="Published on 2010-08-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  440. </article>
  441. <article id="tw-20164684778">
  442. <p class="tw-content">Enjoy reading chapter 5 of Conferences that work <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-20164684778" title="Published on 2010-08-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  443. </article>
  444. <article id="tw-20163032039">
  445. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Rendre à la culture sa place signifie quelle est la condition même de l'humanité </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Thomas Ricordeau</a> <a href="#tw-20163032039" title="Published on 2010-08-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  446. </article>
  447. <article id="tw-20121893758">
  448. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If you pick a non-mainstream, more esoteric language, you tend to get a higher quality of developer. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Damien Katz</a> <a href="#tw-20121893758" title="Published on 2010-08-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  449. </article>
  450. <article id="tw-20086170971">
  451. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is better than what I did for, let's say inspiring! :) <a href="#tw-20086170971" title="Published on 2010-08-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  452. </article>
  453. <article id="tw-19970982397">
  454. <p class="tw-content">AckMate simply rocks!!! <a href=""></a> (via @rgaidot, @jboner) • Thanks ! Just what I was looking for -Gmodels \o/ <a href="#tw-19970982397" title="Published on 2010-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  455. </article>
  456. <article class="bigger" id="tw-19896020521">
  457. <p class="tw-content">Happy #sysadminday à ! <a href="#tw-19896020521" title="Published on 2010-07-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  458. </article>
  459. <article id="tw-19854216429">
  460. <p class="tw-content">Montpellier annonce son engagement dans l'#OpenData <a href=""></a> (via @oloynet, merci !) <a href="#tw-19854216429" title="Published on 2010-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  461. </article>
  462. <article id="tw-19736848722">
  463. <p class="tw-content">DoubleTake (via @karlpro) • Works perfectly. Thanks. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-19736848722" title="Published on 2010-07-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  464. </article>
  465. <article id="tw-19731297642">
  466. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>La peur du ridicule est le catalyseur de la bêtise que cherche a activer systématiquement les techniques marketing. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@ChristianFaure <a href="#tw-19731297642" title="Published on 2010-07-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  467. </article>
  468. <article id="tw-19720801413">
  469. <p class="tw-content">Bien envie de jouer avec les WebSockets pour ParisWeb #teasing :) <a href="#tw-19720801413" title="Published on 2010-07-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  470. </article>
  471. <article id="tw-19652192181">
  472. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>We don't call it procrastination when someone gets drunk instead of working. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Paul Graham</a> <a href="#tw-19652192181" title="Published on 2010-07-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  473. </article>
  474. <article class="big" id="tw-19559852904">
  475. <p class="tw-content"> ne comporte qu'un seul lien, vers Facebook. Je ne me reconnais pas dans cette France là. <a href="#tw-19559852904" title="Published on 2010-07-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  476. </article>
  477. <article id="tw-19259435658">
  478. <p class="tw-content">C'est marrant cette idée que l'on ne peut être passionné en étant pro. Assez révélateur. <a href="#tw-19259435658" title="Published on 2010-07-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  479. </article>
  480. <article class="big" id="tw-19241615864">
  481. <p class="tw-content">List of popular ontologies <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-19241615864" title="Published on 2010-07-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  482. </article>
  483. <article id="tw-19061729126">
  484. <p class="tw-content">If you need a dedicated client, your command line util/programming language is too complex. #combo #troll <a href="#tw-19061729126" title="Published on 2010-07-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  485. </article>
  486. <article class="big" id="tw-19018532056">
  487. <p class="tw-content">My new /etc/hosts <a href=""></a> /thx @karlpro #privacy (don't forget to check/uncomment maybe-spy section) <a href="#tw-19018532056" title="Published on 2010-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  488. </article>
  489. <article class="big" id="tw-18915693605">
  490. <p class="tw-content">Nous ne sommes plus en démocratie <a href=""></a> (via @n1k0, @Monolecte) • Vidéos effarantes :/ <a href="#tw-18915693605" title="Published on 2010-07-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  491. </article>
  492. <article id="tw-18798801582">
  493. <p class="tw-content">Pour tous les parents et enseignants qui se soucient de l'école <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-18798801582" title="Published on 2010-07-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  494. </article>
  495. <article id="tw-18696245063">
  496. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Stagner rend malheureux ou du moins retire le plaisir du travail intellectuel. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@plouga</a> <a href="#tw-18696245063" title="Published on 2010-07-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  497. </article>
  498. <article id="tw-18628473812">
  499. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Dans un futur proche nous ne serons jamais loin d’un écran. Ils seront ... le sentiment de qui nous sommes et qui nous pouvons être. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>KK* <a href="#tw-18628473812" title="Published on 2010-07-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  500. </article>
  501. <article id="tw-18420561599">
  502. <p class="tw-content">Interesting to see that strong/weak/temporary ties and groups concepts is what we did @mixin <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-18420561599" title="Published on 2010-07-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  503. </article>
  504. <article id="tw-18357452754">
  505. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>These freelancers who act like employees are known as ‘permalancers.’ </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a>, • Today, I learned a new word. <a href="#tw-18357452754" title="Published on 2010-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  506. </article>
  507. <article id="tw-18119562030">
  508. <p class="tw-content">GNU Social Project Comparison <a href=""></a> (via @MarcGirod) • Merci \o/ #rmll <a href="#tw-18119562030" title="Published on 2010-07-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  509. </article>
  510. <article id="tw-17980193497">
  511. <p class="tw-content">user experience design misconceptions : /?ab46afd8 (via @pointbar) <a href="#tw-17980193497" title="Published on 2010-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  512. </article>
  513. <article id="tw-17949347891">
  514. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Google is keeping your logs to identify servers' crashes. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Alma Whitten, Privacy engineering lead #lift10 <a href="#tw-17949347891" title="Published on 2010-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  515. </article>
  516. <article id="tw-17719493202">
  517. <p class="tw-content">Est-ce qu'il y aura un jour des lieux pour nudistes numériques ? (pas de matos high-tech) <a href="#tw-17719493202" title="Published on 2010-07-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  518. </article>
  519. <article id="tw-17560345317">
  520. <p class="tw-content">DataLift : Un catalyseur pour le web de données <a href=""></a> #opendata #france <a href="#tw-17560345317" title="Published on 2010-07-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  521. </article>
  522. <article id="tw-17490957828">
  523. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Web products should be designed for mobile first. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">LukeW</a>, • Thinking about that for months! <a href="#tw-17490957828" title="Published on 2010-07-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  524. </article>
  525. <article id="tw-17489495893">
  526. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Les données publiques doivent pouvoir être réutilisées librement. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Michael Cross</a> <a href="#tw-17489495893" title="Published on 2010-07-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  527. </article>
  528. <article id="tw-17437193201">
  529. <p class="tw-content">Each time an iPhone app is loading ads before contents I think it's a #fail. Please avoid this. <a href="#tw-17437193201" title="Published on 2010-06-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  530. </article>
  531. <article id="tw-17255394122">
  532. <p class="tw-content">OpenWeb publie l'accessibilité agile <a href=""></a> • Merci @ElieSl ! <a href="#tw-17255394122" title="Published on 2010-06-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  533. </article>
  534. <article id="tw-17249034801">
  535. <p class="tw-content">Les outils que j'utilise publiés sur <a href=""></a> (via @utiliseca) • Merci Rémi ! Il faudra que je fasse un post là-dessus <a href="#tw-17249034801" title="Published on 2010-06-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  536. </article>
  537. <article id="tw-17198736085">
  538. <p class="tw-content">So happy of using Homebrew for OS X installs <a href=""></a> Synaptic I missed you so much! #win <a href="#tw-17198736085" title="Published on 2010-06-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  539. </article>
  540. <article id="tw-17001711099">
  541. <p class="tw-content">Franck LEPAGE : Inculture(s) ou le nouvel esprit du capitalisme <a href=""></a> • Long mais il faut prendre le temps <a href="#tw-17001711099" title="Published on 2010-06-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  542. </article>
  543. <article id="tw-16960700458">
  544. <p class="tw-content">Le seul blog BD que je lis encore et toujours avec plaisir blog-75-demain-j-arrete-lundi.html <a href="#tw-16960700458" title="Published on 2010-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  545. </article>
  546. <article id="tw-16925473554">
  547. <p class="tw-content">From JSON to RDF in Six Easy Steps with JRON: <a href=""></a> #mindthegap <a href="#tw-16925473554" title="Published on 2010-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  548. </article>
  549. <article id="tw-16917118340">
  550. <p class="tw-content">Les grèves sont des soupapes anti-révolutionnaires. Les grévistes sont à la recherche de confort, pas de liberté. <a href="#tw-16917118340" title="Published on 2010-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  551. </article>
  552. <article id="tw-16839156632">
  553. <p class="tw-content">Semantic web user interfaces - Do they have to be ugly? <a href=""></a> So true. <a href="#tw-16839156632" title="Published on 2010-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  554. </article>
  555. <article id="tw-16465828502">
  556. <p class="tw-content">Montpellier aussi a son TED ! <a href=""></a> Il faut que je prenne le temps de regarder tout ça :) <a href="#tw-16465828502" title="Published on 2010-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  557. </article>
  558. <article id="tw-16370889228">
  559. <p class="tw-content">Never forget the hegemony of the App Store comes from a fail of web apps development. *We* are responsible. <a href="#tw-16370889228" title="Published on 2010-06-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  560. </article>
  561. <article id="tw-16209622858">
  562. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The value is in the passion. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">The Genius of Design</a>, #mustwatch <a href="#tw-16209622858" title="Published on 2010-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  563. </article>
  564. <article id="tw-15933619906">
  565. <p class="tw-content">À chaque fois que je dis "Attends je change de branche" j'ai l'impression d'être un paresseux. #dcvs <a href="#tw-15933619906" title="Published on 2010-06-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  566. </article>
  567. <article id="tw-15789669727">
  568. <p class="tw-content">The inevitable HTML 5 clash <a href=""></a> #html5 #fiasco <a href="#tw-15789669727" title="Published on 2010-06-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  569. </article>
  570. <article id="tw-15789121984">
  571. <p class="tw-content">The place to find good extensions for Safari <a href=""></a> #win <a href="#tw-15789121984" title="Published on 2010-06-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  572. </article>
  573. <article id="tw-15788986437">
  574. <p class="tw-content">I'll not switch back from Safari until this Reader feature is backported to others browsers. Addictive. <a href="#tw-15788986437" title="Published on 2010-06-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  575. </article>
  576. <article id="tw-15774188385">
  577. <p class="tw-content">De l'#OpenData à Paris ? <a href=""></a> ou mais <a href=""></a> Dans acte manqué il y a acte :) <a href="#tw-15774188385" title="Published on 2010-06-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  578. </article>
  579. <article id="tw-15730596270">
  580. <p class="tw-content">Rapide guide pratique pour l'utilisation des branches Mercurial <a href=""></a> • Bon article à avoir sous la main. <a href="#tw-15730596270" title="Published on 2010-06-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  581. </article>
  582. <article id="tw-15476040056">
  583. <p class="tw-content">The open & social web <a href=""></a> good video from @chrismessina even if they are reinventing the wheel on some points... <a href="#tw-15476040056" title="Published on 2010-06-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  584. </article>
  585. <article id="tw-15414392536">
  586. <p class="tw-content">Just got 1.6GB back thanks to <a href=""></a> If you've got an SSD drive, it matters. <a href="#tw-15414392536" title="Published on 2010-06-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  587. </article>
  588. <article id="tw-15318107488">
  589. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Kind of reminds me of the CAP theorem: no magic, easily callable, thread safe. Pick two. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Waldemar Kornewald, django-dev #python #django <a href="#tw-15318107488" title="Published on 2010-06-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  590. </article>
  591. <article class="big" id="tw-15163758678">
  592. <p class="tw-content">2 billets résumant la situation #OpenData en français <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-15163758678" title="Published on 2010-06-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  593. </article>
  594. <article id="tw-15012076436">
  595. <p class="tw-content">"the silence and disengagement coming from the Google team over the past six months is a real cause for concern" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-15012076436" title="Published on 2010-05-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  596. </article>
  597. <article id="tw-15011067630">
  598. <p class="tw-content">Managing opacity (vs. privacy) /by @karlpro <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-15011067630" title="Published on 2010-05-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  599. </article>
  600. <article id="tw-14860378890">
  601. <p class="tw-content">Religion is for weak people. Driven by smart people. #drunken #troll #djangocon <a href="#tw-14860378890" title="Published on 2010-05-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  602. </article>
  603. <article id="tw-14756864993">
  604. <p class="tw-content">I realized I never attend to a conference for talks but for people on a particular topic. <a href="#tw-14756864993" title="Published on 2010-05-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  605. </article>
  606. <article id="tw-14701030078">
  607. <p class="tw-content">The best license ever: <a href=""></a> #djangocon :) <a href="#tw-14701030078" title="Published on 2010-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  608. </article>
  609. <article id="tw-14625826488">
  610. <p class="tw-content">Just discovered <a href=""></a> for more clever Django's test Client /thx @gawel_ #djangocon <a href="#tw-14625826488" title="Published on 2010-05-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  611. </article>
  612. <article id="tw-14225524728">
  613. <p class="tw-content">Finding a job thanks to Google Ads targeting CEOs' names <a href=""></a> Interesting experiment! <a href="#tw-14225524728" title="Published on 2010-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  614. </article>
  615. <article id="tw-14221246357">
  616. <p class="tw-content">&gt; Ne pouvant plus imaginer, l'homme moderne compare. Il compare son sort à celui des autres. Il se trouve obligatoirement non satisfait. <a href="#tw-14221246357" title="Published on 2010-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  617. </article>
  618. <article class="big" id="tw-14173960522">
  619. <p class="tw-content">Et voilà \o/ #Django 1.2 is out, check out new features and backwards-incompatible changes: <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-14173960522" title="Published on 2010-05-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  620. </article>
  621. <article id="tw-14166768438">
  622. <p class="tw-content">Notre exhibitionnisme numérique choquera peut-être nos enfants. Ou les amusera. <a href="#tw-14166768438" title="Published on 2010-05-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  623. </article>
  624. <article class="big" id="tw-14098292356">
  625. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Le secrétariat à l'économie numérique, c'est un fake. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">shebu</a> <a href="#tw-14098292356" title="Published on 2010-05-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  626. </article>
  627. <article id="tw-13966878507">
  628. <p class="tw-content">Two interesting photography lighting articles <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-13966878507" title="Published on 2010-05-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  629. </article>
  630. <article id="tw-13919964304">
  631. <p class="tw-content">« Open Graph protocol : Facebook se met au Web sémantique ? » <a href=""></a> (via @lespetitescases) • Encore un super billet ! <a href="#tw-13919964304" title="Published on 2010-05-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  632. </article>
  633. <article id="tw-13919678143">
  634. <p class="tw-content">Nouveau billet : « RDFa 1.1 pour corriger les erreurs de jeunesse ? » <a href=""></a> (via @lespetitescases) • Gé-nial. #mustread <a href="#tw-13919678143" title="Published on 2010-05-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  635. </article>
  636. <article id="tw-13905228720">
  637. <p class="tw-content">The fun part with art stuff is that you never end your learning trip. <a href="#tw-13905228720" title="Published on 2010-05-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  638. </article>
  639. <article id="tw-13903882452">
  640. <p class="tw-content">Paparazzi song, not by Lady Gaga. <a href=""></a> One of those "wow" moments. <a href="#tw-13903882452" title="Published on 2010-05-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  641. </article>
  642. <article id="tw-13868273436">
  643. <p class="tw-content">Table ronde « Open Data : libérez les données ! » aux #rmll2010 <a href=""></a> #opendata (via @oncletom) <a href="#tw-13868273436" title="Published on 2010-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  644. </article>
  645. <article id="tw-13841758116">
  646. <p class="tw-content">Données libres : publier, enrichir et exploiter le vendredi 9 juillet à 16h40 pour les #RMLL <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-13841758116" title="Published on 2010-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  647. </article>
  648. <article id="tw-13783792030">
  649. <p class="tw-content">Link to the recent quote <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-13783792030" title="Published on 2010-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  650. </article>
  651. <article id="tw-13783761477">
  652. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If your website locks content away in a container, outside the reach of hyperlinks, you’re not building any kind of ‘web’ app. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Ben Ward <a href="#tw-13783761477" title="Published on 2010-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  653. </article>
  654. <article id="tw-13775033475">
  655. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>L'Elysée écrit tout au plus, chaque matin à la va-vite, l'épisode de la télé-réalité du soir. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Denis Muzet</a> <a href="#tw-13775033475" title="Published on 2010-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  656. </article>
  657. <article id="tw-13714175869">
  658. <p class="tw-content">"A story about the Semantic Web" by kate Ray : <a href=""></a> (via @pointbar) • Awesome work! <a href="#tw-13714175869" title="Published on 2010-05-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  659. </article>
  660. <article id="tw-13116663415">
  661. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Not just open, but interoperable, interchangeable and standardized. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Chris Saad</a> <a href="#tw-13116663415" title="Published on 2010-04-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  662. </article>
  663. <article id="tw-13030209988">
  664. <p class="tw-content">LinkedData &gt; Graph &gt; Dataset &gt; Collection &gt; Resource &gt; Triple vs. DNA &lt; Amino Acid &lt; Protein &lt; Cell &lt; Network &lt; Body <a href="#tw-13030209988" title="Published on 2010-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  665. </article>
  666. <article id="tw-12999228366">
  667. <p class="tw-content">This week in my #textmate for #python <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-12999228366" title="Published on 2010-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  668. </article>
  669. <article class="big" id="tw-12995694274">
  670. <p class="tw-content">Ergonomy vs. security for a password. Dilemma. <a href=""></a> (thanks @robinkomiwes) <a href="#tw-12995694274" title="Published on 2010-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  671. </article>
  672. <article id="tw-12934616901">
  673. <p class="tw-content">Oops, they did it again. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-12934616901" title="Published on 2010-04-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  674. </article>
  675. <article class="big" id="tw-12910849337">
  676. <p class="tw-content">Bilan personnel sur #djangocong <a href=""></a> (blog) <a href="#tw-12910849337" title="Published on 2010-04-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  677. </article>
  678. <article id="tw-12874829427">
  679. <p class="tw-content">It looks like my proposal of yesterday's talk has already been done by @simonw 3 years ago… <a href=""></a> #djangocong <a href="#tw-12874829427" title="Published on 2010-04-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  680. </article>
  681. <article id="tw-12765719390">
  682. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>PHP, c'est un peu boulet compliant. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>@n1k0, #djangocong <a href="#tw-12765719390" title="Published on 2010-04-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  683. </article>
  684. <article id="tw-12696900178">
  685. <p class="tw-content">If you want to know if SSD is noticeably faster for a daily use. It is. <a href="#tw-12696900178" title="Published on 2010-04-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  686. </article>
  687. <article id="tw-12630661730">
  688. <p class="tw-content">L'Islande est un <a href=""></a> et peut-être d'autres trucs aussi, qui me dit qu'il y a toutes ces personnes sur twitter !? <a href="#tw-12630661730" title="Published on 2010-04-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  689. </article>
  690. <article id="tw-12566851785">
  691. <p class="tw-content">It looks like people who don't understand RDF tend to agree with people who don't understand RDF. <a href="#tw-12566851785" title="Published on 2010-04-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  692. </article>
  693. <article id="tw-12566402833">
  694. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I put RDF/A in the bucket of interesting
  695. science projects doomed to failure in the real world </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Tantek Çelik</a> <a href="#tw-12566402833" title="Published on 2010-04-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  696. </article>
  697. <article id="tw-12566276565">
  698. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>RDF/A is an utter disaster and not a valid use case for anything. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Ian Hickson</a>, #html5 #fiasco <a href="#tw-12566276565" title="Published on 2010-04-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  699. </article>
  700. <article id="tw-12533137880">
  701. <p class="tw-content">How to keep people from star importing your library: __all__ = () (via @mitsuhiko) • So clever but confusing, like the author? ;) <a href="#tw-12533137880" title="Published on 2010-04-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  702. </article>
  703. <article id="tw-12529682506">
  704. <p class="tw-content">So you need a typeface: <a href=""></a> (via @batiste) • Impressive work! #typography <a href="#tw-12529682506" title="Published on 2010-04-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  705. </article>
  706. <article class="bigger" id="tw-12520123828">
  707. <p class="tw-content">Bill Gates a laissé traîner un prototype utilisant Win Mobile 8 dans un bar hier. Il y est encore. (via @MathieuFlex) • Mouahaha <a href="#tw-12520123828" title="Published on 2010-04-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  708. </article>
  709. <article id="tw-12460181855">
  710. <p class="tw-content">One day, there will be a "Show source data" close to the "Show source code" when you right-clic a web page. #linkeddata <a href="#tw-12460181855" title="Published on 2010-04-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  711. </article>
  712. <article id="tw-12151548945">
  713. <p class="tw-content">Do you know one *successful* fork which made things more complicated than the original? <a href="#tw-12151548945" title="Published on 2010-04-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  714. </article>
  715. <article id="tw-12092910628">
  716. <p class="tw-content">Macro-poésie. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-12092910628" title="Published on 2010-04-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  717. </article>
  718. <article id="tw-12074675988">
  719. <p class="tw-content">Bernard Stiegler aux RMLL2009, enfin. <a href=""></a> (commence à la 40ème minute) Merci Benjamin C. ! <a href="#tw-12074675988" title="Published on 2010-04-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  720. </article>
  721. <article id="tw-12045298055">
  722. <p class="tw-content">Je tweete donc je suis privilégié. <a href="#tw-12045298055" title="Published on 2010-04-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  723. </article>
  724. <article id="tw-11938752161">
  725. <p class="tw-content">Libérer une donnée, c'est créer une richesse. #opendata #barcamp #bordeaux (via @oncletom) <a href="#tw-11938752161" title="Published on 2010-04-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  726. </article>
  727. <article id="tw-11877814457">
  728. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>It's Not Information Overload. It's Filter Failure. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Clay Shirky, source+video</a> <a href="#tw-11877814457" title="Published on 2010-04-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  729. </article>
  730. <article id="tw-11708681729">
  731. <p class="tw-content">Le plus j'ai de choses, le moins j'ai de temps pour en profiter. (Mathématiquement démontrable.) <a href="#tw-11708681729" title="Published on 2010-04-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  732. </article>
  733. <article id="tw-11541593439">
  734. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Tour Montparnasse. Tour Eiffel. Défense. Sacré Chœur. Sunrise from Libération. <a href="#tw-11541593439" title="Published on 2010-04-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  735. </article>
  736. <article id="tw-11425186304">
  737. <p class="tw-content">En résumé pour la France : suprématie de l'iPhone et il faut faire une application iPhone (60 fois plus de pages vues…) #webapps #fail :/ <a href="#tw-11425186304" title="Published on 2010-04-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  738. </article>
  739. <article id="tw-11370107192">
  740. <p class="tw-content">Impressionné par le nouveau site de ma ville <a href=""></a> #win (je me demande qui a fait ça ?) <a href="#tw-11370107192" title="Published on 2010-03-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  741. </article>
  742. <article id="tw-11354380393">
  743. <p class="tw-content">Écouter Claude Allègre sur France Inter au réveil m'a énervé. Un scientifique qui confond météo et climat est juste un guignol. <a href="#tw-11354380393" title="Published on 2010-03-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  744. </article>
  745. <article id="tw-11354255040">
  746. <p class="tw-content">.@neovov 3 tâches par jour, 3 objectifs par semaine, 3 buts par an, c'est la méthode que j'ai adopté ces dernières semaines :) <a href="#tw-11354255040" title="Published on 2010-03-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  747. </article>
  748. <article id="tw-11301232981">
  749. <p class="tw-content">for url in urlpatterns: callback = url.callback ; url._callback = login_required(callback) • Clever way to authenticate a whole #Django app <a href="#tw-11301232981" title="Published on 2010-03-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  750. </article>
  751. <article id="tw-11215464109">
  752. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is incredibly sexy for data lovers! Visualize, clean and expose tabular data. Awesome. <a href="#tw-11215464109" title="Published on 2010-03-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  753. </article>
  754. <article id="tw-11082486019">
  755. <p class="tw-content">The fold is still important given Jackob Nielsen <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-11082486019" title="Published on 2010-03-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  756. </article>
  757. <article id="tw-11039058753">
  758. <p class="tw-content">Use the code GIBSON20 to get 20% off when you buy 4 or more #photography books from <a href=""></a> Worth a read :) <a href="#tw-11039058753" title="Published on 2010-03-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  759. </article>
  760. <article id="tw-11007434704">
  761. <p class="tw-content">Extracting RDF from Twitter's search <a href=""></a> explained at <a href=""></a> (via @ivan_herman) <a href="#tw-11007434704" title="Published on 2010-03-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  762. </article>
  763. <article id="tw-10942029808">
  764. <p class="tw-content">If you don't use filters yet for photography, this blog will tell you why it matters <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10942029808" title="Published on 2010-03-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  765. </article>
  766. <article class="big" id="tw-10894401781">
  767. <p class="tw-content">Un CDD pour faire du Django chez Libé, probablement un des plus gros projets français :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10894401781" title="Published on 2010-03-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  768. </article>
  769. <article id="tw-10879762775">
  770. <p class="tw-content">8 productivity experiments you don't need to repeat (pdf) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-10879762775" title="Published on 2010-03-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  771. </article>
  772. <article id="tw-10869859794">
  773. <p class="tw-content">The transcript of this morning's Gordon Brown intervention <a href=""></a> Shame on us, froggies. <a href="#tw-10869859794" title="Published on 2010-03-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  774. </article>
  775. <article id="tw-10796264291">
  776. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>A better camera won’t do anything for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Arnold Newman</a> <a href="#tw-10796264291" title="Published on 2010-03-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  777. </article>
  778. <article id="tw-10782454436">
  779. <p class="tw-content">Blogposts from @ChrisMessina on the new Mozilla Identity Concept <a href=""></a> #mustread <a href="#tw-10782454436" title="Published on 2010-03-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  780. </article>
  781. <article id="tw-10773921934">
  782. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Je fais des photos pour calmer ma souffrance d'être émerveillé. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Jacques-Henri Lartigue <a href="#tw-10773921934" title="Published on 2010-03-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  783. </article>
  784. <article id="tw-10737385178">
  785. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>On ne peut avancer en paix que si l'on organise intelligemment sa mémoire. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Emmanuel Hoog, Mémoire année zéro <a href="#tw-10737385178" title="Published on 2010-03-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  786. </article>
  787. <article id="tw-10673086354">
  788. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Que chacun fasse connaître le genre de gouvernement qui commande son respect </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Henry David Thoreau, La Désobéissance civile <a href="#tw-10673086354" title="Published on 2010-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  789. </article>
  790. <article id="tw-10671312312">
  791. <p class="tw-content">Microsoft, Bring OData to a W3C Incubator <a href=""></a> (via @w3c) • Microsoft encouraging Open Data. I can't believe my eyes.. <a href="#tw-10671312312" title="Published on 2010-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  792. </article>
  793. <article id="tw-10665400481">
  794. <p class="tw-content">De plus en plus de GROS sites propulsés par Django mais j'attends toujours que voyages-sncf me contacte :D #utilité #publique <a href="#tw-10665400481" title="Published on 2010-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  795. </article>
  796. <article id="tw-10568733503">
  797. <p class="tw-content">I wonder if backup strategies are not partly responsible of hard drive early death. More read/write, more failures. Thoughts? <a href="#tw-10568733503" title="Published on 2010-03-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  798. </article>
  799. <article id="tw-10563077996">
  800. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>The only intuitive interface is the nipple. After that, it’s all learned. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Bruce Ediger, #ergonomy <a href="#tw-10563077996" title="Published on 2010-03-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  801. </article>
  802. <article id="tw-10527822552">
  803. <p class="tw-content">Activate Connect Follow Share Profile Relationship Content Activity Storage ACLs Context Media Notifications. What else? #inmymind <a href="#tw-10527822552" title="Published on 2010-03-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  804. </article>
  805. <article id="tw-10376261213">
  806. <p class="tw-content">On dit/écrit « Cela dit » et non « Ceci dit » (cela pour ce qui précède, ceci pour ce qui suit). #capello <a href="#tw-10376261213" title="Published on 2010-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  807. </article>
  808. <article id="tw-10373221830">
  809. <p class="tw-content">"Google, trying really hard not to be evil" <a href=""></a> (via @karlpro) • A video is worth a million words. <a href="#tw-10373221830" title="Published on 2010-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  810. </article>
  811. <article id="tw-10373103325">
  812. <p class="tw-content">Mmh re-thinking about it, coherent information architecture is not always relevant for end-users. Show them what they want. In one click. <a href="#tw-10373103325" title="Published on 2010-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  813. </article>
  814. <article id="tw-10364736212">
  815. <p class="tw-content">Les interfaces graphiques du web sémantique <a href=""></a> (by @ChristianFaure) • Mais est-ce toujours territorialisable ? #mustread <a href="#tw-10364736212" title="Published on 2010-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  816. </article>
  817. <article class="big" id="tw-10273164000">
  818. <p class="tw-content">Le vrai risque de bosser chez soi, c'est pas de glander mais de manger toute la journée... <a href="#tw-10273164000" title="Published on 2010-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  819. </article>
  820. <article id="tw-10264170722">
  821. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Today, I mostly paste libraries together. [...] I want to make things, not just glue things together. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Mike Taylor</a> <a href="#tw-10264170722" title="Published on 2010-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  822. </article>
  823. <article id="tw-10245734802">
  824. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>So what is photography? It’s less talk, more making photographs. Do that, and do it hard. And then tomorrow, do it again. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>David duChemin <a href="#tw-10245734802" title="Published on 2010-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  825. </article>
  826. <article id="tw-10168001207">
  827. <p class="tw-content">iPad application design <a href=""></a> (via @dioxmat) #interfaces #ergonomy <a href="#tw-10168001207" title="Published on 2010-03-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  828. </article>
  829. <article id="tw-10166926582">
  830. <p class="tw-content">iBeauf <a href=""></a> #ettucasses #ettucasses <a href="#tw-10166926582" title="Published on 2010-03-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  831. </article>
  832. <article id="tw-10083266580">
  833. <p class="tw-content">Faut que j'arrête de lire les forums photos. Les photographes, c'est aussi pourris que les blogueurs on dirait. (via @Thanh) #human #fail <a href="#tw-10083266580" title="Published on 2010-03-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  834. </article>
  835. <article id="tw-9997455608">
  836. <p class="tw-content">Detailed explanations to retouch eyes for portraits <a href=""></a> • A bit too much to me, but good to know. <a href="#tw-9997455608" title="Published on 2010-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  837. </article>
  838. <article id="tw-9970630295">
  839. <p class="tw-content">Mobile browser market share in some countries <a href=""></a> (via @karlpro) • One ring to rule them all. <a href="#tw-9970630295" title="Published on 2010-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  840. </article>
  841. <article id="tw-9964071606">
  842. <p class="tw-content">Never forget your brain is monotask, he's just switching very fast. <a href="#tw-9964071606" title="Published on 2010-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  843. </article>
  844. <article id="tw-9916096527">
  845. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Je suis passé de l’optimisme tout court à un optimisme raisonné à long terme. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Philippe Aigrain</a> <a href="#tw-9916096527" title="Published on 2010-03-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  846. </article>
  847. <article id="tw-9820911416">
  848. <p class="tw-content">You can't disable Google Buzz completely without deleting your Google profile, interesting strategy... <a href="#tw-9820911416" title="Published on 2010-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  849. </article>
  850. <article id="tw-9770881306">
  851. <p class="tw-content">Understanding OAuth spec in one pic: <a href=""></a> Nice job Yahoo! <a href="#tw-9770881306" title="Published on 2010-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  852. </article>
  853. <article id="tw-9697336410">
  854. <p class="tw-content">j'ai enfin trouvé un (vrai) bon resto japonais à Paris, rue Labat, juste à côté de chez ma cousine, #überwin #nostalgie :) <a href="#tw-9697336410" title="Published on 2010-02-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  855. </article>
  856. <article class="bigger" id="tw-9694849051">
  857. <p class="tw-content">Impressed by <a href=""></a> simplicity, send your python jobs in the cloud, in python :) <a href="#tw-9694849051" title="Published on 2010-02-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  858. </article>
  859. <article id="tw-9692630581">
  860. <p class="tw-content">De plus en plus fan de (c|s)es présentations "stand-up" (ouais en anglais ça fait tout de suite plus classe !) <a href="#tw-9692630581" title="Published on 2010-02-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  861. </article>
  862. <article id="tw-9635580027">
  863. <p class="tw-content">Un photographe diffuse illégalement la musique d’une artiste qui utilise illégalement ses clichés ! <a href=""></a> via @lespacedunmatin <a href="#tw-9635580027" title="Published on 2010-02-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  864. </article>
  865. <article id="tw-9398824517">
  866. <p class="tw-content">Tu me follow, mais on se poney pas ! (via @joffrey) • Je la ressortirai :) (découvert grâce à <a href=""></a> by @michelv) <a href="#tw-9398824517" title="Published on 2010-02-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  867. </article>
  868. <article class="big" id="tw-9277504075">
  869. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Fascinating post about BBC's redesign. Food for thought. <a href="#tw-9277504075" title="Published on 2010-02-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  870. </article>
  871. <article id="tw-9179789587">
  872. <p class="tw-content">2 things when I'm back from holidays: organizing next ones to do not feel too blue and open-source contribs to wake up my brain #shareyours <a href="#tw-9179789587" title="Published on 2010-02-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  873. </article>
  874. <article id="tw-9148915425">
  875. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Chaque seconde que je passe en ligne, je dois faire des choix pour savoir comment dépenser au mieux mon attention </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Source</a> <a href="#tw-9148915425" title="Published on 2010-02-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  876. </article>
  877. <article id="tw-9147177089">
  878. <p class="tw-content">Putting a light just behind my screen is the best thing I did since buying this Apple Cinema Display 2 years ago. <a href="#tw-9147177089" title="Published on 2010-02-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  879. </article>
  880. <article id="tw-9136000646">
  881. <p class="tw-content">2 years ago I said @parisweb that you already got an OpenID, this year I'll be able to say you already got an RDF profile :) <a href="#tw-9136000646" title="Published on 2010-02-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  882. </article>
  883. <article id="tw-9135884834">
  884. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Probably the most interesting link of this week, Google already serves a FOAF profile of you(r account). <a href="#tw-9135884834" title="Published on 2010-02-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  885. </article>
  886. <article id="tw-8561555831">
  887. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>La libération des données publiques, même au niveau local reste encore un chantier… </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">@hubertguillaud</a> <a href="#tw-8561555831" title="Published on 2010-02-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  888. </article>
  889. <article id="tw-8490655896">
  890. <p class="tw-content">L'iPad enterre l'utopie du Web sous le parking du supermarché spectaculaire, commencez la semaine en déprimant <a href=""></a> v @clochix <a href="#tw-8490655896" title="Published on 2010-02-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  891. </article>
  892. <article id="tw-8337252421">
  893. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>And a year or two from now, you’re going to buy one. Resistance is futile. This is the new PC. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Jeff Croft</a> <a href="#tw-8337252421" title="Published on 2010-01-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  894. </article>
  895. <article id="tw-8322904048">
  896. <p class="tw-content">[BLOG] iPad, pierre angulaire... <a href=""></a> (via @fdevillamil) • Je voulais écrire un truc dans le style :) <a href="#tw-8322904048" title="Published on 2010-01-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  897. </article>
  898. <article id="tw-7904175703">
  899. <p class="tw-content">One day, we'll have twitter walls in cinema. <a href="#tw-7904175703" title="Published on 2010-01-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  900. </article>
  901. <article id="tw-7747040141">
  902. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Fascinating discussion in comments about REST and RDF, 6 months ago and nothing new? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-7747040141" title="Published on 2010-01-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  903. </article>
  904. <article id="tw-7716687420">
  905. <p class="tw-content">Obscurity by quantity (of data) is maybe the key point of this streaming/real-time stuff. E.g twitter's search and history. #writingoutloud <a href="#tw-7716687420" title="Published on 2010-01-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  906. </article>
  907. <article id="tw-7646212243">
  908. <p class="tw-content">#djangotip Undocumented Q().add(Q(), Q.OR) is useful to chain OR filters on a given queryset with dynamic attrs. #savedmyday <a href="#tw-7646212243" title="Published on 2010-01-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  909. </article>
  910. <article id="tw-7475261976">
  911. <p class="tw-content">Google is hiring the Open Stack: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> who's next? <a href="#tw-7475261976" title="Published on 2010-01-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  912. </article>
  913. <article id="tw-7331970024">
  914. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>[...] ce qui est important c'est le savoir, le savoir-faire, et le faire-savoir </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">sÿlv</a> <a href="#tw-7331970024" title="Published on 2010-01-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  915. </article>
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