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  9. <article id="tw-6891596387">
  10. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>L'homme aimable est celui qui écoute en souriant les choses qu'il sait, dites par quelqu'un qui les ignore. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Alfred Capus, #papillote <a href="#tw-6891596387" title="Published on 2009-12-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  12. <article id="tw-6861532715">
  13. <p class="tw-content">is now handling font-face the right way on <a href=""></a> thanks to <a href=""></a> Feedback welcome! <a href="#tw-6861532715" title="Published on 2009-12-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  15. <article id="tw-6638668874">
  16. <p class="tw-content">Les vidéos sont disponibles : Pour une économie de la contribution | Ars Industrialis <a href=""></a> (via @ChristianFaure) • Merci ! <a href="#tw-6638668874" title="Published on 2009-12-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  18. <article id="tw-6597251506">
  19. <p class="tw-content">Ce qui m'énerve dans les barcamps : beaucoup d'idées/infos mais alors niveau concrétisation/pragmatisme c'est toujours proche de zéro #ODCP <a href="#tw-6597251506" title="Published on 2009-12-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  21. <article id="tw-6543247203">
  22. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Alicia Keys Youtube concert (via @mauriz) • Please do not use your phone during concerts :/ <a href="#tw-6543247203" title="Published on 2009-12-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  24. <article id="tw-6165249067">
  25. <p class="tw-content">Très heureux de voir l'évolution d'Ubuntu-fr, l'intervention de Mark était intéressante en plus :) #ubuntuparty #win <a href="#tw-6165249067" title="Published on 2009-11-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  27. <article id="tw-6122475137">
  28. <p class="tw-content">j'aime bien voir tous ces apôtres du bidouillage et du bricolage être équipés en Apple, qui en est l'antithèse (via @nkame) <a href="#tw-6122475137" title="Published on 2009-11-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  30. <article id="tw-6006555385">
  31. <p class="tw-content">You asked for it, you got it! <a href=""></a> (via @Gulopine) • w00t! #mustread <a href="#tw-6006555385" title="Published on 2009-11-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  33. <article id="tw-5892023057">
  34. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Un homme seul est toujours en mauvaise compagnie. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Paul Valéry</a>, (via @brunobord) <a href="#tw-5892023057" title="Published on 2009-11-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  36. <article id="tw-5557497291">
  37. <p class="tw-content">Playing with Python's Twitter API and people I follow: <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-5557497291" title="Published on 2009-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  39. <article id="tw-5555725511">
  40. <p class="tw-content">After reading half of Programming the Semantic Web, it's at the same level as RESTful Web Services: a reference. #mustread <a href="#tw-5555725511" title="Published on 2009-11-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  42. <article id="tw-5476201820">
  43. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Managing RDF Using Named Graphs • Very interesting introduction! <a href="#tw-5476201820" title="Published on 2009-11-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  45. <article id="tw-5473631255">
  46. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Thank you, Rails • Or why I love our BDFL :) <a href="#tw-5473631255" title="Published on 2009-11-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  48. <article id="tw-5432077988">
  49. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> because one day I'll looking for a way to modify a Nikon's TC, probably for an AI-S lense. <a href="#tw-5432077988" title="Published on 2009-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  51. <article id="tw-5418943257">
  52. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Swine Flu Mortality and the latest 300 days. (via @infobeautiful) <a href="#tw-5418943257" title="Published on 2009-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  54. <article id="tw-5417361169">
  55. <p class="tw-content">&gt; the "small pieces loosely joined" approach to the internet OS we're building can stand against the "one ring to rule them all" approach. <a href="#tw-5417361169" title="Published on 2009-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  57. <article id="tw-5416167611">
  58. <p class="tw-content">Enjoy reading the new SuRF doc <a href=""></a> an Object #RDF mapper in #Python like #ActiveRDF <a href="#tw-5416167611" title="Published on 2009-11-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  60. <article id="tw-5376956944">
  61. <p class="tw-content">So many scam on the internet, I want my Trust layer on top of my semantic cake! #W3C #pony <a href="#tw-5376956944" title="Published on 2009-11-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  63. <article id="tw-5300945016">
  64. <p class="tw-content">#aliases dj='python' • rmsvn='rm -rf `find . -type d -name ".svn"`' • hgup='hg pull && hg up' • hgci='hg ci -m' #shareyours <a href="#tw-5300945016" title="Published on 2009-10-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  66. <article id="tw-5293284911">
  67. <p class="tw-content">Je ferais bien une conf sur RDF pour #parisweb 2010 <a href="#tw-5293284911" title="Published on 2009-10-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  69. <article id="tw-5237189188">
  70. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>L'optimisme est juste un manque d'information. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Matthias Langhoff <a href="#tw-5237189188" title="Published on 2009-10-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
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  72. <article id="tw-5231858513">
  73. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> for your semantic web question! #win <a href="#tw-5231858513" title="Published on 2009-10-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  75. <article id="tw-5197759525">
  76. <p class="tw-content">Quand c'est possible, utilisez les raccourcis d'URLs existants (rel="shortlink" dans le source) #pérennité #contrôle <a href="#tw-5197759525" title="Published on 2009-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  78. <article id="tw-5196641620">
  79. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> CSRF protection turned on by default in #django, security #win <a href="#tw-5196641620" title="Published on 2009-10-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  81. <article id="tw-5181655090">
  82. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Want to start a startup? A bit pessimistic but so true... <a href="#tw-5181655090" title="Published on 2009-10-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  84. <article id="tw-5150220790">
  85. <p class="tw-content">"A byte of Python" translated in French. Nice ! <a href=""></a> #python #online #book (via @tarek_ziade) <a href="#tw-5150220790" title="Published on 2009-10-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  87. <article id="tw-5064825667">
  88. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Learn Mercurial one bite-sized tip at a time. Very useful! (via @tarek_ziade) <a href="#tw-5064825667" title="Published on 2009-10-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  90. <article id="tw-5044093882">
  91. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> A very interesting guide about Solid State Drives (SSD) and Mac. Reconditioning page scared me... <a href="#tw-5044093882" title="Published on 2009-10-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  93. <article id="tw-4992946429">
  94. <p class="tw-content">Just discovered <a href=""></a> not far from what I did with a dictionary of regexp patterns. Interesting. <a href="#tw-4992946429" title="Published on 2009-10-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  96. <article id="tw-4990856187">
  97. <p class="tw-content">#OAuth best practice: please let the user choose access by resource type, not all or nothing. <a href="#tw-4990856187" title="Published on 2009-10-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  99. <article id="tw-4987511711">
  100. <p class="tw-content">Excellente présentation de @pscoffoni sur le cloud computing et les logiciels libres <a href=""></a> (via @clochix) <a href="#tw-4987511711" title="Published on 2009-10-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  102. <article id="tw-4928208353">
  103. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> The missing example to <a href=""></a> (from RDFa primer) Thoughts? <a href="#tw-4928208353" title="Published on 2009-10-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  105. <article id="tw-4863966600">
  106. <p class="tw-content">Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu une vraie offre d'emploi. La première depuis très longtemps. Il y a encore des gens intéressants et humains. #win <a href="#tw-4863966600" title="Published on 2009-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  108. <article id="tw-4859038739">
  109. <p class="tw-content">Spam, ham, and eggs are the principal metasyntactic variables used in Python. Wibble, wobble, wubble and flob are often used in the UK. <a href="#tw-4859038739" title="Published on 2009-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  111. <article id="tw-4859017758">
  112. <p class="tw-content">A "standard list of metasyntactic variables" is: foo, bar, baz, qux, quux, corge, grault, garply, waldo, fred, plugh, xyzzy, thud. <a href="#tw-4859017758" title="Published on 2009-10-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  114. <article id="tw-4832785387">
  115. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> (blog) Sécurité, twitter, confiance et habitudes par @edasfr au sujet des ateliers #parisweb #ssl #firefox <a href="#tw-4832785387" title="Published on 2009-10-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  117. <article id="tw-4810016995">
  118. <p class="tw-content">django-oauth-security list add been created, please contact me (<a href=""></a>) if you'd like to be added. #django #oauth #security <a href="#tw-4810016995" title="Published on 2009-10-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  119. </article>
  120. <article id="tw-4771567161">
  121. <p class="tw-content">Challenge pour #parisweb 2010 : faire venir Tim Berners-Lee. #quinetenterien <a href="#tw-4771567161" title="Published on 2009-10-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  122. </article>
  123. <article id="tw-4733652418">
  124. <p class="tw-content">Quelles armes pour l'Open Web en résumé : le navigateur devient le nouveau système d'exploitation (du web) #parisweb <a href="#tw-4733652418" title="Published on 2009-10-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  126. <article id="tw-4729319037">
  127. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Quality comes from people, not process. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Stephanie Troeth, #parisweb <a href="#tw-4729319037" title="Published on 2009-10-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  128. </article>
  129. <article id="tw-4720493767">
  130. <p class="tw-content">Tonight I learned that I'm not (yet) ready to work at the W3C. I definitely failed the alcohol test. Too bad. Practice is the key. #parisweb <a href="#tw-4720493767" title="Published on 2009-10-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
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  132. <article id="tw-4693875083">
  133. <p class="tw-content">@fabpot Stop rewriting Django awesomeness in PHP, just use Django ;) <a href="#tw-4693875083" title="Published on 2009-10-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  134. </article>
  135. <article id="tw-4657025401">
  136. <p class="tw-content">is really happy to see <a href=""></a> gaining passionate users! Congratz @znarf :) <a href="#tw-4657025401" title="Published on 2009-10-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  137. </article>
  138. <article id="tw-4650220127">
  139. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I would just say you use whatever you feel comfortable with and which you find easy to manage and configure. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Graham Dumpleton, on dj-dev <a href="#tw-4650220127" title="Published on 2009-10-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  140. </article>
  141. <article id="tw-4641422967">
  142. <p class="tw-content">Still need some skills, libs & data but the day I'll make my own service is approaching. #MeMyselfandI #encouraging <a href="#tw-4641422967" title="Published on 2009-10-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  143. </article>
  144. <article id="tw-4547526450">
  145. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Hu Jintao. Emperor Palpatine just called, he wants his clone army back. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>David Orme, The Big Picture comment <a href="#tw-4547526450" title="Published on 2009-10-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  146. </article>
  147. <article id="tw-4527081208">
  148. <p class="tw-content">TypePad Motion move is interesting, we'll eventually have decoupled data storages and services. Semantic web is on his way :) <a href="#tw-4527081208" title="Published on 2009-10-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  149. </article>
  150. <article id="tw-4523893172">
  151. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Une vie sans savoir est une vie sans saveur </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Bernard Stiegler</a>, (via @ChristianFaure) <a href="#tw-4523893172" title="Published on 2009-10-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  152. </article>
  153. <article id="tw-4479771820">
  154. <p class="tw-content">When I see the ton of feedback I just got about django apps, I'm really happy to open-source it. Awesome users. #freedom #ftw <a href="#tw-4479771820" title="Published on 2009-09-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  155. </article>
  156. <article id="tw-4466190371">
  157. <p class="tw-content">Mariah Carey's latest album is the best since a long time. #win (no need to reply to this tweet if don't appreciate :p) <a href="#tw-4466190371" title="Published on 2009-09-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  158. </article>
  159. <article id="tw-4465998399">
  160. <p class="tw-content">Refactoriser du code avec des tests, c'est comme sauter d'un pont... avec un élastique : fun :) <a href="#tw-4465998399" title="Published on 2009-09-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  161. </article>
  162. <article id="tw-4439659830">
  163. <p class="tw-content">How many English speaking followers try to read my French tweets? (inspired by @jezdez's latest frustrating one :D) <a href="#tw-4439659830" title="Published on 2009-09-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  164. </article>
  165. <article id="tw-4394660734">
  166. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> ses photos sont terribles... surtout les rainettes, les guêpiers, les martins pêcheurs, etc etc. <a href="#tw-4394660734" title="Published on 2009-09-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  167. </article>
  168. <article id="tw-4391733391">
  169. <p class="tw-content">Heureux, mais piqué. — Ça ferait un bon titre de bouquin camargais ça... <a href="#tw-4391733391" title="Published on 2009-09-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  170. </article>
  171. <article id="tw-4372351393">
  172. <p class="tw-content">Challenge of the weekend: no work at all. Just fun. If you think it's not a challenge, lucky you! :) <a href="#tw-4372351393" title="Published on 2009-09-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  173. </article>
  174. <article id="tw-4363067574">
  175. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>du carbone qui crée un trou dans le couche d’ozone </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">N. Sarkozy</a>, #fail <a href="#tw-4363067574" title="Published on 2009-09-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  176. </article>
  177. <article id="tw-4316077898">
  178. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> iPhone Needs a New Home (and probably a second battery though) <a href="#tw-4316077898" title="Published on 2009-09-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  179. </article>
  180. <article id="tw-4314968832">
  181. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Énorme ! Une jurisprudence sur la GPL en France :) #WIN <a href="#tw-4314968832" title="Published on 2009-09-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  182. </article>
  183. <article id="tw-4312496008">
  184. <p class="tw-content">Globalement, j'ai quand même des clients qui sont humains. Ça fait extrêmement plaisir :) <a href="#tw-4312496008" title="Published on 2009-09-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  185. </article>
  186. <article id="tw-4300916371">
  187. <p class="tw-content">#shareyourstats <a href=""></a> FF: 57%, IE: 23%, Safari: 8%, Chrome: 5% • Win: 63%, Lin: 21%, Mac: 16% • &gt;1024px: 85% !!! • by mint <a href="#tw-4300916371" title="Published on 2009-09-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  188. </article>
  189. <article id="tw-4168654275">
  190. <p class="tw-content">"Un jour, peut être, les tuyaux numériques se couperont et alors on écrira sur un pense-bête : “An 1 post Alzheimer numérique”…" :) <a href="#tw-4168654275" title="Published on 2009-09-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  191. </article>
  192. <article id="tw-4168527784">
  193. <p class="tw-content">Internet est une mine d'or : ... 1g d'or pour 1 tonne de gravats... <a href=""></a> (via @bortzmeyer) <a href="#tw-4168527784" title="Published on 2009-09-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  194. </article>
  195. <article id="tw-4154984487">
  196. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>In the 21st century, if you’re merely innovative, prepare to be disrupted by awesomeness. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">U. Haque</a> <a href="#tw-4154984487" title="Published on 2009-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  197. </article>
  198. <article id="tw-4154231682">
  199. <p class="tw-content">It's f*cking hard to write his own bio. And pretentious. <a href="#tw-4154231682" title="Published on 2009-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  200. </article>
  201. <article id="tw-4146316347">
  202. <p class="tw-content">Giving live album for free is a very good strategy to bring people to your concerts -&gt; best revenue even with piracy #win <a href="#tw-4146316347" title="Published on 2009-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  203. </article>
  204. <article id="tw-4143283224">
  205. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Python choisi pour l’enseignement de l’algorithmique en classe de seconde en France #win <a href="#tw-4143283224" title="Published on 2009-09-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  206. </article>
  207. <article id="tw-4134444251">
  208. <p class="tw-content">Mon retour sur #swcp <a href=""></a> (foaf+ssl, internet of subjects, nouvelle forme de partenariat) <a href="#tw-4134444251" title="Published on 2009-09-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  209. </article>
  210. <article id="tw-4104761466">
  211. <p class="tw-content">Ne regrette pas du tout d'être venu au #swcp Personnes intéressantes, projets intéressants. Je vais enfin me mettre sérieusement à FOAF+SSL <a href="#tw-4104761466" title="Published on 2009-09-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  212. </article>
  213. <article id="tw-4074932966">
  214. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Le film de Nicolas Hulot sort le 7 octobre, bonne bande annonce... (via @Thanh) <a href="#tw-4074932966" title="Published on 2009-09-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  215. </article>
  216. <article id="tw-4055821858">
  217. <p class="tw-content">Never forget that #django's settings for timezone are global and will impact on third party libs. Spent/Lost a couple of hours on this :/ <a href="#tw-4055821858" title="Published on 2009-09-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  218. </article>
  219. <article id="tw-4052929052">
  220. <p class="tw-content">La série Critiques du Web² sur <a href=""></a> est vraiment très bonne. Merci @hubertguillaud :) <a href="#tw-4052929052" title="Published on 2009-09-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  221. </article>
  222. <article id="tw-4051186156">
  223. <p class="tw-content">(previous tweet via @jespern) How useful is paternity of tweets? Discovering people? Trust? Source? Ego? Something else? <a href="#tw-4051186156" title="Published on 2009-09-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  224. </article>
  225. <article id="tw-4051151218">
  226. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>"the respectful thing would be to remove REST
  227. from the name of your site" </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">Roy T. Fielding about REST-*</a> <a href="#tw-4051151218" title="Published on 2009-09-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  228. </article>
  229. <article id="tw-4033268511">
  230. <p class="tw-content">Oh, first potential client who contacts me because of django-roa, one proof amongst many that open-source is a viable business model :) #joy <a href="#tw-4033268511" title="Published on 2009-09-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  231. </article>
  232. <article id="tw-4024297596">
  233. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Using #Django Inside the #Tornado Web Server, interesting comments too. <a href="#tw-4024297596" title="Published on 2009-09-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  234. </article>
  235. <article id="tw-4002424763">
  236. <p class="tw-content">SOTD:
  237. &gt;&gt;&gt; hours, _ = divmod((end-start).seconds, 3600)
  238. &gt;&gt;&gt; minutes, seconds = divmod(_, 60)
  239. &gt;&gt;&gt; '%d:%02d:%02d' % (hours, minutes, seconds) <a href="#tw-4002424763" title="Published on 2009-09-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  240. </article>
  241. <article id="tw-3989829448">
  242. <p class="tw-content">Snippet to deal with Epoch and Python (because I always forgot):
  243. &gt;&gt;&gt; time.mktime(
  244. &gt;&gt;&gt; datetime.fromtimestamp(_) <a href="#tw-3989829448" title="Published on 2009-09-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  245. </article>
  246. <article id="tw-3987336496">
  247. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Initiative citoyenne introduisant pour la première fois en France une approche sémantique de la politique. Chapeau. <a href="#tw-3987336496" title="Published on 2009-09-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  248. </article>
  249. <article id="tw-3986704344">
  250. <p class="tw-content">This is big. Not only is Google's video search processing #RDFa but they are reusing Yahoo!'s vocab! <a href=""></a> (via @markbirbeck) <a href="#tw-3986704344" title="Published on 2009-09-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  251. </article>
  252. <article id="tw-3906708565">
  253. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Changing how people look at their work I think is political. It involves individual empowerment. #mustread <a href="#tw-3906708565" title="Published on 2009-09-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  254. </article>
  255. <article id="tw-3887036795">
  256. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is probably the future of everyblock & co (and of great interest for NIH and so on) <a href="#tw-3887036795" title="Published on 2009-09-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  257. </article>
  258. <article id="tw-3886391371">
  259. <p class="tw-content">Ten industry leaders will support the first pilot programs designed for the American public to engage in open gov. <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-3886391371" title="Published on 2009-09-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  260. </article>
  261. <article id="tw-3848957502">
  262. <p class="tw-content">@mjmalone and the fun part (as you wrote on your slides) is it acts like ActiveRecord so you can deal with Django models for this #djangocon <a href="#tw-3848957502" title="Published on 2009-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  263. </article>
  264. <article id="tw-3848931340">
  265. <p class="tw-content">@mjmalone django-roa is about consuming REST resources, not providing. This way you can consume APIs/datastores to create mashups #djangocon <a href="#tw-3848931340" title="Published on 2009-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  266. </article>
  267. <article id="tw-3837226358">
  268. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Libre de droits : pourquoi est-il valable pour les logiciels et illégal en photo ? (excellent blog par ailleurs) <a href="#tw-3837226358" title="Published on 2009-09-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  269. </article>
  270. <article id="tw-3816252322">
  271. <p class="tw-content">Impressive sum up of Python for the Web <a href=""></a> (slides at <a href=""></a>) from @jacobian's talks. #mustread <a href="#tw-3816252322" title="Published on 2009-09-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  272. </article>
  273. <article id="tw-3754478720">
  274. <p class="tw-content">Meteo France n'arrive même pas à afficher le temps *en cours* correctement, comment peut-on croire leurs prévisions ? #fail <a href="#tw-3754478720" title="Published on 2009-09-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  275. </article>
  276. <article id="tw-3743024240">
  277. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> La symbiose illustrée :) <a href="#tw-3743024240" title="Published on 2009-09-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  278. </article>
  279. <article id="tw-3735878780">
  280. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I'm not sure I agree with your assertion of "many". "Some" might be accurate. "Your" is probably more accurate :-) </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Russell Keith-Magee <a href="#tw-3735878780" title="Published on 2009-09-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  281. </article>
  282. <article id="tw-3734558119">
  283. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Evolution of the Linking Open Data dataset cloud during the last 2 years. Add your one :) <a href="#tw-3734558119" title="Published on 2009-09-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  284. </article>
  285. <article id="tw-3730281712">
  286. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> travel around the world thanks to microsponsors. Neat idea, I'm jealous! (Note: French version too) <a href="#tw-3730281712" title="Published on 2009-09-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  287. </article>
  288. <article id="tw-3719505529">
  289. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is a very cool innovation. Expensive, but cool. (via @benoitc) <a href="#tw-3719505529" title="Published on 2009-09-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  290. </article>
  291. <article id="tw-3712000607">
  292. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Designing the ultimate drunken, erf, wayfinding typeface • Forget the joke, it's interesting (via @jezdez) <a href="#tw-3712000607" title="Published on 2009-09-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  293. </article>
  294. <article id="tw-3707100843">
  295. <p class="tw-content">Couldn't agree more with @malcolmt on this offer <a href=""></a> I had dreamt of a position like this 3 years ago... <a href="#tw-3707100843" title="Published on 2009-09-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  296. </article>
  297. <article id="tw-3686386004">
  298. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is a good name because it's about less relations (k/v stores) and more relations too (triple stores) via @skr <a href="#tw-3686386004" title="Published on 2009-09-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  299. </article>
  300. <article id="tw-3665021226">
  301. <p class="tw-content">Each movements today reminds me that playing paintball is for sadomasochists, and I'm definitely not one. <a href="#tw-3665021226" title="Published on 2009-08-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  302. </article>
  303. <article id="tw-3648634558">
  304. <p class="tw-content">Command line Russian roulette:
  305. [ $[$RANDOM % 6] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo *Click*
  306. (from <a href=""></a> via @ChristianFaure) <a href="#tw-3648634558" title="Published on 2009-08-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  307. </article>
  308. <article id="tw-3597961849">
  309. <p class="tw-content">Quand ton inbox est vide le matin, ta nuit a été trop courte. <a href="#tw-3597961849" title="Published on 2009-08-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  310. </article>
  311. <article id="tw-3553304129">
  312. <p class="tw-content">1000th tweet. Time for a break. <a href="#tw-3553304129" title="Published on 2009-08-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  313. </article>
  314. <article id="tw-3552777263">
  315. <p class="tw-content">I just realized I wrote my first HTML page more than 11 years ago... I feel old. <a href="#tw-3552777263" title="Published on 2009-08-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  316. </article>
  317. <article id="tw-3545370187">
  318. <p class="tw-content">Can't find my previous source but I'm sure I'd already seen Cascading RDF's concept somewhere <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-3545370187" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  319. </article>
  320. <article id="tw-3544128151">
  321. <p class="tw-content">"If HTML5 fails to specify how to include RDFa markup, then the HTML WG has failed to capture real-world usage." <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-3544128151" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  322. </article>
  323. <article id="tw-3544022107">
  324. <p class="tw-content">Voilà une bonne chose de faite, attendre « Un jour » ne mène qu'à la frustration. <a href="#tw-3544022107" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  325. </article>
  326. <article id="tw-3543368200">
  327. <p class="tw-content">Un jour il faudra que j'adhère au FDN et à Ars Industrialis. <a href="#tw-3543368200" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  328. </article>
  329. <article id="tw-3533146346">
  330. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> translation of my "how to create an url shortener using Python", directly with the right license! #win (it's rare...) <a href="#tw-3533146346" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  331. </article>
  332. <article id="tw-3530240201">
  333. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Should There Be a Unified Set of Styles For Web Interfaces? Interesting comments too. <a href="#tw-3530240201" title="Published on 2009-08-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  334. </article>
  335. <article id="tw-3519026663">
  336. <p class="tw-content">is discovering <a href=""></a> (win+osx+linux) not far from what is done by <a href=""></a> (GPG+trust but linux only) <a href="#tw-3519026663" title="Published on 2009-08-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  337. </article>
  338. <article id="tw-3508772666">
  339. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> "In fact, HTML Working Group is a bit of a misnomer. We don't have HTML anymore, we have a Web OS." <a href="#tw-3508772666" title="Published on 2009-08-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  340. </article>
  341. <article id="tw-3472818629">
  342. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Photography is a way of looking. You've either got it or you haven't. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Willy Ronnis <a href="#tw-3472818629" title="Published on 2009-08-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  343. </article>
  344. <article id="tw-3404341865">
  345. <p class="tw-content">Zeldman wrote "Write when inspired", I tend to generalize: "Do when inspired" (= Write, Design, Code and so on). Or maybe just Be? <a href="#tw-3404341865" title="Published on 2009-08-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  346. </article>
  347. <article id="tw-3403711093">
  348. <p class="tw-content">Je serais au SocialWebCamp (19/09), à Paris-Web (8,9,10/10) et aux Entretiens du Nouveau Monde Industriel (26,27/11). Paris, paris, paris... <a href="#tw-3403711093" title="Published on 2009-08-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  349. </article>
  350. <article id="tw-3360335235">
  351. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> == webfinger, the semantic way (#RDF+#SPARQL). (I'll probably stop using #FOAF term (vs. the more accurate RDF)) <a href="#tw-3360335235" title="Published on 2009-08-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  352. </article>
  353. <article id="tw-3358930959">
  354. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Et si l'agro-alimentaire était un système d'exploitation ? (via @ChristianFaure) <a href="#tw-3358930959" title="Published on 2009-08-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  355. </article>
  356. <article id="tw-3344121506">
  357. <p class="tw-content">Atelier Paris-Web accepté, billets réservés #pw09 Il reste 2 semaines pour les early-birds <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-3344121506" title="Published on 2009-08-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  358. </article>
  359. <article id="tw-2949286981">
  360. <p class="tw-content">Entretiens du nouveau monde industriel : 26/27 Nov 2009 sur "Les nouveaux objets communicants" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2949286981" title="Published on 2009-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  361. </article>
  362. <article id="tw-2947417741">
  363. <p class="tw-content">#photographs: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> for a cheap macro studio (via aspyrine) <a href="#tw-2947417741" title="Published on 2009-07-31" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  364. </article>
  365. <article id="tw-2934219760">
  366. <p class="tw-content">"Si tu veux profiter du spectacle en photographiant, ouvre les yeux !!!" (via le forum des pixelistes) ça fait du bien après cette journée ! <a href="#tw-2934219760" title="Published on 2009-07-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  367. </article>
  368. <article id="tw-2928299030">
  369. <p class="tw-content">Hey @microsoft, killing SearchMonkey is probably the worst strategy to compete against Google, metadata is the future of search. <a href="#tw-2928299030" title="Published on 2009-07-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  370. </article>
  371. <article id="tw-2918577936">
  372. <p class="tw-content">Will people embrace their identifiers and view them as property, or will they attempt to subvert them and hide them away <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2918577936" title="Published on 2009-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  373. </article>
  374. <article id="tw-2911887730">
  375. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Very interesting PDF from @bblfish about FOAF+SSL. To me, the 2 remaining issues are ergonomy and performances. <a href="#tw-2911887730" title="Published on 2009-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  376. </article>
  377. <article id="tw-2906972052">
  378. <p class="tw-content">2 of the best talks (en) @ Lift Marseilles: Dennis Pamlin <a href=""></a> and Gunter Pauli <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2906972052" title="Published on 2009-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  379. </article>
  380. <article id="tw-2906694196">
  381. <p class="tw-content">Une des meilleures intervention à TED sous-titrée en français <a href=""></a> ou le problème de l'éducation actuelle des enfants. <a href="#tw-2906694196" title="Published on 2009-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  382. </article>
  383. <article id="tw-2905945466">
  384. <p class="tw-content">De plus en plus d'artisans du web dans mon entourage, c'est motivant :) <a href="#tw-2905945466" title="Published on 2009-07-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  385. </article>
  386. <article id="tw-2898391478">
  387. <p class="tw-content">Lorsqu'on arrivera à mettre des délais fixes sur des développements, c'est qu'il n'y aura plus aucune créativité associée. #freeyourmind <a href="#tw-2898391478" title="Published on 2009-07-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  388. </article>
  389. <article id="tw-2868008935">
  390. <p class="tw-content">Twitter is some kind of catalyst of the <a href=""></a> and that's why it's so addictive to be part of it :) <a href="#tw-2868008935" title="Published on 2009-07-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  391. </article>
  392. <article id="tw-2849971274">
  393. <p class="tw-content">(from Ken Rockwell and his awesome Nikon D90 User's Guide <a href=""></a>) <a href="#tw-2849971274" title="Published on 2009-07-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  394. </article>
  395. <article id="tw-2849935240">
  396. <p class="tw-content">&gt; The only people who shoot raw are people who aren't getting work as pros because they don't yet understand the basics of exposure and WB. <a href="#tw-2849935240" title="Published on 2009-07-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  397. </article>
  398. <article id="tw-2839343104">
  399. <p class="tw-content">Today, I updated my brain about SUP, long-polling, web hooks, reverse HTTP, pushbutton, XMPP. Real-time update, kinda fun :) <a href="#tw-2839343104" title="Published on 2009-07-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  400. </article>
  401. <article id="tw-2818587560">
  402. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> supports just rock. It's good to denunciate #fail but it's even better to recognize #win. Period. <a href="#tw-2818587560" title="Published on 2009-07-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  403. </article>
  404. <article id="tw-2815012377">
  405. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>I feel VC funding is like injecting Steriods into a child. Sure the child may grow fast, but is it healthy for the organism? </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Brad Schafer <a href="#tw-2815012377" title="Published on 2009-07-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  406. </article>
  407. <article id="tw-2814838291">
  408. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Proposition to turn HTML 5 spec into an open-source development process. Good but I'm afraid of many distributions <a href="#tw-2814838291" title="Published on 2009-07-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  409. </article>
  410. <article id="tw-2765149896">
  411. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Pics from Cocarde d'Or 2009. Note: this is NOT corrida, humans are the only ones that can be injured ;) <a href="#tw-2765149896" title="Published on 2009-07-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  412. </article>
  413. <article id="tw-2744633418">
  414. <p class="tw-content">Published some pics <a href=""></a> from my garden this weekend. Macro is more difficult than I thought even with the dedicated 105mm. <a href="#tw-2744633418" title="Published on 2009-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  415. </article>
  416. <article id="tw-2741464682">
  417. <p class="tw-content">After a few days using f.lux (better lightning) <a href=""></a> I need to thank @bitprophet Available for mac/linux/win. <a href="#tw-2741464682" title="Published on 2009-07-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  418. </article>
  419. <article id="tw-2687352114">
  420. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Yet another #datacide, this time from Google. Yes, that BIG player. #dejavu <a href="#tw-2687352114" title="Published on 2009-07-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  421. </article>
  422. <article id="tw-2685512831">
  423. <p class="tw-content">Sur toutes les illustrations des balises HTML•5, &lt;nav&gt; est placée en sidebar alors que je la verrais plus dans le &lt;header&gt; (vs. &lt;aside&gt;) <a href="#tw-2685512831" title="Published on 2009-07-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  424. </article>
  425. <article id="tw-2685233406">
  426. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Yet another #datacide, this time from Microsoft. Yes, that BIG player. <a href="#tw-2685233406" title="Published on 2009-07-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  427. </article>
  428. <article id="tw-2684943887">
  429. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> The man in charge of HTML 5 appears confident in its rightness [...] All our hopes now hang on one little Hobbit. <a href="#tw-2684943887" title="Published on 2009-07-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  430. </article>
  431. <article id="tw-2669837037">
  432. <p class="tw-content">Bon l'avantage d'un #microcosme c'est que tout le monde se connaît, d'où une #catalyse plus importante. Merci @znarf ;) <a href="#tw-2669837037" title="Published on 2009-07-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  433. </article>
  434. <article id="tw-2666841084">
  435. <p class="tw-content">Corollaire : Trop de clients ont des projets géniaux mais partent sur des solutions de merde.
  436. Ceci expliquant cela. Ou pas. <a href="#tw-2666841084" title="Published on 2009-07-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  437. </article>
  438. <article id="tw-2666820252">
  439. <p class="tw-content">Trop de geeks font des trucs géniaux la nuit et des boulots de merde le jour. <a href="#tw-2666820252" title="Published on 2009-07-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  440. </article>
  441. <article id="tw-2641077988">
  442. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Plans are nothing; planning is everything. — Dwight D. Eisenhower •
  443. &gt; A goal without a plan is just a wish. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Antoine de Saint-Exupéry <a href="#tw-2641077988" title="Published on 2009-07-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  444. </article>
  445. <article id="tw-2591239672">
  446. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>People switch when the see something that is way better, holy shit better, wow, this is like ten times better. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>John Gruber <a href="#tw-2591239672" title="Published on 2009-07-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  447. </article>
  448. <article id="tw-2584904897">
  449. <p class="tw-content">Datacide = data + genocide = end of web services (#pownce, #magnolia and so on) I put a copyleft on this term :) <a href="#tw-2584904897" title="Published on 2009-07-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  450. </article>
  451. <article id="tw-2511462367">
  452. <p class="tw-content">Il y a aussi <a href=""></a> mais ces approches sont trop matérielles et pas assez web. Importance de la culture des leaders... <a href="#tw-2511462367" title="Published on 2009-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  453. </article>
  454. <article id="tw-2511355997">
  455. <p class="tw-content">Et je découvre dans la foulée <a href=""></a> Le web avance :) <a href="#tw-2511355997" title="Published on 2009-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  456. </article>
  457. <article id="tw-2511337029">
  458. <p class="tw-content">Tiens un autre projet de *Box <a href=""></a> qui s'appellera <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2511337029" title="Published on 2009-07-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  459. </article>
  460. <article id="tw-2436635121">
  461. <p class="tw-content">En fait ça va plus loin, je me demande si on ne nomadise pas notre environnement pour pouvoir rester statique (pour répondre à @oncletom) <a href="#tw-2436635121" title="Published on 2009-07-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  462. </article>
  463. <article id="tw-2417626776">
  464. <p class="tw-content">Il faudra que je revienne sur les notions de nomadisme et de locaterre aussi abordées dans "Polluer pour s'approprier" de M. Serres. <a href="#tw-2417626776" title="Published on 2009-07-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  465. </article>
  466. <article id="tw-2359050787">
  467. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Vos 10000 premières photos sont vos pires </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Henri Cartier-Bresson <a href="#tw-2359050787" title="Published on 2009-06-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  468. </article>
  469. <article id="tw-2325357736">
  470. <p class="tw-content">If you care about your digital identity & data ownership, you should follow @ladistribution I rarely do that but... well... you'll see ;) <a href="#tw-2325357736" title="Published on 2009-06-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  471. </article>
  472. <article id="tw-2324750784">
  473. <p class="tw-content">L'État c'est un peu comme le communisme, en théorie c'est génial mais alors dans la mise en application... <a href="#tw-2324750784" title="Published on 2009-06-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  474. </article>
  475. <article id="tw-2303106833">
  476. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Woody Allen <a href="#tw-2303106833" title="Published on 2009-06-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  477. </article>
  478. <article id="tw-2301512199">
  479. <p class="tw-content">Excellent introduction to RDFa on ALA <a href=""></a> Can't wait for the second article! <a href="#tw-2301512199" title="Published on 2009-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  480. </article>
  481. <article id="tw-2292951122">
  482. <p class="tw-content">Gunter Pauli's keynote is the best from #liftfrance09 <a href=""></a> Worth the time, TED's level. <a href="#tw-2292951122" title="Published on 2009-06-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  483. </article>
  484. <article id="tw-2266138378">
  485. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je me battrai jusqu'à la mort pour que vous ayez le droit de le dire. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Voltaire <a href="#tw-2266138378" title="Published on 2009-06-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  486. </article>
  487. <article id="tw-2252310644">
  488. <p class="tw-content">Reminder: do not look desperate when you give a talk, otherwise your message will be coupled to this feeling, be generous, give energy&love. <a href="#tw-2252310644" title="Published on 2009-06-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  489. </article>
  490. <article id="tw-2239394498">
  491. <p class="tw-content">Le programme des RMLL est en ligne et je passe le samedi 11 juillet après-midi, vous venez ? :) <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2239394498" title="Published on 2009-06-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  492. </article>
  493. <article id="tw-2228890063">
  494. <p class="tw-content">Je me demande quel est le génie qui s'est dit : "Les tagclouds c'est trop ergonomique, on va le faire en 3D !" <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-2228890063" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  495. </article>
  496. <article id="tw-2222112502">
  497. <p class="tw-content">Individual identity can be a collective identity in some countries, cultural components are important never forget about that. #liftfrance09 <a href="#tw-2222112502" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  498. </article>
  499. <article id="tw-2221958105">
  500. <p class="tw-content">Cont.: rigth to make mistakes, possible death of id, random id, id made by others, id after death (who is the owner?), e-DNA #liftfrance09 <a href="#tw-2221958105" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  501. </article>
  502. <article id="tw-2221809704">
  503. <p class="tw-content">Others' props: reciprocity of data, of hand shake, neutral ID services, privacy levels, CC identities, multiple identities... #liftfrance09 <a href="#tw-2221809704" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  504. </article>
  505. <article id="tw-2221674162">
  506. <p class="tw-content">1. Perenity of identity 2. Layer of trust between people 3. Sharing and controling presence online #reminder #propositions #liftfrance09 <a href="#tw-2221674162" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  507. </article>
  508. <article id="tw-2214632521">
  509. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Thomas Wolfe <a href="#tw-2214632521" title="Published on 2009-06-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  510. </article>
  511. <article id="tw-2203787295">
  512. <p class="tw-content">@chrismessina's bashing of Opera Unite is impressive and not justified: all suck except what I did (ie Activity Streams). #ego <a href="#tw-2203787295" title="Published on 2009-06-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  513. </article>
  514. <article id="tw-2189851096">
  515. <p class="tw-content">Opera Unite: a Web server on the Web browser <a href=""></a> Take control of what you share online. Share with other Web browsers. <a href="#tw-2189851096" title="Published on 2009-06-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  516. </article>
  517. <article id="tw-2179144892">
  518. <p class="tw-content">Delete as a link (or even a more RESTish input/button styled as a link) is ergonomically wrong. A "classic" button means altered data! <a href="#tw-2179144892" title="Published on 2009-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  519. </article>
  520. <article id="tw-2178246442">
  521. <p class="tw-content">I wonder how many times in my life I'll say/think "I need more time!" Life is too short to do all those interesting things. Really. <a href="#tw-2178246442" title="Published on 2009-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  522. </article>
  523. <article id="tw-2176866522">
  524. <p class="tw-content">@ChristianFaure nous offre un excellent article <a href=""></a> qui résume très bien certaines de mes motivations. Merci <a href="#tw-2176866522" title="Published on 2009-06-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  525. </article>
  526. <article id="tw-2131358470">
  527. <p class="tw-content">Mon rêve de geek <a href=""></a> est proche de la concrétisation et je n'ai pas eu à écrire une ligne de code (pour l'instant) Yay! \o/ <a href="#tw-2131358470" title="Published on 2009-06-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  528. </article>
  529. <article id="tw-2129201671">
  530. <p class="tw-content">Just discovered <a href=""></a> Django interface to couchdb-python. Very minimal. CouchDB & Django lovers, it's for you! <a href="#tw-2129201671" title="Published on 2009-06-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  531. </article>
  532. <article id="tw-2128703282">
  533. <p class="tw-content">On that topic, #BigSwitch is useless if you do not install laconica on your own server/domain, identica is not "better" than Twitter on this <a href="#tw-2128703282" title="Published on 2009-06-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  534. </article>
  535. <article id="tw-2128635755">
  536. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is really funny :) REGISTER YOUR OWN DOMAIN! That's easy and cheap (5€) do that today and control your identity. Period <a href="#tw-2128635755" title="Published on 2009-06-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  537. </article>
  538. <article id="tw-2109495656">
  539. <p class="tw-content">Les confs déjà prévues pour Paris-Web 2009 sont impressionnantes, encore une fois ! <a href=""></a> Réservez vos jours :) <a href="#tw-2109495656" title="Published on 2009-06-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  540. </article>
  541. <article id="tw-2101708455">
  542. <p class="tw-content">@djangotips most efficient way to tell if a particular query returns any results: qs.extra(select={'a': 1}).values('a').order_by() <a href="#tw-2101708455" title="Published on 2009-06-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  543. </article>
  544. <article id="tw-2088388483">
  545. <p class="tw-content">With my 500th tweet in 6 months, I'm seriously thinking about using Twitter as a *real* stream: no archives (at least public), just presence <a href="#tw-2088388483" title="Published on 2009-06-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  546. </article>
  547. <article id="tw-2048325322">
  548. <p class="tw-content">Encore une fois impressionné par la qualité des articles sur InternetActu <a href=""></a> #home2009 <a href="#tw-2048325322" title="Published on 2009-06-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  549. </article>
  550. <article id="tw-2047660487">
  551. <p class="tw-content">Je n'ai pas parlé du Japon mais la miss s'en occupe beaucoup mieux que moi en fait ! <a href=""></a> (cette musique inoubliable.. :) <a href="#tw-2047660487" title="Published on 2009-06-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  552. </article>
  553. <article id="tw-2035903394">
  554. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Ben Shneiderman | A game is worth a thousand interfaces? <a href="#tw-2035903394" title="Published on 2009-06-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  555. </article>
  556. <article id="tw-2023551640">
  557. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Steve Jobs <a href="#tw-2023551640" title="Published on 2009-06-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  558. </article>
  559. <article id="tw-2016333466">
  560. <p class="tw-content">DERI is doing an impressive work in semantic web area those days. E.g. <a href=""></a> Hiring talented people helps, always. <a href="#tw-2016333466" title="Published on 2009-06-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  561. </article>
  562. <article id="tw-2015058134">
  563. <p class="tw-content">Prophet is a peer to peer disconnected, replicated property database. <a href=""></a> Looks very interesting/promising (via @jespern) <a href="#tw-2015058134" title="Published on 2009-06-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  564. </article>
  565. <article id="tw-2014519294">
  566. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>One of the problems with the current HTML5 process is that it is being designed as a monolithic lump </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite><a href="">S Pemberton</a> <a href="#tw-2014519294" title="Published on 2009-06-03" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  567. </article>
  568. <article id="tw-2005143834">
  569. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> m'a donné à réfléchir. Il faudra que j'écrive un truc sur la propriété et le déplacement aussi un de ces jours <a href="#tw-2005143834" title="Published on 2009-06-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  570. </article>
  571. <article id="tw-1959071600">
  572. <p class="tw-content">Lit "Le Mal propre. Polluer pour s'approprier ?" De Michel Serres. Très intéressant pour comprendre les problèmes écologiques actuels. <a href="#tw-1959071600" title="Published on 2009-05-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  573. </article>
  574. <article id="tw-1957996865">
  575. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>E. Roosevelt <a href="#tw-1957996865" title="Published on 2009-05-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  576. </article>
  577. <article id="tw-1952371794">
  578. <p class="tw-content">@nkame @karlpro Être à la fois témoin de la naissance et de l'emprisonnement progressif du Web est quand même bien déprimant :( <a href="#tw-1952371794" title="Published on 2009-05-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  579. </article>
  580. <article id="tw-1951767981">
  581. <p class="tw-content">@karlpro @nkame Twitter c'est optimisé pour du bashing pas pour de la réflexion (ça doit être pour ça que c'est si populaire en France ;)) <a href="#tw-1951767981" title="Published on 2009-05-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  582. </article>
  583. <article id="tw-1945820569">
  584. <blockquote class="tw-content"><p>On se lasse de tout excepté d'apprendre. </p><footer class="tw-source"><cite>Virgile <a href="#tw-1945820569" title="Published on 2009-05-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></cite></footer></blockquote>
  585. </article>
  586. <article id="tw-1934840533">
  587. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> "A Step toward Data Interoperability?" Interesting thoughts on an incremental semantic web. <a href="#tw-1934840533" title="Published on 2009-05-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  588. </article>
  589. <article id="tw-1922923491">
  590. <p class="tw-content">Wonders how interesting it can be to put a Resource class between Model and Forms or generic views or admin or ROA access in Django, ideas? <a href="#tw-1922923491" title="Published on 2009-05-26" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  591. </article>
  592. <article id="tw-1917446486">
  593. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is the best explanation of FOAF+SSL I found. Academic but readable :) I really need to hack sthg around that. <a href="#tw-1917446486" title="Published on 2009-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  594. </article>
  595. <article id="tw-1916860197">
  596. <p class="tw-content">Pour une explication en français du précédent tweet sur django-roa: <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1916860197" title="Published on 2009-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  597. </article>
  598. <article id="tw-1916790813">
  599. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> is eventually out, try it while it's hot :) Feedback welcome! <a href="#tw-1916790813" title="Published on 2009-05-25" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  600. </article>
  601. <article id="tw-1900365142">
  602. <p class="tw-content">If the Internet is our collective nervous system, and the Web is our collective brain, then the Stream is our collective mind — Nova Spivack <a href="#tw-1900365142" title="Published on 2009-05-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  603. </article>
  604. <article id="tw-1881781074">
  605. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> exposes the RDF triple sets as resources, integrates them into the Object Oriented paradigm as ActiveRDF via @karlpro <a href="#tw-1881781074" title="Published on 2009-05-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  606. </article>
  607. <article id="tw-1840214758">
  608. <p class="tw-content">@benoitc "Luke, why is Facebook integrating OpenID support?" made me laugh. Sorry. Anyway, good news for Open Stack! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1840214758" title="Published on 2009-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  609. </article>
  610. <article id="tw-1834806486">
  611. <p class="tw-content">@ccomb Hehe, there is <a href=""></a> during <a href=""></a>, maybe the right time to try a zodb storage backend for Django? ;) <a href="#tw-1834806486" title="Published on 2009-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  612. </article>
  613. <article id="tw-1834616740">
  614. <p class="tw-content">Eventually give <a href=""></a> some love. New storages (CouchDB and so on) but I really need to find a way/time to test those <a href="#tw-1834616740" title="Published on 2009-05-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  615. </article>
  616. <article id="tw-1808541570">
  617. <p class="tw-content">Se demande si le confort n'est pas le bourreau de la curiosité... Interessante réflexion pour un retour en TGV sûr Paris. <a href="#tw-1808541570" title="Published on 2009-05-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  618. </article>
  619. <article id="tw-1798276482">
  620. <p class="tw-content">Se demande si un "guide michelin" des professionnels du Web serait une bonne idée... fatigué de rencontrer des gens qui ont mal choisi. <a href="#tw-1798276482" title="Published on 2009-05-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  621. </article>
  622. <article id="tw-1777122151">
  623. <p class="tw-content">Avis partagé sur hadopi, la repression en temps de crise a parfois mené à des initiatives intéressantes. Cynisme ou optimisme ? Fatigue. <a href="#tw-1777122151" title="Published on 2009-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  624. </article>
  625. <article id="tw-1776566611">
  626. <p class="tw-content">Google & RDFa <a href=""></a> Ian H. probably feels a bit alone tonight or maybe a microdata support announcement soon? Who knows <a href="#tw-1776566611" title="Published on 2009-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  627. </article>
  628. <article id="tw-1770759717">
  629. <p class="tw-content">"La France, tu l'aimes ou tu la forkes !" Je me suis réveillé avec ça dans la tête... un psy dans la salle ? #selfail <a href="#tw-1770759717" title="Published on 2009-05-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  630. </article>
  631. <article id="tw-1764901038">
  632. <p class="tw-content">Ian H. is so clever he rewrote RDFa's spec in one email, alone. "which most authors simply do not understand" Pun entended? Meh. #microfail <a href="#tw-1764901038" title="Published on 2009-05-11" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  633. </article>
  634. <article id="tw-1755234415">
  635. <p class="tw-content">OpenID into the browser thanks to Mozilla Weave as I said a few days ago at eurodjangocon <a href=""></a> thx @dioxmat #edc <a href="#tw-1755234415" title="Published on 2009-05-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  636. </article>
  637. <article id="tw-1736440762">
  638. <p class="tw-content">Je serais probablement aux RMLL09 (7-11 juillet) pour discuter sur le thème "Internet, Communication et Migration" J'ai beaucoup à dire :) <a href="#tw-1736440762" title="Published on 2009-05-08" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  639. </article>
  640. <article id="tw-1716527408">
  641. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Just because I'll look for this link one day: "Quality web icons to designers/developers" (i.e. famfamfam++) <a href="#tw-1716527408" title="Published on 2009-05-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  642. </article>
  643. <article id="tw-1716149951">
  644. <p class="tw-content">@paulsmith That's biased, you can put your BitBucket account on your own domain <a href=""></a> and that's *THE* killer feature #edc <a href="#tw-1716149951" title="Published on 2009-05-06" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  645. </article>
  646. <article id="tw-1704758055">
  647. <p class="tw-content">We did most of the advices from @mjmalone's talk about scalability at <a href=""></a> with @jvisinand @fredericsidler, @ndengler & @mpenet <a href="#tw-1704758055" title="Published on 2009-05-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  648. </article>
  649. <article id="tw-1663061370">
  650. <p class="tw-content">@nkame Allez avoue, ils l'ont sorti pour toi <a href=""></a> :) <a href="#tw-1663061370" title="Published on 2009-04-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  651. </article>
  652. <article id="tw-1657386462">
  653. <p class="tw-content">L'image est la traduction la plus exacte de la pensée - Frédéric Mistral, 1912 (au musée de l'Arlaten) <a href="#tw-1657386462" title="Published on 2009-04-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  654. </article>
  655. <article id="tw-1649679772">
  656. <p class="tw-content">Wonders how to share permissions and trust across many consumer/providers of data with OAuth, probably the right time to see FOAF+SSL ideas? <a href="#tw-1649679772" title="Published on 2009-04-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  657. </article>
  658. <article id="tw-1648088287">
  659. <p class="tw-content">@jespern released <a href=""></a> (Django RESTful API), still alpha but feedback welcome! &lt;teasing&gt;Related to django-ROA too ;) <a href="#tw-1648088287" title="Published on 2009-04-29" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  660. </article>
  661. <article id="tw-1639138512">
  662. <p class="tw-content">Wonders if Facebook will use black or white list for OpenID relying parties, anyway good news for an Open Web (if it's true :)) <a href="#tw-1639138512" title="Published on 2009-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  663. </article>
  664. <article id="tw-1637834764">
  665. <p class="tw-content">Still waiting for the right <a href=""></a> to be chosen to fix django-oauth I'm afraid OAuth will be even more complex... <a href="#tw-1637834764" title="Published on 2009-04-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  666. </article>
  667. <article id="tw-1558269918">
  668. <p class="tw-content">@davidpaccoud It's not very clear but combining <a href=""></a> capabilities with <a href=""></a> can be innovative <a href="#tw-1558269918" title="Published on 2009-04-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  669. </article>
  670. <article id="tw-1509084979">
  671. <p class="tw-content">So many things to learn from Japan and Japanese people... it'll be very hard to come back to France! Or maybe should I stay? :) <a href="#tw-1509084979" title="Published on 2009-04-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  672. </article>
  673. <article id="tw-1400415449">
  674. <p class="tw-content">Please English writers, "Et voilà" French expression takes an accent, always. Oh and "ça" do not (for frenchies too, sadly...). Thanks. <a href="#tw-1400415449" title="Published on 2009-03-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  675. </article>
  676. <article id="tw-1384606604">
  677. <p class="tw-content">Simple RabbitMQ/ZeroMQ (AMQP) messaging queue support for Django. <a href=""></a> Thanks @greut for the link! <a href="#tw-1384606604" title="Published on 2009-03-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  678. </article>
  679. <article id="tw-1382381275">
  680. <p class="tw-content">@alex_gaynor Materialization of human's body is part of the evolution, Wikipedia is my new memory, Google is my new brain. Meh. <a href="#tw-1382381275" title="Published on 2009-03-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  681. </article>
  682. <article id="tw-1381582301">
  683. <p class="tw-content">Today I learned ServerName must be set even in a VirtualHost otherwise your prod becomes your testing version. Hopefully it wasn't critical. <a href="#tw-1381582301" title="Published on 2009-03-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  684. </article>
  685. <article id="tw-1379051573">
  686. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> All new features, impressive list. Note that it's still in beta for now, fix it at your own risk! Thx devs <a href="#tw-1379051573" title="Published on 2009-03-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  687. </article>
  688. <article id="tw-1375255967">
  689. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Very interesting commit for RESTafarian djangonauts :) Decorator for ETag conditions. Thanks @malcolmt, *again*. <a href="#tw-1375255967" title="Published on 2009-03-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  690. </article>
  691. <article id="tw-1360038108">
  692. <p class="tw-content">★ = &amp;#9733; ♥ = &amp;hearts; ✔ = &amp;#10004; → = &amp;rarr; • = &amp;bull; » = &amp;raquo; … = &amp;hellip; Should be more useful :) <a href="#tw-1360038108" title="Published on 2009-03-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  693. </article>
  694. <article id="tw-1357059232">
  695. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Hypnotized by the time-of-flight of myself, social electron in a cloud collider (works perfectly with Safari 4). <a href="#tw-1357059232" title="Published on 2009-03-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  696. </article>
  697. <article id="tw-1351077519">
  698. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> Astonished by ideas from this blog post, that's innovation. There is still so much to do to improve UX... <a href="#tw-1351077519" title="Published on 2009-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  699. </article>
  700. <article id="tw-1348253657">
  701. <p class="tw-content">Enjoy using a <a href=""></a> for Django docs thanks to this very neat icon <a href=""></a> (do the same for bgk too! ;)) <a href="#tw-1348253657" title="Published on 2009-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  702. </article>
  703. <article id="tw-1348216443">
  704. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> I'm sure a link to go back to the service consumer is part of an OAuth best practice even if I denied access. <a href="#tw-1348216443" title="Published on 2009-03-18" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  705. </article>
  706. <article id="tw-1345429939">
  707. <p class="tw-content">Découvre les Coopératives d'Activités et d'Emploi grâce à @tetue <a href=""></a> Très intéressant (cf bilan sur le même blog aussi) <a href="#tw-1345429939" title="Published on 2009-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  708. </article>
  709. <article id="tw-1341558460">
  710. <p class="tw-content">Each time I visit <a href=""></a> I spend 1 hour on it. Last one <a href=""></a> Focus always depends on quality, food for thoughts. <a href="#tw-1341558460" title="Published on 2009-03-17" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  711. </article>
  712. <article id="tw-1335609059">
  713. <p class="tw-content">@malcolmt Re <a href=""></a> Did you take a look at mercurial queues <a href=""></a> I encourage this instead of forks for my apps <a href="#tw-1335609059" title="Published on 2009-03-16" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  714. </article>
  715. <article id="tw-1331089137">
  716. <p class="tw-content">Enjoy reading Scrum and XP from the Trenches (there is a French version too) <a href=""></a> Even for a freelance it can be useful. <a href="#tw-1331089137" title="Published on 2009-03-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  717. </article>
  718. <article id="tw-1329386145">
  719. <p class="tw-content">Excellent bilan de @christianfaure <a href=""></a> Mais ça manque un peu d'ouvertures Ou alors c'est un teasing pour le livre ? <a href="#tw-1329386145" title="Published on 2009-03-15" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  720. </article>
  721. <article id="tw-1324857601">
  722. <p class="tw-content">Did someone already played with <a href=""></a> ? I wonder how useful it can be compared to OAuth? (thx @benoitc for the link) <a href="#tw-1324857601" title="Published on 2009-03-14" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  723. </article>
  724. <article id="tw-1322007072">
  725. <p class="tw-content">Retour d'expérience en relation avec mon billet de ce matin <a href=""></a> Ça fait du bien à lire :) <a href="#tw-1322007072" title="Published on 2009-03-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  726. </article>
  727. <article id="tw-1316966690">
  728. <p class="tw-content">Looking at old photographies is like looking at old code. Horrible. Or you can convince yourself that you evolved in the right direction :) <a href="#tw-1316966690" title="Published on 2009-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  729. </article>
  730. <article id="tw-1316054290">
  731. <p class="tw-content">Merci à Jamendo de proposer une riposte "positive" à HADOPI avec son remerciement gradué <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1316054290" title="Published on 2009-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  732. </article>
  733. <article id="tw-1313455159">
  734. <p class="tw-content">I just discovered how easy it is to create a link to the Django admin change view for a given instance, shared on <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1313455159" title="Published on 2009-03-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  735. </article>
  736. <article id="tw-1305922931">
  737. <p class="tw-content">@spikeekips I added a custom honey pot + blacklisting on comment's name <a href=""></a> I'll see if it needs more refinement <a href="#tw-1305922931" title="Published on 2009-03-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  738. </article>
  739. <article id="tw-1299634962">
  740. <p class="tw-content">My uncle used to say "After 20 you need to compensate with technical skills & material". Now I understand but I need a therapy to accept it! <a href="#tw-1299634962" title="Published on 2009-03-09" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  741. </article>
  742. <article id="tw-1283479037">
  743. <p class="tw-content">Open stack panel accepted @eurodjangocon with @leahculver @benoitc @blaine & @mjmalone &lt;/teasing&gt; <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1283479037" title="Published on 2009-03-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  744. </article>
  745. <article id="tw-1282565354">
  746. <p class="tw-content">Fatigué de lire les bêtises écrites par @fredcavazza sur Open Stack. Le pire c'est qu'il est lu par pas mal de monde... :( <a href="#tw-1282565354" title="Published on 2009-03-05" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  747. </article>
  748. <article id="tw-1278358803">
  749. <p class="tw-content"><a href=""></a> So true... <a href=""></a> in IT industry drive me nuts. <a href="#tw-1278358803" title="Published on 2009-03-04" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  750. </article>
  751. <article id="tw-1270121247">
  752. <p class="tw-content">So many lighttpd benchmarks but without conf files :( What's yours for serving only static files? Y! performance team should provide samples <a href="#tw-1270121247" title="Published on 2009-03-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  753. </article>
  754. <article id="tw-1267666158">
  755. <p class="tw-content">django-chronograph looks very interesting, it even log the stdout/err, can't wait to try this for real! <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1267666158" title="Published on 2009-03-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  756. </article>
  757. <article id="tw-1266973477">
  758. <p class="tw-content">Because it made me smile <a href=""></a> (you must read this <a href=""></a> to better understand prev tweet) <a href="#tw-1266973477" title="Published on 2009-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  759. </article>
  760. <article id="tw-1265377698">
  761. <p class="tw-content">Just discovered the very interesting blog of Atul Varma <a href=""></a> #ubiquity #python #couchdb Instant subscription :) <a href="#tw-1265377698" title="Published on 2009-03-01" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  762. </article>
  763. <article id="tw-1261735447">
  764. <p class="tw-content">From Guido: "Git: Too complex, and I've heard that a negative attitude prevails in the Git community." <a href=""></a> Huhu <a href="#tw-1261735447" title="Published on 2009-02-28" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  765. </article>
  766. <article id="tw-1259147970">
  767. <p class="tw-content">Interesting portraits at various focal lengths <a href=""></a> 85mm seems to be the best compromise, don't you think? <a href="#tw-1259147970" title="Published on 2009-02-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  768. </article>
  769. <article id="tw-1242580220">
  770. <p class="tw-content">Thinking about webhooks+comments as a way to control/own your remote content, need some maturation though (ping @xavierlacot ;)) <a href="#tw-1242580220" title="Published on 2009-02-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  771. </article>
  772. <article id="tw-1237002731">
  773. <p class="tw-content">@ericflo is my hero of the day with <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> Thanks a lot for your work! <a href="#tw-1237002731" title="Published on 2009-02-22" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  774. </article>
  775. <article id="tw-1235089318">
  776. <p class="tw-content">@znarf I eventually wrote my own in Python with webpy <a href=""></a> ;) <a href="#tw-1235089318" title="Published on 2009-02-21" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  777. </article>
  778. <article id="tw-1230043084">
  779. <p class="tw-content">Just registered to control my own shorten url service, redirections and so on. Now, looking for the easiest way to implement this. <a href="#tw-1230043084" title="Published on 2009-02-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  780. </article>
  781. <article id="tw-1228860311">
  782. <p class="tw-content">J'ouvre une catégorie "Jackass of the week" (© @gruber) identifiée par JOTW, premier gagnant <a href=""></a> chapeau l'artiste. <a href="#tw-1228860311" title="Published on 2009-02-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  783. </article>
  784. <article id="tw-1228825361">
  785. <p class="tw-content">@mauriz Non, la qualité de tes écrits nous manquaient (ou en tout cas *me* :)). Twitter offline avec HTML5 <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1228825361" title="Published on 2009-02-20" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  786. </article>
  787. <article id="tw-1227435061">
  788. <p class="tw-content">Fixing OAuth replacing "web browser" by "authentication gateway" in specs, interesting idea, same for OpenID? <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1227435061" title="Published on 2009-02-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  789. </article>
  790. <article id="tw-1227109412">
  791. <p class="tw-content">@djangolinks Abstract Models and Dynamically Assigned Foreign Keys <a href=""></a> <a href="#tw-1227109412" title="Published on 2009-02-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  792. </article>
  793. <article id="tw-1203201627">
  794. <p class="tw-content">Just finished <a href=""></a> and it's a must-read for djangonauts, great coverage, awesome examples: congratz @gulopine & thanks :) <a href="#tw-1203201627" title="Published on 2009-02-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  795. </article>
  796. <article id="tw-1200979693">
  797. <p class="tw-content">OpenID/OAuth combo or why "Open" != Freedom if my identity provider must be my data owner. Something must be fixed quickly. Google is evil. <a href="#tw-1200979693" title="Published on 2009-02-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  798. </article>
  799. <article id="tw-1195786820">
  800. <p class="tw-content">Sometimes, when I feel very productive I look at what @jezdez and @malcolmt had done during the same time. Humility lesson for free. <a href="#tw-1195786820" title="Published on 2009-02-10" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  801. </article>
  802. <article id="tw-1185777169">
  803. <p class="tw-content">@karlpro "I have always said that there are three aspects in Design that are important to me: Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic." I'll ❤ it! <a href="#tw-1185777169" title="Published on 2009-02-07" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  804. </article>
  805. <article id="tw-1170413214">
  806. <p class="tw-content">BITBUCKET HAZ CNAMES! Awesome new feature eg <a href=""></a> Many thanks to @jespern, <a href=""></a> team/support just rocks. <a href="#tw-1170413214" title="Published on 2009-02-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  807. </article>
  808. <article id="tw-1169515887">
  809. <p class="tw-content">@ogrisel Thanks a lot for this link! Painless doctests' debugging in Python/Django: &gt;&gt;&gt; import interlude; interlude.interact(locals()) <a href="#tw-1169515887" title="Published on 2009-02-02" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  810. </article>
  811. <article id="tw-1162305627">
  812. <p class="tw-content">Very neat OAuth slides <a href=""></a> from <a href=""></a> (ping @neovov ;-) <a href="#tw-1162305627" title="Published on 2009-01-30" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  813. </article>
  814. <article id="tw-1151576105">
  815. <p class="tw-content">Free books FTW! Reading <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> and soon <a href=""></a> Thank you guys. <a href="#tw-1151576105" title="Published on 2009-01-27" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  816. </article>
  817. <article id="tw-1144450717">
  818. <p class="tw-content">Yet another interesting blog post+comments about RDF(a) and HTML5 <a href=""></a> Please HTML5 zealots, open your eyes! <a href="#tw-1144450717" title="Published on 2009-01-24" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  819. </article>
  820. <article id="tw-1141602099">
  821. <p class="tw-content">I spent my whole morning on this link <a href=""></a> Don't try this at home! <a href="#tw-1141602099" title="Published on 2009-01-23" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  822. </article>
  823. <article id="tw-1130480427">
  824. <p class="tw-content">Best productivity blog/advice I read for ages <a href=""></a> Thanks @benoitc for sharing this. Now *go back to work*! <a href="#tw-1130480427" title="Published on 2009-01-19" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  825. </article>
  826. <article id="tw-1115328414">
  827. <p class="tw-content">Just discovered <a href=""></a> /me is dreaming of an esthetic spec implemented by all browsers, it shouldn't be our work! <a href="#tw-1115328414" title="Published on 2009-01-13" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  828. </article>
  829. <article id="tw-1113200581">
  830. <p class="tw-content">Pure genius! <a href=""></a> Easiest. E-shop. Ever. Food for thought... <a href="#tw-1113200581" title="Published on 2009-01-12" class="tw-anchor">⚓</a></p>
  831. </article>
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