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Content Browser

A way to browser content on the Web without the navigation/social/comments crap in a readability way.

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Django ROA

ROA (or WOA) stands for Resource (or Web) Oriented Architecture, it’s about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with web constraints. Django ROA allows you to access remote resources (API) using the Django ORM. Use Django’s ORM to model remote API resources.

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Django storages

An attempt to regroup all Django storages. Firstly, it was just a home for an S3 one but now there are storages for FTP, MogileFS, Image and so on. Do not hesitate to participate and to submit your one! Note that I can’t test all submitted storages.

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Django OAuth+

Support of OAuth in Django. The whole specification is used as test and many projects use it in production. The "plus" fork uses the more robust python-oauth2 and fix some bugs.

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Django invitation

Built on top of django-registration, it restricts registration to a given number of invited person per active user (strategy introduced by GMail to involve 2.0 users).

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