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  1. ## Accessibilité
  2. > [en] Any Government of Canada service (and ones delivered and built by third parties) needs to meet [WCAG 2.0 AA]( accessibility standards. This is mostly the basics e.g. keyboard navigable, has sufficient colour contrast, has good headings and image alt-text, etc.
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  4. > Not meeting WCAG 2.0 AA is a semi-frequent source of lawsuits ==that the Government of Canada always loses==.
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  6. > <cite>*[A short introduction to building digital services in the Canadian government](* ([cache](/david/cache/2020/cd68df2851bce7b4dc09a626bceffaa6/))</cite>
  7. J’aime beaucoup ce que partage Sean Boots sur son blog. Je suis de plus en plus reconnaissant des personnes prenant ce temps. Et j’ai l’impression qu’elles sont [de nouveau]( ([cache](/david/cache/2020/2e490bfc24d27865bf42f49ea2c79c12/)) de plus en plus nombreuses.
  8. *Dans ma bulle en tout cas.*