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title: WebSockets connection to scripting.com url: http://scripting.com/liveblog/users/davewiner/2015/11/30/0510.html hash_url: 8ed0a0bf4f

Last week I posted the first update on 1999.io, the software I'm using to write this blog. It's coming along well, so it's time for a second update.

This update is for the programmers, although if you're not a programmer, you're totally welcome to listen in.

It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!

Remember that old SNL skit for Shimmer that's a floor wax that's also a dessert topping? Well 1999.io is like that. It's a blogging tool, but it's also a chat application. In fact it started as a chat app, and it became a blogging app. Basically because, as you know, everything I work on eventually becomes a blogging app. It's what I do. 

And I also like to create developer toolkits to show others how they can plug into my work, and that's what I'd like to show off today. 

A demo app

Here's a web page that contains a JavaScript app that's designed to run in the browser.

It opens a WebSockets connection with the 1999.io server, asking to listen to all the updates for the scripting channel. 

When I post something new on this blog, or someone posts or updates a comment, you'll be notified, and will get a copy of the JSON source for the post. 

You can try it out by posting a comment under this post. Modify it whenever you want to see something happen in the demo app.


  1. The code is running in the browser, but it could just as easily run on a server, in Node.js.
  2. The thing to observer is how instantaneous it is (that is if everything is working, knock wood).
  3. Here's the GitHub repository containing the source. 
  4. And here's a bookmark for the place in the code where it gets interesting.