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  38. <h1>HTML: The Inaccessible Parts</h1>
  39. <h2><a href="https://daverupert.com/2020/02/html-the-inaccessible-parts/">Source originale du contenu</a></h2>
  40. <p>I’ve always abided in the idea that “HTML is accessible by default and then we come along and mess it up.” In a lot places this is very true and by just using a suitable HTML element instead of a generic <code>div</code> or <code>span</code> we can have a big Accessibility impact.</p>
  41. <p>But that’s not always the case. There are some cases where even using plain ol’ HTML causes accessibility problems. I get frustrated and want to quit web development whenever I read about these types of issues. Because if browsers can’t get this right, what hope is there for the rest of us. I’m trying to do the best I can, use the platform, but seems like there’s a dozen “gotchas” lurking in the shadows.</p>
  42. <p>I’m going to start rounding up those HTML shortfalls in this here post as a little living document that I can personally reference every time I write some HTML.</p>
  43. <p><hr/>
  44. <p><code>&lt;input type="number"&gt;</code><br/>
  45. Gov.UK finds <a href="https://technology.blog.gov.uk/2020/02/24/why-the-gov-uk-design-system-team-changed-the-input-type-for-numbers/">Number Inputs aren’t inclusive</a>. (2020)</p>
  46. <p><code>&lt;input type="date"&gt;</code><br/>
  47. Graham Armfield finds <a href="https://www.hassellinclusion.com/blog/input-type-date-ready-for-use/">Date Inputs not ready for use</a>. (2019)</p>
  48. <p><code>&lt;input type="search"&gt;</code><br/>
  49. Adrian Roselli points out <a href="https://adrianroselli.com/2019/07/ignore-typesearch.html">Search Inputs aren’t as useful as originally thought</a>. (2019)</p>
  50. <p><code>&lt;select multiple&gt;</code><br/>
  51. Sarah Higley tests with actual users and finds <a href="https://www.24a11y.com/2019/select-your-poison-part-2/">Select Multiple has a 25.3% success rate</a>. (2019)</p>
  52. <p><code>&lt;progress&gt;</code><br/>
  53. Scott O’Hara finds <a href="https://scottaohara.github.io/a11y_styled_form_controls/src/progress-bar/">numerous errors with the Progress element</a>. (2018)</p>
  54. <p><code>&lt;meter&gt;</code><br/>
  55. Scott O’Hara finds <a href="https://scottaohara.github.io/a11y_styled_form_controls/src/meter/">more numerous errors with the rare Meter element</a>. (2018)</p>
  56. <p><code>&lt;dialog&gt;</code><br/>
  57. Scott O’Hara declares <a href="https://www.scottohara.me/blog/2019/03/05/open-dialog.html">Dialog not ready for production</a>. (2019)</p>
  58. <p><code>&lt;details&gt;&lt;summary&gt;</code><br/>
  59. Adrian Roselli feels <a href="https://adrianroselli.com/2019/04/details-summary-are-not-insert-control-here.html">Details/Summary are only good in limited contexts</a> (e.g. <a href="https://daverupert.com/2019/12/why-details-is-not-an-accordion/">Details doesn’t work as an Accordion</a>, which is what I would expect). (2019)</p>
  60. <p><code>&lt;video&gt;</code><br/>
  61. Scott Vinkle goes with a third-party player after seeing that <a href="https://scottvinkle.me/blogs/blog/how-accessible-is-the-html-video-player">the native HTML Video Player is a very inconsistent experience for screen readers</a>. (2019)</p>
  62. <p><code>&lt;div onclick&gt;</code><br/>
  63. Technically this is JavaScript, but the screen reader <a href="https://github.com/carbon-design-system/carbon/issues/986#issuecomment-412968245">JAWS announces “Clickable” when the element or one its ancestors have a click event handler</a>. This is a bummer for trying to make tap areas bigger. (2018)</p>
  64. <p><code>&lt;div aria-label&gt;</code><br/>
  65. Paciello Group educates how <a href="https://developer.paciellogroup.com/blog/2017/07/short-note-on-aria-label-aria-labelledby-and-aria-describedby/"><code>aria-label</code>, <code>aria-labelledby</code> , and <code>aria-describedby</code> only work on certain elements… and not <code>&lt;div&gt;</code> elements</a>. It’s not very intuitive to me that <code>aria-label</code> would only work <em>sometimes</em> and it seems like something linters like <a href="https://www.deque.com/axe/">axe</a> should catch. (2017)</p>
  66. <p><code>&lt;a href&gt;&lt;div&gt;Block Links&lt;/div&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</code><br/>
  67. Adrian Roselli finds <a href="https://adrianroselli.com/2020/02/block-links-cards-clickable-regions-etc.html">Block Links in a Card UI have usability issues</a>. (2020)</p>
  68. <p><code>aria-controls</code><br/>
  69. The <code>aria-controls</code> attribute is a great way to establish a relationship between two elements and is in tons of tutorials… only one problem… Heydon Pickering points out <a href="https://heydonworks.com/article/aria-controls-is-poop/"><code>aria-controls</code> doesn’t do anything</a>. (2016)</p>
  70. <p><code>role="tablist"</code><br/>
  71. After some user testing, Jeff Smith discovered <a href="http://simplyaccessible.com/article/danger-aria-tabs/">the best way to make accessible tabs is to remove <code>role="tablist"</code>, <code>role="tab"</code>, <code>role="tabpanel"</code> from their tabs</a>. FWIW, these <a href="https://medium.theuxblog.com/danger-testing-accessibility-with-real-people-4515f72db648">findings were contested in a 3,900 word blog post by Léonie Watson</a>. (2016)</p>
  72. <hr/>
  73. <p>Your mileage may vary, test with actual users. I’ll do my best to update this as the situation evolves glacially over the next 20 years.</p>
  74. <p><em>Edit 2/28/2020:</em></p>
  75. <ul>
  76. <li>Added the year to each link to help reflect the potential “staleness” of the information.</li>
  77. <li>Added a note to test with actual users.</li>
  78. <li>Added a link to Léonie Watson’s rebuttal under the <code>tablist</code> discussion.</li>
  79. </ul></p>
  80. </article>
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